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Transcript: What is Halloween? and What do people do on Halloween? Origins of Halloween Why we (as Ahmadi Muslims) should avoid celebrating halloween? What is Shirk? Do Muslims believe in ghosts and supernatural things? What is Halloween? Celebrated on the night of October 31st Traditional activities include: Trick-or-treating Carving jack-o-lanterns Costume parties Visiting "haunted houses" Origin of Halloween celebration of the end of the harvest season Samhain was a time used by the ancient pagans to take stock of supplies and prepare for winter The ancient Gaels believed that on October 31, the boundaries between living and the dead overlapped and the deceased would come back to cause havoc such as sickness or damaged crops Masks and costumes were worn in an attempt to mimic the evil spirits or appease them. Why we should avoid celebrating Halloween? Halloween is a harmful innovation among Christians which takes one closer to shirk. The Bible forbids witches, satanic practices etc. but Halloween is generally regarded as fun. Hudhur said it should always be remembered that any ‘fun’ that is based on shirk or any harmful way is to be avoided. We must give up on worldly traditions like these to follow the right path Faith Matters These practices makes children do wrong things in the name of “fun” These practices makes children do wrong things in the name of “fun” Agenda Friday Sermon October 29th 2010 ... small Conclusion Even a hint of shirk is unacceptable to God What is Shirk? Associate anyone in the name, action, or worship of Allah constitutes shirk Condition of Baiat number 6 says that we “shall refrain from following ______________ Ahmadi muslims do not believe in ghosts and other supernatural things (witches, goblins...) Do Muslims believe in ghosts and supernatural being? Heaven is a better reward than the candy get from you get from trick or treat QUESTIONS? “Badness attracts and leads man to adopt it with intensity, while forgetting traditions and beliefs. Some Ahmadis, considering such matters trivial, also get inclined in this way, resulting in very bad consequences” Shirk causes man to sink morally and spiritually. Belief in Divine Unity is a seed out of which grows all virtues, and lack of which lies at the root of all sins Halloween and what do people do on halloween? What other holidays do we not celebrate? Originated from the ancient celtic festival known as Samhain It is extremely wrong to believe in things that are supernatural even if it is for fun We must give up on worldly traditions like these to follow the right path Halloween is a tradition when many people celebrate it with extravagant parties, elaborate costumes and spending more $$$ Hudhur’s Friday Sermon October 29th 2010 Why should Ahmadi Muslims avoid celebrating Halloween? Bringing of dead spirits is WRONG and it goes against what we believe as Muslims

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Transcript: Noninvertible transform 2 Advantages Direct key generation from biometrics is an appealing template protection approach which can also be very useful in cryptographic applications. 7 Biometrics — the automated recognition of people via distinctive anatomical and behavioral traits. a feature transformation approach 5 Enrollment-Template-Algorithm-Verification TEMPLATE PROTECTION SCHEMES 9 Key-binding biometric cryptosystem Advantages Introduction of key results in low false accept rates. Since the key is user-specific, multiple templates for the same user biometric can be generated by using different keys (allowing diversity). Also in case a template is compromised, it is easy to revoke the compromised template and replace it with a new one generated by using a different user-specific key (allowing revocability). Key generating biometric cryptosystem Advantages (1) Since it is hard to recover the original biometric template even when the key is compromised, this scheme provides better security than the salting approach. (2) Diversity and revocability can be achieved by using application-specific and user-specific transformation functions, respectively. 1 18 3 4 Information Systems Security Advantages This approach is tolerant to intrauser variations in biometric data and this tolerance is determined by the error correcting capability of the associated codeword. Biometric Template Security Salting 16 Limitations The main drawback of this approach is the trade off between discriminability and noninvertibility of the transformation function. BIOMETRIC SYSTEM VULNERABILITY Ratha et al proposed and analyzed three noninvertible transforms for generating cancelable fingerprint emplates. The three transformation functions are cartesian, polar and functional. Limitations It is difficult to generate key with high stability and entropy. one-way function Limitations Matching has to be done using error correction schemes and this precludes the use of sophisticated matchers developed specifically for matching the original biometric template. This can possibly lead to a reduction in the matching accuracy. In general, biometric cryptosystems are not designed to provide diversity and revocability. However, attempts are being made to introduce these two properties into biometric cryptosystems mainly by using them in conjunction with other approaches such as salting. The helper data needs to be carefully designed; it is based on the specific biometric features to be used and the nature of associated intrauser variations. Enrollment-Template-Algorithm-Verification 12 use key to increases the entropy of the biometric template helper data = key + biometric template Tài liệu tham khảo : 2008-Biometric Template Security 6 Categorization of template protection schemes. Problem with encrypted form (using standard encryption techniques like RSA, AES, etc.) 15 INTRODUCTION. BIOMETRIC SYSTEM VULNERABILITY. TEMPLATE PROTECTION SCHEMES. IMPLEMENTATION OF TEMPLATE SECURITY APPROACHES. INTRODUCTION 11 Các yêu cầu chính : Diversity (đa dạng) Revocability ( có thể huỷ bỏ) Security (bảo mật) Performance (hiệu suất) 3 14 19 secure sketch and fuzzy extractor Outline 2 17 The End ! 13 10 Limitations If the user-specific key is compromised, the template is no longer secure, because the transformation is usually invertible, that is, if an adversary gains access to the key and the transformed template, she can recover the original biometric template. Sincematching takes place in the transformed domain, the salting mechanism needs to be designed in such a way that the recognition performance does not degrade, especially in the presence of large intrauser variations. INTRODUCTION 4 Biometrics — the automated recognition of people via distinctive anatomical and behavioral traits. 8 GVHD : Nguyễn Thị Ái Thảo Sinh viên : Trương Huỳnh Tiến 51103617 Nguyễn Huy Khánh 51201637 Thank you !

