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School Resource Officer Presentation Background

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Community Resource Officer

Transcript: Citizen's Police Academy Foster better communication between the citizens of Bozeman and our department. Information is shared about our department and criminal justice system so participants have a better understanding of the services the Bozeman Police Department provides to our community. The men and women of the Bozeman Police Department will provide demonstrations, class instruction, and hands-on activities for academy participants. Community Events Purpose National Night Out - August 6th Citizens Police Academy Safety Summit - Coming in September 2013 Drug Take Back Document Shredding Public Education & Resources 2013 Graduating Class Presentations & Programs Active Shooter - Sandy Hook Pedestrian & Traffic Safety Home Safety & Security Business Safety & Security Elder Financial Abuse Realtor Field Safety Public Safety Announcements SMART (Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer) Bicycle Registration Program Bozeman then.... What makes Bozeman such a great place to live and & visit? Bozeman now If you are interested in attending the Citizens Police Academy beginning March 2014, Call Community Resource Officer Charley Gappmayer at 582-2025 or email at for more information. And the best part, it's free to attend! January 2013: The Community Resource Officer position is filled! It started with assisting patrol with problem houses. Property owners/Management companies were contacted. They were provided with the Calls For Service, citation copies & other related reports. MSU is contacted & Advised. The City of Bozeman does not currently have a Code Enforcement Officer..... I assist other departments in the city with: garbage complaints encroachment violations health & safety concerns Here are some of the Quality of Life Issues we are facing in Bozeman...... Community Resource Officer: Addressing Quality of Life Issues Presented to Sunrise Rotary by Officer Charley Gappmayer Bozeman Police Department Class Highlights Other Quality of Life Issues that need to be addressed: Nuisance Houses Abandoned Properties Municipal Code Violations Crime Prevention Education Meet every Wednesday Evening for 10 Weeks Classes will cover topics such as: The patrol and detective divisions DUI enforcement Crash investigation The Special Response Team Crime scene investigations and scenarios Taser Alternative Sessions include: Patrol Ride-a-longs 911/Dispatch Sit-a-longs Shooting Scenarios Tour of The Gallatin County Detention Center


Transcript: Other Qualifications Human Resources Management (Certificate / Diploma) Human Resources Management (Undergraduate) Human Resources Management (Post-Graduate) Payroll Administration Labor and Industrial Relations Labor Studies Corporate Communications Goal To create a happy, productive and cost effective workforce. This means they must hire the right candidates for the jobs and keep them motivated. They also make sure employees are contributing to the financial growth of the company and not costing the company to loose money. Benefits Salary Why does it interest me? Excellent Communicators Hard-working Well-Organized Work well under pressure Related college & University programs What is it? Prospects Key Duties HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICER Job prospects Working Condition Education/ Training Dental coverage Paid vacation Paid sick days Contributions to retirement plans Education Work for all kinds of businesses and organizations, including accounting firms, hospitals, zoos, banks, and governments With a company that employs specialist in different areas they work as part of a team with other human resources staff Interact frequently with all levels of staff and management Spend most of their time in offices, but may travel to attend conferences and training courses 8-10 hours a day with a total of 40 to 50 hours a week High school degree Post-secondary education in the fields Lengths: -2 to 3 year diploma programs -4 year bachelor's degree -Master's degree are also available Good idea to earn the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) Designation Requirements vary by province, but applicants generally need to pass two exams May need to meet experience and course requirements Job prospects are good The number of human resources has increased sharply and are expected to continue increasing sharply Opportunities will open up primarily from employment increase and people retiring What is the typical salary, benefits, working conditions? This interests me because I like communicating with different people and I like to be an organized person which are both essentials for this job Salaries vary according to education, level of experience and type of work they perform. Location and size of employer are also factors Salaries start at approximately $30,000 to $40,000 With experience income can rise to between $40,000 and $85,000 a year However some senior specialists earn $100,000 a year or more Executive positions, such as vice president earn the highest salaries Develop and Implement policies and procedures Promote equality and diversity Recruiting staff Prepare staff handbooks Advise pay, promotion and benefits Undertaking regular salary reviews Negotiate with staff on issues relating to pay and conditions Maintain employee records Planning, and sometimes delivering, training, including inductions for new staff Responsible for the hiring, firing , training and job satisfaction of all of their company's employees. From the advertisement of the job description to the interviews and employee training, their department is involved in the entire process.

