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Transcript: For cast, we will require 2 young children, a boy and a girl. They will be playing in the park. This will be the first generation. They will be of different ethnicities, an Asian girl and a white boy. The second generation will be a young female adult and a young male adult walking towards a house door carrying boxes. This will indicate that they are moving in together. Again, the boy and girl will be of the same ethnicity as the first scene, we will be keeping the same ethnic backgrounds throughout the entire production. The third and final generation will be an elderly woman in a graveyard or in a church. This will indicate that she is visiting her partner who sadly passed away. We have chosen our actors and they will have the same ethnic background all the way through. For the last 2 scenes we will be using the same female actress but in the final scene we will be staging the character’s hair and makeup to make her look slightly older. We chose each member of the cast with great time as we needed to be fully prepared and have the concept of the idea thoroughly thought out beforehand. Concept The concept of our production is to tell a story through the different generations. We are going to be using three different generations, different locations and some different cast members to form our 30 second production for the Shutterstock organisation. Each scene will piece together a story, a story that is realistic but shown in a dramatic way using real life situations and characters. We understand that the aim of Shutterstock is to give relatable stories and content to its subscribers and that is what we wish to provide. We have decided to use characters of different ethnicities throughout they entirety of the production because we want to show an element of diversity. This, we believe, is something very different to what Shutterstock usually produces. Our hope is for our production for Shutterstock to be different to the productions that are already stocked in their libraries but also one that holds the sane amount of profession and realism as their own work. We are going to be creating each scene with precision and professionalism as we respect that this is the way that Shutterstock gains the most realistic and effective work that they provide for their subscribers. The production of this advertisement requires us to use different pieces of equipment such as cameras, tripods and SD cards. We will be able to rent most of the equipment out however we will each need to purchase SD cards so that we are able to record and retrieve the footage which we will be recording. The reason we all need SD cards is because we will be able to have backup copies of the footage, should anything happen to the originals. For the second scene, the characters will be shown as young adults using actors that appear similar to the child actors used in the previous scene. This is to help the audience understand that they are the same, however now grown up, and gives the audience a chance to see how their relationship has grown with them. This scene will begin showing boxes with rooms such as 'KITCHEN' written across. The young woman will pick up the box to reveal it is the couple from the earlier scene, now as adults, moving in together.​ Voyage and return has been represented throughout this lifestage as it revolves heavily around moving out of your comfort zone, being free from your parents and becoming your own, independent person. The term 'Voyage' is represented by moving out of their original family home and has been made relatable to the audience as it is not a very exotic location which is usually imagined with the term ‘voyage’. However the term 'Return' can be show by the fact they are moving into a new house, which can show that they feel at home with each other and feel that is where they belong as they have known each other since they were younger. Locations The following scene will be based around the childhood lifestage. This is because in order to follow an individual’s journey through life, the beginning is a key aspect of truly understanding and we feel the childhood phrase is where an individual’s story truly begins. In this scene, two young children of different ethnicities and genders will be playing in the park. A young girl will be shown going down a slide, where she will find a young boy who will hand the girl a flower. This scene has been used to represent ‘Overcoming the Monster’ as it shows a child overcoming their fear of making friends. We have done this as we feel at this age, starting a new school and making new friends is a huge part of their lives and something as big and important as this can seem very frightening to them and can be viewed as being a 'monster'. For the production of this advert we will need to have a small budget to enable us to get all filming done is the smallest cost possible. Due to filming in different locations, we will need to travel which could be quite expensive. Members of

Hybrid Corporate Template

Transcript: Panelists How to set benchmarks for health Use the 2 - Week Rule or a Step 2: Use the 2-Week Rule SLOTH If you notice a change in your normal health, add an alert to your phone for 2 Weeks later! Did you know? Kelly 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer in their lifetime Use the 2 - Week Rule SHARE with your doctor Remember what GREAT feels like A subtle and persistent SHARE with your doctor What if my friend/loved one won't go to the doctor? F.A.Q. What does "15-40" stand for? When to seek medical attention Dave Step 3: Share with your doctor What is the most common cancer symptom? Most Common Cancer Symptom: Subtle & persistent change in your normal health Dave Kelly Are you a Use the 2 - Week Rule Subtle How to work with your doctor DETECTIVE Kelly's kids How can I be more confident when talking to my doctor? lasting 2 weeks or more What is the Most Common Cancer Symptom? Remember what GREAT feels like 3 Steps Detect Is family history important? Remember what GREAT feels like Dave @1540Connection health change FOX ? Competition Prep Your doctor is a Step 1: Remember what great feels like SHARE with your doctor Use the 2 - Week Rule Lessons Learned How to recognize a cancer symptom KAHOOT PERSISTENT Remember what GREAT feels like But YOU have to provide the CLUES SHARE with your doctor skin, lumps, & bumps #sloth #fox #remembergreat #3StepsDetect weight motor control sleep patterns lasting 2 weeks or more health change A subtle and persistent energy level bathroom habits pain level


Transcript: Barilla Group Presented by Gioele Lucci for Shutterstock Custom Research A A Barilla Group was founded in 1877 in Parma, Italy. Very quickly became one of the leading Italian companies in the CPG market. In 2018 the company registered a revenue of 3,483 billion euros steadly growing. Human capital headcount: 8427. Main markets are Italy (41%) and the US (33.2%). Charts Why Barilla? Why Barilla? Barilla operates mainly in the italian market. Great opportunity and potential as client. Food Industry. Quality perception different in different countries. Opportunity to grow their appeal with our custom. Highly advertised (celebrities engagement) Social Media channels Decision Makers' List Who to contact? Sara Caggiati – Marketing Manager Pierluigi Giarrusso - Brand Manager (Mulino Bianco) Federico Gozzi - Brand Manager (Sauces) Francesco Gabrielli – Digital marketing and e-commerce Manager Massimo Fiorini – Marketing Director LinkedIn Profiles TIMELINE TIMELINE TIMELINE #1 #2 #3 #4 LinkedIn Search Locate marketing managers Source by locations Selection Email B B Person to contact: Federico Gozzi - Brand Manager. Email prototype: Subject: "Making your access to digital content easy and cost-effective" Hi Federico, I hope you are well, I am emailing you from Shutterstock custom about the opportunity you are missing on with not using our custom service. I wanted to point out what makes Shutterstock different from other custom content providers; starting from an agile new briefing tool which makes easy to plan and produce digital content and more impotantly our very cost-effectiveness which allows you to access our service at a practical price based on the guidelines. If this might sound of interest to you please do get in touch in order for me to contact you and eventually be able to have a chat over the phone tu discuss this further. Thank you Kind regards Gioele Lucci Why? Brand Manager Likelihood of influence on digital content Managerial position Access to budget needed for custom Voice message C C Hello, this is Gioele calling from Shutterstock custom. I am calling regarding your digital content creation and promotion. I would love to talk to you about our services and the toold we can provide you with; our service at Shutterstock custom can greatly improve your digital imagery following your brand idea with a great and agile approach to creating custom and at a very practical price. My number is xxx; I will also follow up with an email containing the details of this voice-mail. I look forward to hearing what you think. Have a great day! Goodbye! Cold Call D D Cold Call exercise Any Questions?

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