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Transcript: Websites: An annual wage is about $48,400 a year and the ND Outlook is Stable. Sheriff By: Travis The Summary. Here is a video of what a sheriff does at his job. What do Sheriffs do? Sheriffs patrol the area/specific area(s) for any rule breakers and go to emergencies. They drive prisoners to jail and can question witnesses about what happened. They can execute arrest warrants, locating and taking persons into custody. They notify patrol units to take violators into custody or to provide needed assistance or medical aid. Costs They take control of accident scenes to maintain traffic flow, to assist accident victims, and investigate causes. Education requirements can go from a high school diploma to a college or higher degree and must have a rigorous physical and personal qualifications. Some colleges that is best for this job would be the Minneapolis Community and Technical College and the Santa Rosa Junior College. Travis Paeper told me that the reason he become a sheriff is because his football coach, which he is a sheriff, took him on a ride along and that made Travis more interested of becoming a sheriff. Average Wage and Outlook The Sheriff is the person that can arrest, stop, and question you without your authority. He also can ticket you for doing something dangerous on the road. The Sheriff has an average agreeable salary and it doesn't take much to be a sheriff. The Sheriff is from the Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security cluster . Sheriffs investigate crime scenes and they drive around, looking for anyone violating the law; bring in violators to court, and give tickets and warnings to anyone that is breaking the violations of the road. Education and Colleges Their Average Annual Wage is $48,400 and the Outlook for the sheriff is Stable. Money/Salary and Outlook For the Santa Rosa Junior College, it costs $10,605 for Tuition & Fees, Books & Supplies, and other expenses and for the Minneapolis Community and Technical College, it costs $6,084 for the same things Some job openings for the sheriff are at the San Diego Police's Department, the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department, and in LaMoure, ND. They can question individuals entering secured areas to determine their business, directing and rerouting individuals as necessary. They patrol and guard courthouses, grand jury rooms, or assigned areas to provide security, enforce laws, maintain order, and arrest violators Job Openings The average day of a sheriff.

Life of the Nottingham Sheriff

Transcript: The meanest police in town! THE NOTTINGHAM SHERIFF The Sheriff's Personality The Sheriff's Personality Round and Static ROUND and STATIC The sheriff was very fixed with how he perceived things, But we know a lot about him. Why? Info He never really thought of Robin differently, lets explore that. As you may know static means they never change, and round means we know lots about him well, that's true for the sheriff. We see him throughout the story. He has hated Robin Hood and we know that. He's said to want to keep Robin from killing the king's deer. Examples Examples Movies/Shows WHAT WE KNOW This slide is meant to talk about Movies and shows As lots of us know, there are lots of movies that have Robin and the sheriff in them. Movies Movies Movies about Robin Hood and the sheriff include: Robin Hood (1912) Robin Hood (1922) The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) The Bandit of Sherwood Forest (1946) The Prince of Thieves (1948) Rogues of Sherwood Forest (1950) The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men (1952) The Men of Sherwood Forest (1954) Sword of Sherwood Forest (1960) A Challenge for Robin Hood (1967) The Scalawag Bunch (1971) Wolfshead: The Legend of Robin Hood (1973) The Arrows of Robin Hood (1975) Robin and Marian (1976) Aaj Ka Robin Hood (1988) O Mistério de Robin Hood (1990) Robin Hood (1991) Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) Robin Hood (2010) Robin Hood (2018) Shows Shows Robin Hood shows include: Robin Hood (1953) The Adventures of Robin Hood (1955) The Legend of Robin Hood (1968) The Legend of Robin Hood (1975) Robin of Sherwood (1984) The New Adventures of Robin Hood (1997) Robin Hood (2006) Topic 2 Topic 2 Topic 3 Topic 3 Topic 4 Topic 4

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