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Sales Action Plan Presentation Template

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Inside sales action plan

Transcript: Bottom Up - USD 5.4 million from 485 CEE prospects marketing qualified lead generation prospecting techniques: LinkedIn Immediacy (phisical HW) today (CFO) laggards - red ocean certified individuals, community building, consultative approach Refferal Connections New Ideas That Will Generate Real Value hunting prospects with modern lead generation methods Double Dial trade shows, trainings, CSR - PR opportunities - sales qualified lead value proposition innovators - blue ocean Common group Buyer Personas, suspects, strangers (CIOs, CFOs, GMs) Contact append - check existing global and regional customer base 30 days free trial, limited feature set, packaging, free sells paid Leads vs. Lists - Inbound vs. Outdbound White papers the initial connection doesn’t have to be cold anymore Co-worker introduction motivation Call to Actions Webinar or a live event prospecting source: & Lead generation 2.0 3x3 research Contact Attrition - outsourced cleanup Forward tracking USD 545.40 billion on paid media in 2014 Total Addressable Market (TAM) Time of the day desire Top Down - USD 73 Million new items inbound Marketing inside sales inspiration print advertisements, internet banners, email mailing lists Profile the persona e-books Multi-recipient tracking proposals - quotes company names, titles, names, e-mail addresses, direct phone nrs, yearl IT budget Initial data goods desire value proposition Get Direct Lines warm IT up LinkedIn, blog posts, forum support, newsletters Cold call as a service Developer resources Qualified contact with authority, need, urgency and money Cold Calls Legacy outbound marketing is important: print advertisements, internet banners, email mailing lists, cold-calling sales e-mail analytics - tracking and alerts Day of the week Research papers 485 targeted regional prospect H2H Attachment downloads what we see is processed 60,000 times faster than what we read. Realtime e-mail insights: who to contact, when to contact, what contanct to use (CTO) implementation example enterprise Yearly net revenue Multinational player IT Budget Internal IT professionals Eager to cut cost B2B Lead Generation: Where to Start? Emails forwarded internally Meet our CEO at the trade show Persistency services (SW) continuous lead research - web crawling, crowdsourcing Brand recognition & awareness (outbound) Market education (mixed) Evangelists Leads Inbound 61% cheaper to Outbound Sharing Ideas via Blog to reach 23% of total internet usage Relationships with CRM increases sale rate by 26% demo (inbound) Social Media Can Generate B2B Leads 277% more Social Media (inbound)