Sargent Barnhill; School Resource Officer.

Transcript: College: Cape Fear Community College; 1995. Highschool: Hanover Highschool; N/A. "I was an idiot for dropping out, andI had to go through life the hard way." Office: Very organized Computer for the school and one for the Sheriff's Department. One storage cabinet. Patrol Car: Shotgun in the trunk. Radio's and computer stand up in the front of the car. Misc. items in the back seat. Extra round in the drivers side door. How are school personnel affected by working in a rural county vs. and urban city? I'm the deputy assigned to the school and my job is to assist the school administrators with keeping the school safe. Only slot the Sheriff's Department had open, but I grew to love it. Sargent Barnhill; School Resouce Officer. I'm there for students or teahcers who have problems or issues and to keep the school enviorment safe. How much of your time is divided by paperwork and interaction with students and faculty? Office/Patrol Car? By keeping an orderly enviorment thatenable students and teachers to be able to concentrate on there education and school work without distractions around them Extra Information? What influenced you to be a S.R.O? What makes your role in the school vital? How do you see the word "leader" fitting in to your role as a S.R.O? I have to set a good example for teachers and students. Being a "natrual" authority figure for being a cop also helps . How do you support the educational enviorment here at the school? We're in a "hunting" county mainly so therefore we have to worry about students accidently carrying guns onto the school campus but as in Hanover county not many people hunt let alone have guns in their truck. 40% Students. 40% Faculty. 20% Paperwork. Describe your role in relation to the school? What is a regular day like for you? What do you know about our schoolthat you would consider a stenth? A weakness? Stength: Admin./Staff Weakness: We should have a uniform system and I.D's systems around the school.


Transcript: HISTORY of SRO'S What programs will be provided? OTHER EMERGENCIES PROVIDE A LAW ENFORCEMENT PRESENCE TO BE A TEACHER COUNSELING REYNOLDS HIGH SCHOOL SNOW / ICE A.L.I.C.E. TRAINING Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY RIVERSIDE HIGH SCHOOL WINDY RIVER ELEMENTARY SAM BOARDMAN ELEMENTARY OVERALL SAFETY COMMUNITY OUTREACH EDUCATION NEWTON CONNECTICUT truancy resource numbers safety tips LT. LOREN DIETER PRESENTATION TO SCHOOL STAFF TUESDAY, AUGUST 24, 2015 MENTORING COUNSELING No SRO. Officer nearby patrolling. Officer on scene aproximately 2 minutes. Kinkel in custody 9 minutes. 2 dead - 25 injured When and Where is the next attack? THURSTON HIGH SCHOOL REUNIFICATION PLAN EXPLORERS - CADETS SRO on duty, coming back from lunch. 12 students 1 teacher killed 23 injured 2 suspects commit suicide 46 minutes into massacre. SWAT was first to enter building 45 minutes after start of shooting. LITTLETON COLORADO SPRINGFIELD OREGON Are we ready? ACTIVITIES & DUTIES Gang Resistance Education And Training OTHER CHIEF RICK STOKOE CYBER SAFETY EDUCATION The School Resource Officer (SRO) works closely with school staff, students and parents, and are included on every major discussion related to school safety and disorder. SCHOOL SHOOTINGS 1950 - 1960 = 21 2011 = 10 1960 - 1970 = 17 2012 = 14 1970 - 1980 = 24 2013 = 31 1980 - 1990 = 32 2014 = 38 1990 - 2000 = 37 -------- 2000 - 2010 = 56 92 Total since 1950= 280 ALCOHOL AND DRUG EDUCATION TROUTDALE OREGON CHILD SAFETY ID KITS WHY A SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER? Ensuring school safety is our highest priority. Our main mission is to provide a school environment that is free of crime, the fear of crime, initmidation and disorder, so that school staff and students can achieve their educational goal without distraction. SRO SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER G.R.E.A.T TRAINING SEX CRIME TRAINING FIRES 1 student killed. 1 teacher injured. Suspect shot self after being confronted by SROs and other officers within seconds of the start of the shooting. A NASRO report claims the presence of SROs has reduced juvenile arrests in some schools by nearly 50 percent. POSITIVE INTERACTION WITH STUDENTS BUILT IN RELATIONSHIPS RAPPORT FOR FUTURE DEALINGS SHARED INFORMATION BETWEEN AND AMONG STUDENTS. DETERRENT FROM BAD CHOICES COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL SROs started in 1950's in Michigan. 1968 SROs moved west to California. Moved quickly throughout the U.S. in the 1990s. The primary activities of the SRO are: problem solving, education, mentorship, and crime prevention. BOARDMAN OREGON QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS SAFETY EDUCATION No SRO- only at high school and middle school. 20 students and 6 adults killed. 3 injured. Shooter committed suicide six minutes after shooting started. DRIVER'S EDUCATION PRINCIPAL MARIE SHIMER STATISTICS

