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Transcript: Innovation in Collaboration Presented by Christian for MGT 3180 A1 Slack Slack Slack is a business-oriented communication platform where users can easily effectively communicate with each other and view other discussions within their company along with archives. Benefits of Slack Who Uses Slack? Part 2 Who Uses Slack? Cont. Businesses that want to encourage collaboration should use Slack. This is a good method because allowing each employee full access of archives and other discussions will lend to the employees feeling professionally fulfilled and personally valued. They will feel as if they are a part an inclusive organization which will lead to higher job performances and self-actualization. Who is Slack for? Who Uses Slack? Slack is for companies looking for a highly collaborative and open digital workplace. An individual would be drawn to Slack because they would like to better know their work environment. Benefits of Slack Higher amounts of self actualization within individuals driving performance is not the only pro of Slack. Businesses benefit from Slack because individuals have complete access to all of the inner-workings of the company. This allows them to have more knowledge and wherewithal when communicating with their coworkers. This seamless communication system is available for free, or for several different membership packages Personal Experience With Slack Personal Experience With Slack I hadn't personally heard of Slack until I had to do this assignment. I think Slack should try to get targeted ads on YouTube on videos related to business. A2 Fiverr Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. It creates a global network to buy things such as freelance music or acting, or even things such as filing tax reports or raking leaves. Fiverr Who is Fiverr for? Who Uses Fiverr Fiverr is for anyone who needs a service that can be provided by a free-lancer. An individual would be attracted to Fiverr because it could be a cheap and easy solution to personal problems. Business Benefits of Fiverr Benefits of Fiverr Business have the potential to utilize qualified people for a job without hiring them. They will be able to see each free-lancer's qualifications. Business should be careful in not over-utilizing this service because company resources are also resourceful. Personal Experience with Fiverr Personal Experience with Fiverr I used Fiverr to hire a violinist for a track. My band did not have a violinists and I did not personally know any very well. I had a positive experience. Fiverr could place more internet based ads because they are an internet based company.

Slack Presentation

Transcript: A Virtual Way of Communication By: Emily Sinisi Slack Slack Goal Who would use Slack? Anyone who is trying to create an organization or collaborative group. It is for bringing people together on a platform to work collaboratively to achieve whatever goals in mind. I can see it being very useful for businesses, non profit organizations, schools. Anywhere that group work is involved What draws people to slack? Detail Slack is a fun, modern, new way of group communication. People are drawn to it because it is a way you can talk, share resources, and collaborate all on one secure platform How can businesses benefit from Slack? Title Businesses can benefit from this because it is a way all of their employees can share ideas with one another and work toward a goal virtually. If someone stayed home sick from work or are traveling, they are still able to connect with work through this platform. Title Have you heard of Slack? I have never heard of Slack prior to this project, I think they can extend their reach by working with social media networks to put our advertising GroupMe GroupMe Who would use GroupMe? Strategy Any large group of people trying to communicate all together and share ideas Why would people be drawn to GroupMe? Objective It is a very easy app to navigate and a great way to connect a lot of people on one platform. Benefit? Assessment Businesses can benefit from GroupMe because it is a convenient way to share announcements and communicate to everyone in the company, without filling up email inboxes Measurement 1 Measurement 1 Measurement 2 Measurement 2 Have you heard of GroupMe? Title Yes I have heard of GroupMe and have used it for many different things from group projects in school to staying in contact with my lacrosse team.