Business & Action Plan Template

Transcript: Goal's for the next Quarter... What can we do for you? Schedule next touch base or meeting... Key Take Aways...Value Adds? Questions? Thank you! National Marketing & Advertising What are the opportunities when in the training department for this location? What % of the business do your Steady Sellers account for? What amount of sales focus do you put on Steady Selling items? Have you considered increasing the Rate of Sale on Steady Selling SKU's? Email Blasts Year over Year $ Challenge - Add on 1+ to every sale Getting to know your consumer by collecting birthday's, anniversaries, wish lists, preferred metal types, etc... allows any store to market new products to a specific clientel Step & Repeat & the DJ 2.Focus on Conversion January 2013 Drive sales by increasing ADS & UPT through training & coaching... utilize PANDORA Training materials! Aly Raisman Best Sellers How frequently do check individual employee status/progress? What steps will you take or people who are under performing to get them through? Have you taken the opportunity to compare analytics between employees completed and employees who have not finished? Birthday & Anniversary Engaging Online Public relations What areas are approved, pending, declined locations? Have conversation with ROM about interest so everyone is in the loop Demographic research, heat maps, existing business already established Marketing Organization Activity Cards: Specific per time period Online 3.Increase ADS & UPT 2.Staff according to traffic Inventory Focus Promotions: Is the weekly development plan up and being utilized by selecting action plans and updating focus areas as the skill is built? Are associates getting coaching in the moment opportunities consistently? How are you measuring it? What KPI goals have you set? What is your organization doing to create a coaching culture in your stores? New Launch/ Training Hub attendance Rented the center court pad to play great music for customer excitement Talent: 2013 Co-op Program – North America New Plan, New Customers – Mall, DDK, Newspaper Inserts New Plan, Old Customers – Cloths, Internal emails, Signs, Newspaper, Postcards, Styling events, 3.Zone staffing during peak periods Store 1 Store 2 Store 3 Store 4 Cost of programs vs effectiveness Moments Brochures Sell The Product Oprah Magazine (5x), Redbook Leather Bracelet Queens Center Anniversary Event Training Smithhaven Opening weekend comps LY $30,225 ADS $83 UPT 1.83 TY: $43,806 ADS $97 UPT 3.36 +45% Slow Movers Steady Sellers PRINT: Training 100% 2012 Performance & 2013 KPI's Aug *The figures above would apply for both US and Canada Jun Mar Events Matte Releases Order Frequency... How often are orders being placed? Local Ads 2013 Print 2013 Opportunities... Opportunities: Coaching in the Moment: Desk Slides / Media Breifings Marketing – E-blast & flyers SMITHAVEN MALL Customer Appreciation Event OMS Talent - Area's of Focus: Oct Step & Repeat & the DJ Dec Pod Completion Focus on media that delivers against the target Use cost effective programs first Use a variety of media Leverage national media Support key promotions Plan the whole year Is the inventory correct? Why is this important? Inaccurate inventory can lead to missed sales opportunities Using a Min/Max system - inaccurate inventory could lead to incorrect ordering How do we ensure inventory is accurate? Periodic Spot Checks Routine Cycle Counts A small subset of inventory, in a specific location, is counted on a specified day Retailer Best Practice Examples: Count 14K Moments each day Specify specific fixtures to be counted on specific days of week Mystery Shop Scores: QUEENS CENTER MALL One Year Anniversary Event Local Marketing January 2013 Product Focus & Rate of Sale... Feb Wrap Up Utilize the best advertising tools & forum for your store and region! Newpaper Inserts Press Releases Client-telling Create a Min/Max System... Satellite Media Tours Pandora Skating Driving Brand Awareness through Event's! Dealer Area This is where the ROM would enter the wins in that particular location. Consistently have strong completion with POD training, perhaps they have had good and consistent participation in hub trainings, Coaching in the moment techniques are sticking etc... Queenstown Opening weekend comps LY $12,825 ADS $106 UPT 2.05 TY: $39,887 ADS $141 UPT 3.53 +211% Successes: Plan for efficiency during Peak selling periods... Planning in store event's & promotions helps to drive sales and traffic during slow & peak periods throughout the year. Don't wait for PANDORA specific promotions, celebrate your store anniversary or host a customer appreciation event! Level Achieved: Sales conference 2013 Facebook Quarterly Training Focus *Often times stores incentify slow moving much is this really gaining in extra sales volume? E-look book Public Relations Name District Manager Tenure Annual Performance 2012 Weekly Focus C Planning example - Old customer focus N Jan Pandora Clasp Market

sales action plan

Transcript: contact Customer Sales Action plan Place your logo here COMPANY DESCRIPTION TEAM TEAM CUSTOMERS CUSTOMERS ORGANIZATION CEO Name: Experience: CMO Name: Experience: CFO Name: Experience: VP of HR Name: Experience: VP of Sales Name: Experience: MARKET ANALYSIS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Competitor A Name Strengths Weaknesses Competitor B Name Strengths Weaknesses Competitor C Name Strengths Weaknesses Put your logo here PRODUCT PLAN FEATURES FEATURES MARKETING MARKETING Click to edit text FINANCIAL FUNDING REQUEST FUNDING REQUEST We will need $10,000,000 5 years Over PROJECTION PROJECTION Click to edit text MARKET ANALYSIS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Competitor A Name Strengths Weaknesses Competitor B Name Strengths Weaknesses Competitor C Name Strengths Weaknesses Put your logo here MARKET ANALYSIS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Competitor A Name Strengths Weaknesses Competitor B Name Strengths Weaknesses Competitor C Name Strengths Weaknesses Put your logo here MARKET ANALYSIS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Competitor A Name Strengths Weaknesses Competitor B Name Strengths Weaknesses Competitor C Name Strengths Weaknesses Put your logo here MARKET ANALYSIS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Competitor A Name Strengths Weaknesses Competitor B Name Strengths Weaknesses Competitor C Name Strengths Weaknesses Put your logo here MARKET ANALYSIS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Competitor A Name Strengths Weaknesses Competitor B Name Strengths Weaknesses Competitor C Name Strengths Weaknesses Put your logo here

