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Transcript: STRENGTHS Combination of catalog protective products and custom molding capabilities is a differentiator Qualified vendor at most medical device manufacturers Brand recognition in the Design Engineering community Quality system that understands needs of medical customers Library of standard materials with supporting certifications increases customer’s confidence and expedites approval WEAKNESSES Lack of clear direction on types of opportunities to pursue Sales team’ technical sales capabilities Industrial manufacturing company trying to add Medical Capabilities (e.g. automation, cleanliness) organically, competing against specialized, existing Medical Molders Significant gaps in non-protective/functional catalog product offering Lack of Strategic sourcing to support Long quote turnaround on custom opportunities THREATS Updated costing on cannulas shows this is not profitable and we will likely lose all of this revenue ~$500K in addition to $550K already lost Long sales cycle and frequency of product development stalls/cancellations Decline in number of new product introductions due to FDA (recalls and slower 510k/PMA) Low cost off shore sources for functional products Directives to move away from vinyl OPPORTUNITIES Promote Extrusion capabilities to support orthopedic and other packaging Traditional and Specialized materials Focus on Custom, Manufactured Silicone Poor market perception of Qosina due to pricing Show how things would improve Pro Conclusion Con SWOT EXAMPLE Describe the next steps Describe the desired state Get your audience excited Idea 2 Pro Pro Con Con Refer back to the pros and cons Idea 1 How problems can be resolved Pro Describe the idea you think is best Strategy Recommendation What if we do nothing? Medical Segment Dashboard Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures Explain how it will help Con

Sales Template

Transcript: What the Award Winning Holiday Inn Battle Creek Can Do for (Company Name)! Conveniently located moments away from I-94 for easy access to all Battle Creek has to offer. Complimentary WiFi throughout the entire hotel. Business Center on the main floor. Guest Self-Laundry on 3rd floor Off-Site Dry Cleaning available Mon.-Fri. On-Site Fitness Center Passes available to Feeling Fit Fitness In-door Heated Pool set to 84 degrees Teri Pearce Corporate Sales Manager Holiday Inn Battle Creek 12812 Harper Village Dr. Battle Creek, MI 49014 D: 269-589-9530 P: 269-979-0500 F: 269-979-0501 E: Company Logo Here Walmart Meijer Kohl's Menards Executive Boardroom Free WiFi Iron with Ironing Board Coffee Maker Complimentary Parking Around Entire Building Perfect blend of Old-World traditional hospitality and contemporary design with modern amenities. With more than 5,000 sq. ft. of meeting space. Full-Service restaurant, Cereal City Grill, located off lobby. Open for breakfast and dinner daily. Restaurant, Lounge, and Patio Types of Events: *Trainings *Receptions/Dinners *Seasonal/Annual Parties *General Meetings *Conferences *Ceremonies *Auctions *Tournaments *Fundraiser Events Etcetera Best Buy Rue 21 Macy's JC Penney's Harvest Ballroom IHG Rewards Club *Absolutely Free *Points Never Expire *Earn on Room Rate and Restaurant Charges *Redeem for Free Night Stays or Merchandise IHG Meeting Rewards Program *Attach IHG Rewards Number to Participate *3 Points/Dollar on Room Rental *2 Points/Dollar on Catering Charges Located minutes away from more than 50 retail outlets. 120 beautifully appointed guest rooms, including; family suites and executive suites

