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Schlumberger Background Presentation

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Transcript: Fiber Optic Telemetry ` Integrated Coil Tubing Production Service oiled Tubing Coiled Tubing Characteristics PUMPING Workover Activities Monica Delgado Omar El-Batouty Rolando Irizarry Improves on logging process A logging cable equipped with CT are required to convey logging data Just one fiber optic cable usually used for both stimulation and logging operations. Removing sand or filling a well bore Fracturing/acidizig a formation Unloading a well with Nitrogen Gravel Packing Scale removal (hydralic) Thank you for your time. Any questions?? - “What was once a fringe service has moved to center stage in the oilfield theater of operations.” Coiled Tubing Data Acquisition InterACT service Monitors all well construction and wellsite operations Mobile app available CoilCAT Real-Time Treatment System Provides visual wellbore and CT string data during well intervention Merges design, execution, and real-time evaluation capabilities to analyze problems Allows real-time job redesign that accounts for unexpected conditions Coil Tubing Perforating The rigidity and strength allows enduring greater forces Both compressive and tensile forces Operational advantage when perforating Ideal for live wells Pressure control techniques used to run long gun strings Retrieve the guns without killing the well Several Ways to activate CT guns Hydraulic delay firing heads Dropball firing heads eFire-CT firing system using circulation rates “stiff-wire”CT where done by enabling the guns through an electric line Power Pack Coiled Tubing Injector Head Tubing Reel Control Cabin CT Express 12.5 % total cost savings Reduced rigtime Lower maintenance cost Combines capabilities of 4 trucks into 2 tractor trailer units Well hole Setting a plug or packer Perforating Logging Sliding sleeve operation Running a completion Straddles for zonal isolation Drilling Mechanical Workover Activies Pumping Removing sand or fill from a wellbore Fracturing/acidizing a formation Unloading a well with nitrogen Gravel packing Scale removal (hydraulic) Coiled Tubing: Introduction A conveyance tool for well intervention Designed to improve well and reservoir performance Pumping Mechanical X-11 Improves Safety Fail-safe system Well site delivery process Flexible, fit-for-purpose design Reduces footprint by stacking CT Seas Economic offshore answer Reduced crane lifts CT Tcomp Fit-for-purpose for deepwater operations Increases Operating efficiency Safety Reduces Operating cost Wellhead stress Rigtime Schlumberger’s Product Portfolio Live Downhole Coiled Tubing Services Integrated Coiled Tubing Production Service CoilFRAC Coiled Tubing Perforating Data Acquisition Live Downhole Coiled Tubing Services ACTive family for real-time downhole measurements Opportunity to monitor and evaluate job progress and intervene with one trip in hole ACTive CT services for a variety of applications Matrix Acidizing: Control of injection rates and monitors downhole pressure and temperature to optimize fluid volume and penetration Wellbore cleanout: uses differential pressure readings to avoid damage to formation and reducing the number of trips Perforation: ensuring target coverage while monitoring hydrostatic balance Zonal Isolation: for sealing elements, fluid placement for specific isolated zones in a single run Lift Operations: displaces completion fluid by injection nitrogen DTS profiling: a 3D temperature profile of wellbore to monitor treatment and enhance all mentioned functions Integrating Coiled Tubing and Production Logging for Conoco Phillips Compare production monitoring capabilities of fiber optics to understand fracture and completions program effectiveness in using production logging technologies Use ACTive PS integrated CT to acquire logging data and distributed temperature survey (DTS) measurements in a single run Validated production monitoring capabilities of fiber optics Strong correlation to wireline production logs Reduced cost, time, and risk Saved one trip downhole for each well 2010 Solution Challenge Result Tool & Bottom Assemblies Wellbore Fill Removal Service Coil Tubing Logging Head System Retrieval and Fishing Tools Through-Tubing inflatable Packer Hangers, Plugs Multilateral Reentry System


