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Sales Funnel Presentation Template

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Sales Funnel

Transcript: Sales & Marketing Thanks Attract attract We operate with three paths in marketing. Inbound marketing: Website; Social networking interaction and Ads (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin); Ticket sales platform and mobile app; Google My Business and Ads; Programmatic media. Outbound marketing: Media (television, radio, led panels, indoor tv, billboard, magazine and newspaper); Sampling actions with flyer; Key people (promoter of events, commercials and influencers); Active company prospecting and discounts for partner companies. Endomarketing: Internal Disclosure Groups (by Whatsapp); Specific action strategies aimed at the internal public. Website Website Platform: Google New Site Link: Social Networking Social Networking Instagram Facebook Linkedin Youtube Instagram and Facebook Ads Ticket Sales Ticket Sales Mobile app ATICKS Platform MINHA ENTRADA Google and programmatic media Programmatic media Google My Business and Ads Media Media INDOOR TV TV LED Panel Newspaper and magazine Billboard Radio Sampling Sampling actions Flyer Convert Our conversion and service lines are: Customer service in person, ticket office and points of sale; Online customer service via Whatsapp, social networks, phone and email; Visits and meetings; Website; Ticket sales platform and mobile app. convert Connect connect Connecting platforms and approaches RD MARKETING Platform: Landing Page, Email Automation and Email Campaigns; Social media approaches: work with CTA - Call to action, H2H customer interaction and Prize draws. RD MARKETING Plataform RD MARKETING Plataform Landpage Email Automation and Email Campaigns Social media approaches Work with CTA - Call to action H2H customer interaction and Prize draws. Sell sell Service, management and sales results: CRM RD platform in conjunction with social networks, phone, email, whatsapp and in person.; Meeting and visits with companies to close packages; Conventions and social event. CRM RD Plataform CRM RD Plataform Social event Arena Wedding 2019 Analyse analyse Sales monitoring and crisis management; Periodic Internal Meeting - Pre Event and Post Event; Feedback from customers, renters and testimonials on social networks; Investment analysis and account finding.

Sales Funnel

Transcript: What is the target objective? To get to the next step. Defining Prospects The 50% Column First Appointment Rule #1 The budget is right. Ask yourself: are they considering anyone else? VALUE Sell More, Better. 90% Proposal The proposal makes sense. Features Rule #2 Rule #3 Who are you selling to? Ask the obvious. Rule #5 Use what you know. Sales Funnel Benefit Prospects 15:7:1 = 5 FA/week Verbal Agreement Tips to Move 50% Prospects Forward: Ask yourself: What are other examples of similar success stories we've had? VolunteerLocal's Sales Funnel Feature Advantage Follow through. Create a document of referrals. Identify your competitors. "It makes sense to me. What do you think?" The First Appointment There is a next step. Change Technology Failure Over-Complication Use Trello boards, cork boards with post-it notes or white boards to move prospects along. "We are seriously considering doing business with you." Why someone should value it. "How" and "Why" get you to "Who" Benefits When you're camping, you'll have a warm, restful sleep - allowing you to enjoy the next day's activities. Identify Your Sales Stages 1 inch insulation layer on the sleeping bag. Would you bet your next paycheck on it? Time Consuming Processes Low Volunteer Retention Rate Too Many No-Shows Not Enough Volunteers Confirmed Date Second Touch Feature The timetable is right. A Prospect is someone who agrees to go through the sales process with you. Leads are prospects who approach you first. Opportunities are not prospects. An Opportunity is someone you would like to work with, but who hasn't made any kind of commitment. Appointment The 90% Column Making the Proposal PAIN Get Friendly. Closed Calls Demo Ask yourself: What other companies that are most like our existing customers can we call on? Track Your NO's Get creative. Make Contact Leverage your network. Ask yourself: did you make any promises? Prospects What specific plan has been selected? When do we start? Predictive sales are based on ratios. Stages are unique to your business or service. Marketing Statements Team Rhetoric Mission/Core Values Helps retain body heat on cold nights. Be willing to be 'righted' by the customer. FAB: Sleeping Bags Advantage The longer this stage takes, the less likely it is to close. FEAR Rule #4 Advantages Sell Your Value Closed Reliability Ease of Use Volunteers 50% Consideration Benefit Creating Your Sales Funnel Strategies and Tools for Big Sales Growth Why it's useful. Keeping the Prospects Column Full: Ask yourself: how can we engage opportunities in a unique and memorable way? You're talking to the right person. Proposal Finding Value A fact about your product or service. Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures Ask yourself: how can we empower our existing customers to be our best advocates? Identify your archetypical customer.

Sales Funnel

Transcript: sales funnel Use your time wisely. Many options! See which benefits YOU. lead generation Funnel 1 1. Open Houses 2. Calling on JUST LISTED/JUST SOLD 3. Calling EXPIRED 4. FISBOS'S 5. Calling on Center of Influence 6. Calling Past Clients 7. Door Knocking 8. Community Events Different sources: move through the sources! contacts funnel 2 1 Someone who is over the age of 18, that is the decision maker. who are contacts? 2 goal: 10 contacts per hour 3 make sure you are tracking your numbers!! leads funnel 3 3 categories Remember: *TOO many leads = clutter & hides the good leads Cold someone who says they either want to buy or sell real estate in the future warm Someone who says they want to move forward w/ buying or selling and gets pre-qualified hot someone who is already pre-qualified and ready to buy or sell within 30 days c Goal: 7-10 every month funnel 4 contracts don't go into administrative mode!! notes: future pace it: let the consumer know what's going on (30-45 days) set date & time: 1. good news, bad news, no news, update money funnel 5 1. MAKE SURE THERE IS CLOSURE; HAVE A SET SYSTEM W/ CLOSING GIFT notes: I.E HOUSE WARMING: -GET CLIENTS FRIENDS & FAMILY CONTACT INFO. -YOU HOST THE PARTY!!! -YOU TAKE CHARGE. DATABASE funnel 6 goal: build a database w/ 1000 people who know you, like you & respect you. the end of funnel if you work right? give you a 7-10 return 1. Drip campaign? Anniversary bought home, b-day, holiday, hear from you once a month 2. 1000 names @ 70% using avg. sales of 500k * GCI = 875k 2 big issues: time management & lead follow up end note master the funnel & 2 big issues = live a life that you never imagined!!!

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