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Sales Renewal Graphic Design Presentation Template

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Graphic Design Presentation

Transcript: A few things about me: Hi, I'm Natasha Student Learning never exhuasts the mind. -Leonardo Da Vinci Education High School Medical Lake High School Graduated with Honors 4 years AFJROTC Squadren commander 2 years Book Club President Avid Artist College Going to be attending; Graphic Design Journalism French Works of Art "Painting is Poetry that is seen rather then felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather then seen." -Leonardo Da Vinci Drawing "Keep good company- that is go to the Louvre." Paul Cezanne Printing Sketching "Painting is the grandchild of nature. It is related to God." Rembrant Folding Painting "Creativity Takes Courage." -Henri Matisse Creasing Things I Love Skills My Skills Accomplished arigami artist Set up and design websites and social media sites Self educated on the basics of french Studied the old artist masters; Veermer, Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Manet, Monet, Michaelangelo, Van Gogh Basic to intermediate computer skills Familiar with the Dewy decibal system Hobbies My Hobbies Studing Medical Journals and Diseases The History and Practie of the art of Tea Gardening Playing the Violin Fun Fact Fun Fact I'm a Twin The Parent of a siamiese-snow shoe cat, named Mischief I love Alice in Wonderland Awards and Honors Awards and Honors Recevied for the saving of someone elses life without risking your own. I was awarded this senior year of Air Force JROTC. Silver Valor Award Silver Valor Award 5th Place in unarmed indiviual drill Contact Details 509-720-3249 Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Graphic Design Presentation

Transcript: Elements of Graphic Design Eyeflow Heirarchy is an organization of elements of design into different levels of importance. Color is a part of graphic design that can be Applied to any other element. It can also be used to make an image stand out and evoke emotion White Space This is an example of spacing. This is an area that you can play with and make unique when designing something. The distance between texts, objects, logo design, colors, and other elements help to trigger our minds to explore graphic designs. Contrast Dominance Typography Gestalt The blank white space signifies the conception of another unique design. This is an example of Graphic Design. Graphic Design Is basically solving a problem Visually using text or graphical elements. The purpose is to catch the eye of the viewer and make it pleasing to them. Keep in mind though that it can’t just look good, it has to work together as well. Dominance helps you to create a focal point in your design. It will create an entry point on the page from which you can lead the viewer to other parts of the page. Unity Balance Graphic Design Contrast is used to compare in order to show unlikeness or differences Eye flow in design is when one aspect of the picture stands out and helps to lead the viewer’s eye into another aspect of the picture. Color Balance adds equity and continuity to a picture. This gives the photo or design further character with other aspects like color and spacing. The art of arranging type, type design and and modifying type glyphs. Space Heirarchy Unity is a measure Of how the elementsof a page seem to fit together. Gestalt is a general description for the concepts that make unity and variety possible in design.

Graphic Design Presentation

Transcript: Beginning Salary: $32,000-$45,000 Median Salary: $40,000-$55,000 Professional Salary: $53,000-$75,000 Portfolio's will largely help show off your talent and style of work. Without this, your employer has no reason to hire you. (CQ Press/Graphic Design Career) Graphics For those who have been through college and earned an associates degree can further progress in the business. This is done by finishing their degree to get a bachelors degree. Most employers are looking for an bachelors degree allowing the individual to open more doors. (Ebsco/employment) Portfolio I-I get money, Money I got Graphic Design will always be in demand, more so in the future than even now. There is nothing advanced enough to recreate the personality of art. (Reflection) I wasn't aware of how important traveling was as a graphic designer. Short or far, a designer is required to know all aspects of reflection the company has. From this, I may need to travel across the state/country to get to know my clients. This is definitely something I am interested in. (Reflection) Knowing this I now know to hold ties between inter-state acquaintances because you never know when those people could become a new client. Advertising in other states is also something I am interested in. Moreover, I hope to one day live in Colorado- potentially opening a lead to advertisement there. (Reflection) Sports News Start off getting a high school diploma. Next move towards getting a bachelor's degree at a four year college. A fine arts school may look better on your future resume, however isn't needed. (Career Cruising) T-Shirts Graphic Designer> Utopian Businessman All products shown were made from one device: The Mac. Apple products have led the industry of Graphic Designers with programs including Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop. (AIGA Graphics) Plus you always have something in front of you to be creative with. Positive Aspects: Make Any Of These Books When it comes to money there are many other careers that allow for higher initial income. If money is of high concern to the individual- graphic design may not be for you. However it's something that allows for a lot of exploring and is an option to the open minded person. ( There are no permanent insurance or medical benefits as a graphic designer. All benefits depend on the company of employment and the salary being earned. (career cruising) fasdfasdfasdfsadfsd Business Cards ( Product Labels Billboards Graphic Design

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