Transcript: GLOBAL PROVIDE's Inspirational Success Story Schlumberger Background Following a meeting with the customer, issues were raised relating to their BAU fixed line order Background Feedback heavily suggested our performance was way off the level of the customers expectations CHALLENGE: Schlumberger have a bespoke QoS requirement that has been problematic to implement due to its complexity Our Team Our Team Anna Dillon CDM Dave Kemley Mihai Florea OM's (Naseem S., Mani S., Jo P., Janet B.) Jayne Lovett & Richard Keyte (UK) Gerry Leary & BTI team - Project Lead - Drive the Service Improvement Plan - Create the quality check model - Technical guidance - WWT & Testing solutions - Quality Checks - Support with troubleshooting - Supporting workbook improvements - Troubleshooting - Alignment between UK and GP improvement activities - Deliver orders and organise quality check. Anna's Mission Anna's Mission "To understand the challenges, improve customer experience and ultimately restore the customers faith in Global Provide" Actions Actions Weekly meeting with key stakeholders from UK and GP Create and implement a service improvement plan CDM Assigned (Anna Dillon) Retro quality checks on delivered orders that weren't accepted by the customer (all now accepted) Quality process and governance agreed and implemented for QOS settings Workbook updated with customer's current requirements and stored locally TNPS success TNPS success Schlumberger score us on a quarterly basis across all areas of the business. For Europe / Africa Service Delivery /Fixed Order Provisioning... Q1 we scored a 1, the service improvement plan was implemented and in Q3 we went up to 8! This is a great achievement and we need to continue the great work. 7 Circuits delivered, QOS quality checked and accepted without issues Improvements to Date Improvements to Date The story so far... The story so far... Workbook Workbook Schlumberger had technical complexities around QoS setting requirements, checked and updated workbook with the latest information from the customer. The workbook is stored in a central location as it is used by UK and Global Provide to ensure consistency and Governance. A Workbook Governance Process Guideline document has been produced and published on the central process website, this includes a change control process, agreed and implemented between the Customer and Vodafone to ensure we are always aligned on requirements. Quality process Quality process A quality process and a carrier template was created and implemented. All circuits are checked by the solution Architect before handing over to the customer. If a customer’s requirements are bespoke or quality checks are needed in future, this model will be re-used. Digitalisation Digitalisation Currently reviewing the digital order form to see if we can flag the bespoke requirements upfront when the order is captured - trialled with the next Schlumberger Order. Local working instructions have been updated at order assurance and delivery stage. Also working with Pit stop 6 to see how we flag bespoke orders. Carrier Performance Carrier Performance Challenges with carrier deliveries. Awareness raised that Schlumberger are a strategic account. Project Management in Vodacom has now improved for a better traction with orders. Joint calls with carriers to highlight the QOS requirements and obtaining upfront agreement. Vodacom are aware that we are monitoring performance which will benefit all customers. Governance Governance CDM RAID template to track the Service Improvement plan used with all customer projects. Quality checks, Summary report and internal dashboards will be re-used for future projects. Future Future We also want to try and enhance the service for Schlumberger. Dave Kemley has been working with a company called WWT to review their capability and testing solutions. Next steps in lab testing and business case. Offered the customer a mini review after each delivery to share lessons learnt. Our ultimate goal is to continue building customer confidence in our business, which will lead to a better working relationships and will certainly result in more orders Next Steps Next Steps Continuous improvements from the lessons we learn through each delivery Feedback Feedback Listen to our customers feedback, review and understand what it is they actually want and implement changes driven from both the positive's & negative's Confidence Confidence It is vital that the next orders Kuwait and Warsaw go through smoothly, to continue to build customer confidence in us BAU BAU In summary, Schlumberger improvement plan has provided us with a wealth of learning. We have demonstrated as a buisness that we have a team of highly skilled, dedicated people who can pull together when needed to resolve a complex problem for a key customer. It is vital that we take the lessons from Schlumberger and implement the improvements we have created into BAU.


Transcript: San Donato Milanese, 24/05/2019 CORPORATE AND BUSINESS STRATEGY SCHLUMBERGER oilfield services company A history of success since 1926 One team. One view. OVERVIEW Creating fully integrated drilling and production systems around its various products DETERMINATION TO PRODUCE SUPERIOR PROFITS PEOPLE COMMITMENT TO TECHNOLOGY CORPORATE AND BUSINESS analysis WHERE YOU ARE Revenue Net Income, M$ WHERE YOUR COMPETITORS ARE Net Income 2018, M$ STRENGTHS Succesful track record of developing new products Superb performances in new markets High level of customer satisfaction Highly skilled workforce Strong Free Cash Flow WEAKNESSES Low investments in Research and Development Inability to tackle new entrants VALUE CREATION VALUE CREATION THE ISSUE THE ISSUE The threat of substitutes: renewable and clean energy Risk of core rigidities CUSTOMERS' STRATEGY World top 34 publicly-listed companies spent 1.3% of total budgets of 260 billion$ on low carbon energy Shell future plan: 1-2billion$ per year on clean energy technologies out of a total budget of $25 to $30 billion Equinor future plan: 15-20% of the budget on renewables by 2030 POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS Resource Capability Enhancement Improve resources in Geothermal Services department since it is already part of the business. ENHANCE INTERNAL COMPETENCE IN RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES Research and Development: Improve investment in R&D of renewable energy sources to meet the growing demand. DIVERSIFICATION M&A or JV with a start-up company which has strong financial performance in renewable energy business. GEOGRAPHICAL CONCENTRATION Focus presence in high potential regions (i.e. Africa, Middle East and South America) Thanks for the attention

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