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Review Presentation Template

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Book Review Template

Transcript: Insert your image caption here STYLISTIC OR AESTHETIC FEATURES Includes: The specific stylistic or aesthetic features the author/illustrator uses The use of these features HINT: You may wish to include some technical codes and conventions such as shot distances, colour, lighting, offer, demand, vectors, layout etc. TEXT DESCRIPTION continued... TEXT DESCRIPTION continued... Insert your image caption here MAIN CHARACTERS Include: The main characters The effectiveness of the authors representations of the characters This is where you evaluate the book by giving opinions or recommendations. Include: A short summary of the book Your opinion/ judgement. Was it enjoyable/ uninteresting? Justify your opinion with examples from the book Provide recommendations. Would you recommend it? Who to? HINT: This can be a positive or negative evaluation. You should not introduce new evidence for your argument here. This is the background information on the book. Include: The book title The author's name The illustrators' name The type of work The central themes A brief synopsis HINT: Many writers begin a review with a catchy sentence that succinctly delivers their argument. Remember, you can introduce your review differently depending on your audience. This describes and critiques the elements of a text. Readers are positioned to view characters and events in particular ways by the reviewer (you) who shapes the invited reading. PLOT SNAPSHOT Include: A snapshot of any key incidents that stand out in the book HINT: Remember, do not give too much information away about the book. We do not want the reader to know everything that happens. CONTEXT Insert your image caption here REVIEW TEMPLATE Title of the book Author/ Illustrator Insert your image caption here JUDGEMENT TEXT DESCRIPTION Insert your image caption here Insert your image caption here

Deal Review template

Transcript: What was the story that we told Why was this story powerful & important Was it similar to another customer story & did you leverage this to help with the customer vision? How did we paint the vision of a connected customer company? Customer Name:? Industry:? Partner:? ACV/TCV:? Competition:? (Why did the customer go us over them?) Sales Team:? It's important to highlist what the business does and the business problem we are solving. How did you uncover their decision making process? How did you connect with power? Did you leverage anyone else in your team to help? What worked well and what didn’t? What was the vision? What were the Plays of the Day? Here is where we learn June 2015 Deal overview Executive Engagement Who were we engaged with? How did you go about navigating the account? Discovery & Qualification What can we take away and replicate? If we had lost this deal, why would that have been? What did we find during discovery? What persona’s that were used to show value? Business plans, who went to who and how was opportunity identified? What resources were leveraged during this process? Any take away lessons that you would change next time? Discovery: How did we execute killer discovery? Build trust, rapport and credibility? Joint Plan: How did you position and execute a joint success plan? Executive Engagement: Where were we engaged and how did we navigate the org chart to win mindshare & support? ROI/Value: What were the value drivers and how did we quantify benefits? Vision: How did we paint a differentiated, Connected Company Vision for the customer? Instructions How did we apply the CBU Playbook to win this deal? How did we apply the CBU Playbook to win this deal? Here is your chance to share your hard work & success Account Executives, Solution Engineers and Managers should creatively put together a short 5 to 7 minute video presentation Please use the following as a guide for what could be included Think about what you learned, what your colleagues could learn, what went well, what didn’t & anything else you feel is relevant YOU DON'T NEED TO ANSWER ALL OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. Focus on what is relevant to your deal, how you differentiated and what you think will help others Example cover Slide What were the Plays of the Day? Learnings Thank you Deal Review template

Review Template

Transcript: Which of the following were stipulations of the deal for Florida? A cost of $5 million B Spain got to keep Texas C Both A and B. D Mexico got to keep Texas. Which of the following was the stipulation for settlers coming to Stephen Austin's Texas settlement? A moral and hardworking citizens B had to become Mexican citizens C had to become catholic D all of the above Which of the following were NOT famous men who died at the Alamo? A Daniel Boone B William Travis C Sam Bowie D Davy Crockett Who was the famous Spanish missionary who started the first California mission? What state was the first to grant women the right to vote? In what city did the Chinese population get so large it became known as Chinatown? What Indian tribe came east to ask about the Bible? Who was the leader of the Mormons that led them west? What was the name of the famous silver mine in Nevada? What was the title for the head of the sheep ranch? What material was used in the southwest to build houses instead of wood? What term meant that all property in a marriage was equally owned by both parties? What is the most widely celebrated Mexican holiday? What was the three part history of the territory of Louisiana? What were the three stipulations of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? What were the three motives that Lewis and Clark had for going on their journey? What were three characteristics of life in the mining camps? What were the Spanish names for the following items of the cowboy's wardrobe: - head - legs - rope What were the Spanish names for the following items of the cowboy's wardrobe: - feet - saddle - body (over garment) What country did NOT own land that was "destined" to be part of the United States? A Britain B France C Spain D Russia What were Protestant settlers from Northern Ireland called? Which of the following was NOT a concern expressed by Americans over the Louisiana Purchase? A It might cause a war with England. B It would be impossible to govern. C It cost too much money. D The act was unconstitutional. List two results of the Great Awakening. What sect was centered in the colony of Pennsylvania? US History Ch 15-17 Review What brilliant theologian became the leader of the Great Awakening in New England? A Samuel Davies B Jonathan Edwards C Gilbert Tennent D George Whitefield

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