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Smart notebook

Transcript: Ana Galve y Silvia Groote. Smart Notebooks Definition Definition A smart notebook is a tool that helps to guide the learning process in any subject and stage. It is based on MI's, PBL and critical and creative thinking. To develop the critical thinking in order to get, analyze and process information about their environment. To acquire cognitive skills to develop their own conclusions through their experiences and researches. To facilitate organizational skills at the same time that students promote their own knowledge and assessment. To develop a second language at the same time that students learn contents of other subjects. Objetives Objetives <iframe width="654" height="878" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="overflow-y:hidden;" src=""></iframe> Strenghts and Weaknesses Strenghts and Weaknesses This part reflects: How students apply their own way to demonstrate understanding of the new content. This is where the word "interactive" comes into play. Students use thinking strategies to "interact" with the new information. Students develop critical thinking in a creative way, OUTPUT (Thinking side) OUTPUT (Thinking side) Graphics Mind-maps Pictures Drawings Photos ... What kind of things students can reflect? What kind of things students can reflect? Scrapbooking techniques Hands-on activities ITC Experiments Graphic organizers Thinker keys ... Techniques used in smart notebooks Techniques used in smart notebooks Example Example Contents which are learnt in class. The new information the students are learning for the lesson. INPUT (Learning side) INPUT (Learning side) Information Articles Experiences Vocabulary Class notes Graphic organizers Visuals this part reflects: this part reflects: Example Example

SMART Notebook Software:

Transcript: Many direct Classroom Uses Easily customizable and Media Rich friendly Provides flexibility to change lessons on the go as students take the lesson 'to another place' Assessment can be easily added via SMART Response Assessment results can be saved into the actual lesson (example - pre and post assessment at beginning and end of unit) STUDENT INTERACTIVITY - A SMART Boardis not truly interactive without SMART Notebook software Increased engagement = improved classroom management It is my belief that leveraged effectively in the classroom, IWB's increase learning primarily due to their ability to allow student interaction with the lesson and through the ability to include rich learning media and graphic representations of content. SMART Exchange is an online community library for high quality, peer-reviewed digital content lesson for teachers to share and use. Lessons are categorized by grade level, content, standards, or can be given custom tags for specialized searches PLC's often use this tool for shared unit building After downloading a lesson, it can be easily customized to meet your requirements. 1000's of lesson, quizzes and interactive media available SMART Notebook provides Increased Student Interactivity and Learning "...using interactive whiteboards was associated with a 16 percentile point gain in student achievement. This means that we can expect a student at the 50th percentile in a classroom without the technology to increase to the 66th percentile in a classroom using whiteboards (Marzano, p. 80)." SMART Exchange SMART Notebook Software: IWB's are simply a presentation medium, however SMART Notebook makes the IWB interactive Benefits for Teachers Reference: Marzano, Robert (2009). The Art and Science of Teaching: Teaching with Interactive Whiteboards. Educational Leadership, v. 67 #3. Presentation Medium Student interactivity - students can solve problems, create lists, and use interactive widgets on the board Can integrate SMART Response system for assessment and increased engagement Students can create and integrate media into projects Very user friendly for teachers and students Integrates most desktop software easily with links Allows on the fly adjustment to lessons Makes creating high quality digital lessons a breeze!

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