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Transcript: Wisdom does not flow like water Plato’s Critique of Pederasty Pederasty Background Symposium Pederasty My Project Pausanias' Speech Pausanias' Speech Two Aphrodites Uranian Heavenly Pandemos Common Text Text Pictures Pictures "Here, Socrates, lie down alongside me, so that by my touching you, I too may enjoy the piece of wisdom that just occurred to you while you were in the porch. It is plain that you found it and have it, for otherwise you would not have come away beforehand." Agathon and Socrates “It would be a good thing, Agathon, if wisdom were the sort of thing that flows from the fuller of us into the emptier, just by our touching one another, as the water in wine cups flows through a wool thread from the fuller to the emptier. For if wisdom too is like that, then I set a high price on my being placed alongside you, for I believe I shall be filled from you with much fair wisdom. My own may turn out to be a sorry sort of wisdom, or disputable like a dream; but your own is brilliant and capable of much development, since it has flashed out so intensely from you while you are young; and yesterday it became conspicuous among more than thirty thousand Greek witnesses." "You are outrageous, Socrates," Agathon said. "A little later you and I will go to court about our wisdom, with Dionysus as judge, but now first attend to dinner." how water flows Principle at play When they do engage in a contest about love Timeline YEAR Alcibiades' Speech Socrates, he claims, is like “those silenuses that sit in the shops of herm sculptors, the ones that craftsman make holding reed pipes or flutes; and if they are split in two and opened up they show they have images of gods within.” (215b) Alcibiades' Speech You, in my opinion,' I said, 'have proved to be the only deserving lover of mine; and it seems to me that you hesitate to mention it to me. Now I am in this state: I believe it is very foolish not to gratify you in this or anything else of mine—my wealth or my friends—that you need; for nothing is more important to d me than that I become the best possible; and I believe that, as far as I am concerned, there is no one more competent than you to be a fellow helper to me in this. So I should be far more ashamed before men of good sense for not gratifying a man like you than I should be before the many and senseless for gratifying you.' Seduction Scene 'Really, my dear Alcibiades, you're no sucker if what you say about me is really true and there is some power in me e through which you could become better. You must see, you know, an impossible beauty in me, a beauty very different from the fairness of form in yourself. So if, in observing my beauty, you are trying to get a share in it and to exchange beauty for beauty, you are intending to get far the better deal. For you are trying to acquire the truth of beautiful things in exchange for the seeming and opinion of beautiful things; and you really have in mind to exchange "gold for bronze." But blessed one do consider better: Without your being aware of it—I may be nothing. Thought, you know, begins to have keen eyesight when the sight of the eyes starts to decline from its peak; and you are still far from that.' Conclusion conclusion If Socrates were to have sex with Alcibiades, he would perpetuate: 1) the idea that people can make each other wise. impact: prevent Alcibiades from realizing his ignorance about wisdom 2) Alcibiades belief that his physical attractiveness is the most important thing about him impact: the belief could harm Alcibiades as he begins to decline from his physical peak, when “Thought begins to have keen eyesight.” (219a) 3) Socrates would be no better than the sophists who cannot acknowledge the ways in which they are ignorant, and thus, risk self-deception. Advantages Advantages to my account: -Fits with the well-known picture of a Socrates who: 1) proclaims his own ignorance. 2) critiques the Sophists for i. both not acknowledging what they do not know ii. exchanging money for wisdom -Makes explicit the way Plato critiques the customs of his time -Throws into question a vision of Socrates as someone who consistently denies bodily urges -Makes clear that the container model is supposed to function in opposition to the image of pregnancy and birth. Accounts of “Plato’s Appropriation of Reproduction” run these two images together.

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Transcript: MOST POPULAR PASSWORDS COMPUTER FIREWALL INTERNET SECURITY SECURITY OR ELSE YOUR DEVICE COULD TURN INTO A: Having your identity stolen.... It might just happen with 1 wrong click! A computer firewall controls access between networks. It generally consists of gateways and filters which vary from one firewall to another. Firewalls also screen network traffic and are able to block traffic that is dangerous. is a branch of computer security specifically related to the Internet, often involving browser security but also network security on a more general level as it applies to other applications or operating systems on a whole. Its objective is to establish rules and measures to use against attacks over the Internet. Cloud storage is a model of data storage where the digital data is stored in logical pools, the physical storage spans multiple servers and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company PREZI TEMPLATE ZOOM IN FOR MORE DETAILS ALL SEPARATED DESIGN ELEMENTS: Get this Prezi Template from: EMAIL SECURITY CLOUD STORAGE Trojan-Spy.HTML.Fraud.gen remained the most popular malicious program spread by email in 2014. This malicious program is designed to look like an HTML page used as a registration form for online banking services. It is used by phishers to steal financial information. Zoom in to show the details INSERT IMAGES OR VIDEOS CHANGE THE LAYOUT AND ADD COLORS BE SURE TO FOLLOW ALL THE INTERNET SAFETY RULES! "password" 9% 1 5% "qwerty" "monkey" 4% 8% "123456" BRAINS...

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