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Sea World Background For Presentation

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Sea World

Transcript: Sea World is a large aquarium down in Orlando, Florida. Sea World has many attractions, various animals, and programs meant to be enjoyed by students on a feild trip. Some of the animals they have there include: Manta Rays, Otters, Penguins, Polar Bears, Dolphins, Orca Whales and Sharks You don’t have to be a coaster enthusiast to experience your own personal connection to rays and their magnificent underwater world. With ten unique, naturalistic aquariums inhabited by more than 3000 marine animals—including hundreds of rays and a giant Pacific octopus—Manta invites you to share in the wonders and mysteries of the sea. A unique 360-degree pop-up aquarium puts young visitors right in the center of the undersea activity The Asian small clawed otters are one of Sea World's biggest stars! The are 26 to 27 inches long and weigh only 2 to 11 pounds. Like their name states, they have small peg like claws. Their claws allow them to catch crustaceans, molluscs, and frogs in the river beds that are located their habitat. They are extremely vocal though scent is more important to use in comminication. Each otter's scent is different and acts like a fingerprint. Are you passionate about penguins? Partial to puffins? If so, travel from pole-to-pole with us on this 60-minute walking tour. Go behind-the-scenes of the Penguin Encounter to hear from our animal care experts about what it takes to care for these unique birds. Get the rare opportunity to see a puffin up-close and interact with penguins in their habitat. Not only are they the largest land carnivore, polar bears also happen to be one of the top predators in the Arctic. Their impressive size (up to 12 feet tall for males) running speed (25 miles per hour), and swimming ability combine to make them one of the fiercest predators around. Highly dependent on seasonal sea ice for hunting and traveling, global climate change is severely impacting these extraordinary animals. Because of their unstable habitat and food supply, polar bears are considered threatened by the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Witness the graceful agility of these extraordinary animals at Wild Arctic. Dolphins inspire intrigue and imagination—you'll only need to go as far as Dolphin Cove at Key West to understand why. Here, one of the largest interactive dolphin pools in the world is home to a playful group of bottlenose dolphins, who you can watch both above and below the surface of the water. Be sure to check on feeding times to get in on an even more unforgettable experience. Enter into a fascinating journey through one of the world's largest underwater viewing tunnels. Experience a rare, up-close look at prehistoric predators whose ancestors dominated the sea over a hundred million years before dinosaurs walked the Earth. Envelop yourself with the beauty of the majestic killer whales! There black and white colored animalsdance and play around the fountains with their own personal trainers. Here you can watch Shamu and his companions enjoy themselves and even you will enjoy it. This is one of Sea World's main events and is an absolute must see for any first time visitors or past visitors alike. There is also the nearby Discovery Cove, also in Orlando. Some attractions there include rides, multiple exhibits, and behind the scenes tours. This is a nearby resort, where you can spend the day at the beach, feeding birds by hand at the aviary, or swimming with the many ocean animals they have there.

Background of Sea

Transcript: The Navy solider had a very harsh life during the WW1. They often face death. There was a real story which took place in WW1. During WW1, there is an American navy solider called Grey. He was a lieutenant on a destroyer. One day, they had a mission. They needed to search for a convoy. Suddenly, They see a boat. They were unable to identify the boat because there was a long distance between them. When the boat came loser to them, they saw a German flag. They fired a torpedo at the boat. The torpedo hit the German boat. But it did not explore. The German boat fired a torpedo at them. The torpedo which was fired by German hit their engine. Their boat was unable to move. The German boat keep firing at them. After multiple shots hit their boat, their boat had a huge damage. They had to abandon the ship. Grey was injured. He did not lose life. Later, He was captured by a German solider who serve on a German vessels. In conclusion, American does not only glamorize the WW1 but also glamorize the life style of the Lady. For WW1, they try to win the war by recruiting more solider. They achieve it through glamorize the war. For Roaring 20's, the woman have already improve their status. we can see it from glamorization of woman dress In this image, You can see a smile navy solider who carries a suitcase and a bag. He is walking. There are couple ship which rest on the sea behind him. He wears a uniform. The image is very colorful. first, the uniform of solider has a bright blue color. second, the ocean is a bright orange. The sky is bright yellow. The bright color give people a happy feeling. The image has a big title on the top. This is the title-A Wonderful Opportunity For YOU. Based on those fact, I think that American government try to achieve the wining dream by recruiting more solider. In this image, you see a woman who wears a pink skirt along with a pink shirt and hat. She is pointing at the sky. The sky shot several of lights on the yellow car. The yellow car is next to her. But the lady is not only taller than the car but also the color of her clothes is more brighter than the car. When you look at the picture, you will put a lot of attention on the lady. The lady looks like a wealthy woman. The car also give me an impression which a wealthy people drive it. The picture has big title on the top. This is the title-"Youth and progressive Americans acclaim the AIRPLANE FLEL of air-cooled motoring. Based on those fact, I am able to summary three information. First, American woman improve their status during roaring 20's. Second, American people start to take material seriously. Third, The car company make car advertisement based on improve social status of woman and the amount of altitude which American citizen have on the material. The meaning of a WW1 picture which drawn by Ruttan Harsh Life of WW1 Navy Solider Personal opinion about American government in WW1 I think that the World War 1 had a very cruel environment based on two reasons . First, they developed a lot of new technology which is able to kill enemy. For example, they create U-boat which was able to attack a ship submerged in the water. They created a battleship which had a strong fire power. They created a water-borne aircraft carrier which was able to send an airplane to attack an enemy ship. Second, they killed a lot of citizens by attacking civilian ships in the war. For example, during World War 1, Germany declare a warfare which is called unrestricted submarine warfare. It declared that Germany is going to attack civilian ship without warning. One day, when the Lusitania -a British cruise ship- traveled across the Atlantic ocean, the German U-boat fired one torpedo at the Lusitania. After the torpedo hit the Lusitania, the Lusitania enters the water. In this incident, There are 1153 peoples who lost their life. Among them, there are 128 Americans. Work Cited Conclusion of the poster The public perception during 1940 The meaning of a picture which drawn by artist in the 20th Century I think that the company which draw the picture glamorize the clothes of the woman. Because the company which create the car try to ask people to buy their product. So they glamorize the dress which lady have. I understand the company which glamorize the dress of the lady. Because they try to earn more money. It is very normal as a businessman. My opinion for Roaring 20's Howard Wang Environment of Sea Battle in WW1 A video introduce the life of an American navy solider have in

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