Sales Template

Transcript: What the Award Winning Holiday Inn Battle Creek Can Do for (Company Name)! Conveniently located moments away from I-94 for easy access to all Battle Creek has to offer. Complimentary WiFi throughout the entire hotel. Business Center on the main floor. Guest Self-Laundry on 3rd floor Off-Site Dry Cleaning available Mon.-Fri. On-Site Fitness Center Passes available to Feeling Fit Fitness In-door Heated Pool set to 84 degrees Teri Pearce Corporate Sales Manager Holiday Inn Battle Creek 12812 Harper Village Dr. Battle Creek, MI 49014 D: 269-589-9530 P: 269-979-0500 F: 269-979-0501 E: Company Logo Here Walmart Meijer Kohl's Menards Executive Boardroom Free WiFi Iron with Ironing Board Coffee Maker Complimentary Parking Around Entire Building Perfect blend of Old-World traditional hospitality and contemporary design with modern amenities. With more than 5,000 sq. ft. of meeting space. Full-Service restaurant, Cereal City Grill, located off lobby. Open for breakfast and dinner daily. Restaurant, Lounge, and Patio Types of Events: *Trainings *Receptions/Dinners *Seasonal/Annual Parties *General Meetings *Conferences *Ceremonies *Auctions *Tournaments *Fundraiser Events Etcetera Best Buy Rue 21 Macy's JC Penney's Harvest Ballroom IHG Rewards Club *Absolutely Free *Points Never Expire *Earn on Room Rate and Restaurant Charges *Redeem for Free Night Stays or Merchandise IHG Meeting Rewards Program *Attach IHG Rewards Number to Participate *3 Points/Dollar on Room Rental *2 Points/Dollar on Catering Charges Located minutes away from more than 50 retail outlets. 120 beautifully appointed guest rooms, including; family suites and executive suites

Sales plan of action

Transcript: Key Product by Strategy Promotional Scheme Sales Bonus according to Business Share Medical Visit Bonus Expected Results 100% Coverage of National Budget We will land this PLAN like this 330,171 Units Plan of Action 181,661 Units Let Alone like This 8. Improve Availability of our Products in POS 9. Eliminate off contract discounts. 10. Eliminate short shelf life product closeouts. 11. Inclusion of our products in formularies where we have been historically absent, several hospitals, insurance companies and other institutions. 12. Push Money (Drugstores) Management Fundamentals We will land this plan Rolling like this Not like this Strategic Foundations Follow up Sales Proactively manage group culture to ensure a cohesive and motivated team atmosphere. Glenmark Sales-Rep Job Overview * Pharmaceutical sales is a fast-paced, high-turnover business that rewards assertiveness, persistence, and knowledge. “Learn learn Sell. Sell sell learn”. With time a Glenmark sales rep should find his job addictive Education is the norm in Glenmark and learning about our company’s product line is like taking an advanced course in pharmacology. Glenmark Sales Rep has to be familiar with data, statistics, and issues in the health market. Glenmark Sales-Rep Job Overview 4. New Promotional Scheme 5. New Sales Bonus Plan according to the new Promotional Scheme, this will call to favor V1 – V2 vs Visit- Revisit 6. Implementation of D3.1 and D3.2 promotional schemes for suburbs and other less important zones. 458,119 Units BUDGET $$$ Not like this $ 29,261,037.88 Business Share Per Brick A coach visit should include the following in this order: Discuss successes Discuss challenges/competitive threats Discuss their expectations of me Discuss each of his/her goals Discuss manager own goals Job feature can be the intellectual challenge our job imposes. Although this job has some aspects that are unquestionably grueling many love it, and “love” is the only term that accurately describes their zeal, dedication, and willingness to make sacrifices for their job and their professional career. 1. Opening of Impulse Sales Channel 2. Line-up Sales Ramps FY 15 with actual FY 14 3. Improve Doctors´ visits to achieve 95% coverage with AA Doctors 3.1 Payment of incentive for medical visit accordingly The focus for the sales force will be team motivation, and adjust every aspect of the business to lead them into success through a series of actions that will be discussed in the following slides: Management Fundamentals Plan of Action 127,948 Units Focus Maximize sales force performance through the Alignment of the Core Aspects of the Glenmark Pharmaceutical Business as follows: 1. Budget 2. Budget per Product 3. Promotional Scheme According to Budget Share and other considerations. 4. Sales Bonuses paid by product in accordance to Budget Share. 5. Geographical Deployment and Medical Listings according to promotional schemes, as a result we will increase the impacts within top prescribers and diminish them with least important doctors. Plan of Action

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