Slack presentation

Transcript: Can email last forever? By jonah stump Whos interested? (slack) I believe that slacks first thought may have been to only target the younger generation with this "innovative" new way of communicating But, as their company would soon go on to grow very quickly, they realized that all kinds of companies were using this huge companies like airbnb, pinterest, and shopify are using slacks to get a better form of communication throughout a company slack is targeting fairly newer companies that want a transparent form of communication with their co-workers, and mr. butterfield has backed it up with many reasons on how slack can help to better your company Key differences Why would somebody want slack? To keep it simple, slack is bascially a very user friendly version of discord that is business-focused It is very easy to talk to everyone at once, just a group of people, or a private conversation with just one other person I think the versatility of this product is what draws so many people in because it has so many features that only Slack uses It is a million times better than email because it keeps it conversational and casual while also being able to have serious conversations whenever need be The easiness of being able to go from channel to channel with the click of a button makes it very appealing to companies benefits? MAin benefits of slack You can literally do any form of work on Slack that you would need to like working on and sending documents, having calls, seeing announments from your co-workers, and other things like that The use of channels allows it so that basically whenever you speak you know it's going to the right group of people This is very convienent because you wouldn't want to send a department related question to the entire company One of the main things Slack prides themself on is also the security of your data on their platform, and I believe this is another key benefit of the company Personal experience I personally had never used Slack in my past but I do actually have a friend that uses it with his company and I asked him about it because of this assignment and he told me that he personally loves it He feels like it allows an open conversation with an entire company and people don't feel nearly as imtimidated to speak up He also said that when working on projects, it is very easy to make a new channel with just that group and then sending pictures back and forth is also very convienent I believe that Slack should market their product more on social media's because I know this company will entice the younger generation and people starting companies right out of college Monday Monday is a company based program that is somewhat similar to Slack Here is a video briefly explaining the basics of Slack: is a Work Operating System (Work OS) that powers teams to run projects and workflows with confidence It’s a simple, but intuitive, Work OS for teams to shape workflows, adjust to shifting needs, create transparency, connect collaboratively, and stop doing all that boring manual work Whos interested (part 2) Who uses this? So although this program is mainly used by companies, it is also a great tool for individuals to keep track of their own work Where as Slack is mainly for just communication and announcements among eachother, Monday has much more than that It is also very visual making it so that you can basically know all you need to without having to read really anything It is mainly used by managers and it allows them to show a group of people a schedule very easily It is very customizable where with every tab you can have a lead, a status (done, still working on it, etc.), a timeline, number of people working on it, and even a priority Key differences What makes monday different Along with being able to communicate amonst themselves, Monday can also function as a CRM, manage ad campaigns, track bugs, manage customer projects, manage video production, etc. The amount of features on this one program may sound cluttered but it keeps everything very organized This is a managers dream because he is able to keep open communication with his employees while also being able to manage his own work all on the same platform I think all the features of Monday really does make it top Slack as Slack is somewhat limited when it comes to anything other than communication Benefits? Benefits of monday Monday is extremely user friendly on the manager side and the employee side I love how easy everything is to see on the screen with all of the color coding that they use I also like how easily customizable everything is on the website, makes it feel like you can put any detail you want on a project The timeline aspect is very unique because you can go to just the general calendar and you'll know exactly what everyone is working on and when This makes communication even easier because for example you would know to wait to talk to someone if they had one day to

Slack Presentation

Transcript: Teach Me How to "Slack" by: Joel Burgess WHAT IS SLACK? Slack is bringing together people, applications, and data Slack is replacing e-mail around the world! What is Slack? Slack can be used for Businesses Group projects Friends WHO? Who can use Slack? Slack makes it easier to communicate inside any type of group or company Slack takes away sending/receiving e-mails and replaces it with designed message boards called Channels HOW CAN YOU BENEFIT? Benefits of Slack Slack turns e-mails into messages, and inboxes into channels. Channels can be organized however the user would like, projects, teams, company benefits, announcements, anything. Once there is a channel created, and once something is posted to the channel, everyone on the team has access to see what is being posted. Makes communication easier! Make your plans become a reality with Slack GET INVOLVED! You might be like me, and have never heard of Slack before now. But don't let that stop you from missing out on this great opportunity! How to stay informed Slack is an up-and-coming business platform that will without a doubt change the way we communicate in the workplace. Slack should reach out to more companies on already-popular platforms like LinkedIn, and WorkDay to increase their views, and to eventually grow their company exponentially. COMPETITORS TO SLACK DISCORD Discord One of the competitors to Slack is called Discord. Discord also offers ways to communicate to school clubs, gaming groups, hobby communities, anyone who wants to stay in touch. WHY USE DISCORD? Discord offers a place to call your own. Only people invited into your server can communicate. Why use Discord? Discord lets you have organized, topic-based text channels Includes features that allow you to choose a seat in a voice channel, designed as your servers "lounge" areas so that you can pop into video and voice chats throughout the day. BENEFITS OF DISCORD Discord has the ability to be a huge advantage to businesses everywhere. Benefits of Discord Businesses can use Discord to conversate through voice, and video conferences with new clients, customers, and employees. Businesses can also use Discord to have conference calls within the company, and even divisions of the company using their private servers. EXTENDING DISCORD Stay in Touch If Discord wishes to continue their reach and increase users across the world, they should invest in more advertising, and think about how to incorporate their application into more aspects of life.

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