Resource Officer

Transcript: photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli My mentor Officer Wright helped with my product by letting me tag along while he works Mentor Bibliography Successes and Challenges Research Training- Police Academy, Classes, Psychological tests Duties- Challenges and Roles R.O.'s that have done good deeds-Officers Cates and Harrison Salary- 10 months=$27,620 and for 12 months=$34,992 Thank you. Any Questions? What I learned Product Resource Officer Job Shadowing: Journals and Scrap Book David Beane "Amanda Cates." Missouri School Resource Officer Association. N.p., 2012. Web. 07 Mar. 2013. <>. Bolick, Ritch. "School Resource Officer." School Resource Officer. Granite Falls Police, n.d. Web. 07 Mar. 2013. Busic, Srg. "Biltmore County Maryland Police Department." School Resource Officer (SRO) Program. Baltmore County Police Department, Maryland, 14 May 2010. Web. 07 Mar. 2013. “Center for the Prevention of School Violence.” | Center for the Prevention of School Violence. NCDJJDP, n.d. Web. 07 Mar. 2013. McNicholas, Christopher F. "School Resource Security Officers Public Protection Officers for Public Schools." Security Training. International Foundation for Protection Officers, 1996. Web. 07 Mar. 2013. <>. "School Police." Duval County Public Schools. N.p., 2010. Web. 07 Mar. 2013. <http: //>. Winters, Paul A. Policing the Police. San Diego, CA: Greenhaven, 1995. Print. +Finishing the product -Finding time to do mentor hours -+Overcoming money problems for materials needed Patrols after school Stresses of being School Resource Officer New found respect for their jobs Job Shadowed Made scrap book Went around school with him while he did what job needed to be done

School Resource Officer

Transcript: School Resource Officer By: Kerri Bassant & Kaitlin Blanchard What is an SRO? School Resource Officer is a certified police officer that is assigned full-time to a school. SRO's receive many hours of ongoing specialized training. The concept is similar to the "cop on foot patrol" who knows the public he serves on a first name basis and is sensitive to their particular needs. What is the job description SRO's are Law Enforcement Officers, Informal Counselors, Teachers of Law Related Education, and Role Models. Like many adults, some students view police officers solely as enforcers of the laws. By establishing a daily rapport with their school’s SRO, students not only gain positive role models, but also a better understanding of police officers’ many other duties and responsibilities. Major Duties •To inhibit the delinquent actions of the children by observing them •Conducts security assessment to confirm criminal activities •Will have a close relationship with the school administration in order to organize a safe and secure environment for the school •Will assist the school officials in following the policies and procedures set forth by the board of education •Will work with the local law enforcement agency to try and prevent crimes on school ground. Skills & Abilities •Follow safety practices •Be able to perform first aid service •Maintaining record accurately •Drug prohibition •Be able to work with a diverse group of individuals •Must be able to identify problems and formulate an action plan •Be able to maintain integrity and confidentiality •Be able to maintain contact with student and parent Pinelands High School Barnegat High School

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