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Life of the Nottingham Sheriff

Transcript: The meanest police in town! THE NOTTINGHAM SHERIFF The Sheriff's Personality The Sheriff's Personality Round and Static ROUND and STATIC The sheriff was very fixed with how he perceived things, But we know a lot about him. Why? Info He never really thought of Robin differently, lets explore that. As you may know static means they never change, and round means we know lots about him well, that's true for the sheriff. We see him throughout the story. He has hated Robin Hood and we know that. He's said to want to keep Robin from killing the king's deer. Examples Examples Movies/Shows WHAT WE KNOW This slide is meant to talk about Movies and shows As lots of us know, there are lots of movies that have Robin and the sheriff in them. Movies Movies Movies about Robin Hood and the sheriff include: Robin Hood (1912) Robin Hood (1922) The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) The Bandit of Sherwood Forest (1946) The Prince of Thieves (1948) Rogues of Sherwood Forest (1950) The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men (1952) The Men of Sherwood Forest (1954) Sword of Sherwood Forest (1960) A Challenge for Robin Hood (1967) The Scalawag Bunch (1971) Wolfshead: The Legend of Robin Hood (1973) The Arrows of Robin Hood (1975) Robin and Marian (1976) Aaj Ka Robin Hood (1988) O Mistério de Robin Hood (1990) Robin Hood (1991) Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) Robin Hood (2010) Robin Hood (2018) Shows Shows Robin Hood shows include: Robin Hood (1953) The Adventures of Robin Hood (1955) The Legend of Robin Hood (1968) The Legend of Robin Hood (1975) Robin of Sherwood (1984) The New Adventures of Robin Hood (1997) Robin Hood (2006) Topic 2 Topic 2 Topic 3 Topic 3 Topic 4 Topic 4


Transcript: Sheriff Apple (U.S.) Apple created the IPhone, with Siri in it. Siri is an automated, electronic assistant that serves your every command Google (U.S.) Google created the Google Voice software which acts like an automated servant (like Siri) but is a little more advanced Toyota (Japan) Toyota made a parking assistant that helps you park safely and efficiently, it beeps when there is an object nearing the car when parking. Volkswagen (Germany) Volkswagen created an air conditioning system that comes through the seats and cools your back on a hot day. Think Stream Computer Software Think Stream Computer Software may sound very foreign to you right now. If you have ever looked into a police car or saw a picture of the interior of a police car you would see a large laptop/ computer to the right of the driver's seat. This computer has Think Stream Software in it. The software makes it possible for sheriffs all around the country to communicate efficiently. This software can also access background checks, criminal records, warrant information, etc. in a heartbeat. This makes the job safer for the sheriff, and a safer community. Picture this: A terrorist is in Atlanta, Georgia. He is planning on bombing a nearby office building. His partner in crime is in Sacramento, California and is going to bomb an office building there, at the same time. The sheriff notices the man in Atlanta and makes the arrest, 20 minutes before the bomb goes off. They disarm the bomb in Atlanta, but the bomb in Sacramento is still at large. When questioning the suspect, he admits that his partner is going to bomb Sacramento in 20 minutes. The sheriff uses the Think Stream software to communicate with the sheriff in Sacramento within 3 minutes. The sheriff in Sacramento is able to make the arrest and disarm the bomb with 0 casualties. How did Think Stream Software change the sheriff profession? Before Think Stream, sheriffs communicated on short wave and long wave radios. They were able to communicate efficiently over short distances. They could not communicate well over long distances such as California to North Carolina distance. This software allows them to communicate instantly over huge distances to share important information. Future Innovation Think Stream Software that allows officers to access information such as a criminals last location, criminal records, and etc. It also has the ability to tap into someone's cell phone and track where they are. Based off these traits I believe a next innovation will be an actual heartbeat sensor/ tracker. The software would be able to recognize a person's heartbeat and be able to track their location through satellite. Works Cited Pros Promotes better communication Makes the job safer Makes the community safer Innovation- anything that is created, based off a modern product, to benefit the greater good. Examples of Innovation: Apple IPhone 4s (United States) Google Voice (United States) Toyota Parking Assist (Japan) Volkswagen Beadle Air Conditioning (Germany) Cons Eliminates the Radio Operator Job Can be hacked and sent misinformation (Highly unlikely but possible) Sheriff Job Description: A sheriff plays a key role in rural areas. The sheriff works with deputy sheriffs to enforce laws in areas that cannot afford an actual police department. They must make arrests, serve as bailiffs in court, participate in traffic control, issue warrants, etc. Use of Think Stream Software Use in U.S.: For sheriffs to communicate in a timely fashion and keep the community safe. Use in Great Britain: For officers of the law to communicate to other officers and to search background checks and more. Use in Sudan: For officers of the law to communicate to other officers in developed African countries about escaped convicts and the safety of their people Innovative Companies


Transcript: Task drive vehicles to patrol assigned areas and respond to calls investigate suspicious activities and safty hazards pursue and arrest supected criminals enforce traffic laws and issue citation take control of a accident scenes to maintain traffic flow, assits victims and investigate causes Working conditions you're indoors and outdoors. you work with physically agressive or violent suspects. spend a lot of thime talking to coworkers and to the public. Skills and abilities listen to others, understand, and ask questions express ideas clearly when speaking or writing read and understand written information notice when something is wrong use math skills to solve problems Interest have social interest consider achievement important preparation have at least a high school deploma be at least 21 years old be honest have good judgement pass a written exam complete police acadmy training Working hours/travel 40 hour work week, but work overtime may be required to work weekends and holidays and are often expected to be armed, even when off duty outlook high, but people with training in law will have the best opportunities Major employers local, state, and federal police departments advancement opportunities after probation(which last six monthes to a year) they are eligible for promotion and more training helpful. related occupations bailiffs border patrol correction officers current median wage $25.74 hourly $53,54 yearly fringe benefits work overtime, paid vacation, sick leave, health and life insurance, retire 20 or 25 years of service professional organization and high school courses national sheriffs association community protection criminal justice assisitng criminology legal system P.E. phychology sociology Career cluster law and public saftety sources sited after the research, do you still like this occupation this career suits me and does not suit me. it suits me because i like to help people and keep them safe. it also suits me because your offered great benifits and i like the education need for this career. you are also eligiable for promotion, but after probation. this also suits me beacuse you rarley get laid off and you can retire after 20-25 years of service. this career does not suit me beacuse of the working hours and your probation period you have to go threw. Sheriff

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