Sales Template

Transcript: Overall reach is longer-lasting vs. Finished Product By the end of the Discovery Phase, you will: Total cost: $100k Have a definitive budget for production DEFINE YOUR WHY It tackles the "why", so to speak, by showing what every athlete dreams of being...and they just happen to be wearing Under Armour. Advertising vs. Forced content Call to action is far less aggressive "That's me. I should do business with these guys?" Have a clear understanding of the style of the video Production DISCOVERY PHASE PRODUCTION PHASE It is a feeling. A brand is more than a name, logo, or look. We want them to relate to what they see. This is the most important part of creating a successful video. This is the part where we are extremely intentional in developing a plan that will drive results. Informs public about a product or service Under Armour "I Will" Campaign Communicates deals and special offers The Drive Media House Way! production phase We work through a two-phase process: VISION? Although this commercial shows a lot of Under Armour product, that's not what sells it. This commercial is successful because it connects with its target audience: athletes. Know what, when, and where we plan to shoot Throughout this phase, we work with you to ensure we are always on the same page. We'll get every piece approved before progressing. By the end of the video, the viewer will understand not just what you sell but what is at the heart of your company Brand development & awareness We want an inner part of them to say: Have a complete and approved script and storyboard How big is your Telling your story OUR PROPOSAL Leads customers to make a direct purchase Boot Country Work Country Marketing When planning CONTENT, we always This is where we make it all happen. Goal is to increase sales in a more direct manner Documentary START WITH WHY. Total cost: $20k -? scenarios/locations -? final videos Relating this to ?, we believe that the key to get your audience in the door is NOT by focusing all of our attention on the "what" (which is ?), but rather on the "why" (which is the lifestyle). Have a fully developed concept and plan for your production Customer engagement Evoke emotion DISCOVERY PHASE for your story as we said, the why is the lifestyle. Downy + Febreze: "The Extra Hour"

Sales strategy presentation

Transcript: How are we similar Promotes healthy lifestyle 20% increase on prospect sign ups Mainly female consumers/ members Suggested retail price: $38 Increase membership retention by 60% Products: - Healthy organic fruits and vegetables and other materials - Various sizes of fresh organic produce hampers Recipe guide About us Fernwoods' marketing objectives Nitty gritty details Wholesale price: $30 - Gym franchise market is growing to be a highly competitive one ! - Gyms are diversifying offering more than just a place to "work out" - Point of difference matters !!! Convenience - In store advertising Value - Fernwoods' key objective is to change the current attitudes held by their target audience , specifically 40% of the target audience. These attitudes include those who believe Fernwood is a regular gym . - Fernwoods' new established brand positioning within the market for gyms is focused on the new enhancing element which is offered in Fernwood gyms. This enhancing element which will cooperate with Fernwoods' current food coaching program will seek to offer the target audience of women aged between their late 20's-50's a broader experience at their gym which is focused on their collective well being. We expect to increase membership retention by 60% , 60% of Fernwood members will remain loyal to the gym. For example: current RRP $40 organic hamper Opportunities for growth and expansion include : Easily achieved by converting your existing members lounge which will: - Create excitement - Grow people traffic - Decrease wastage , increase profits Become the innovator in the industry Poster 1 COMPETITION ! Your recent brand repositioning campaign which included : - A new logo design - Foxy pink designs within gyms Supplying Fernwood with a specified monthly quantity of our organic hampers To be sold within Fernwood franchises via : - Customer service counters - Online via electronic channels such as a smart phone app , with customers receiving a Fernwood members discount. Raise 30% of brand awareness Launch the service at Ferntree Gully club Est. 150 members and 30% would make at least one purchase per month Suggested average monthly purchase: 100 units Build a unique brand image We are in an industry worth 655.3 million with an annual growth rate of 12.1% , Value added services: - Food school, recipes, yoga classes on farm H/W/D: 1590/626/738 mm - Social media Poster 2 What are we proposing Promotional mockups Wastage: will be donated to local charities - Why do you need us ? - About us - How are we similar - How can we help - The nitty gritty details - Opportunities - Promotional channels - Fernwoods' objectives - Suggestions for measuring success Floor space: fridge to be placed in the lounge Socially responsible Required equipment: Display fridge Opportunities Target market: - People aged between their 20's-40's which are middle to high income earners - Characterised by female buyers - Which seek a healthier lifestyle - Presentation outline Why do you need us?

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