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Retail Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: A "well known" retail store that would provide Trenton with the goods and services that it is lacking would be Target. Target could improve Trenton's retail for multiple reasons. It could provide Trenton with produce, clothing, and just about anything you could need. It would be convenient for people in the town; it would supple more jobs to the community, and attract, more people into Trenton. That is why I think a business like Target would be beneficial for Trenton. Businesses should come to Trenton, OH because there is not much competition. There are specific wants and needs for new types of businesses in the community. If a new type of business comes to Trenton, such as retail, it would surely flourish. The community has very few businesses, the consist of pharmacies, fast food services, small retail stores, offices, and auto repair services. If a different type of business came to the community it would surely thrive. Company Retail Spotlight A local retail business that our group picked to "SPOTLIGHT" was EAS sports wear. EAS was established in 2007. It is named after the owner Ken and his wife Candy's three children Ethan, Abbie, and Savannah. They started working out of their garage until they opened their first retail store. EAS screen prints and embroiders T-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies, shorts, duffel and tote bags, blankets, and many more items. EAS does very well, and reflects what the retail business is in Trenton. That is why we think a new retail business would thrive in Trenton, OH. Why? By: Delanie Couch, Mathew Fitzwater, Ty Harris, Hope Stidham Retail Trenton Ohio has multiple types of retail businesses in town. Even though we have retail we are still lacking certain retail stores that would be beneficial for citizens and could possibly attract more people into town. Retail businesses in Trenton include Walgreens, Dollar general, Advanced Auto Parts, and Ameristop Foodmart. These are all beneficial to Trenton, but the town could use a bigger " well known" store that could attract people. Retail Retail is the sale of goods to the public in relatively small quantities for us or consumption rather than for resale. The retail industry is the most dominant industry in the U.S some examples of retail would include Walmart, Kroger, Target, and Walgreens. Having retail in a town or city is a great way to attract people and customers.


Transcript: Non-Graduate Path With a Nitec or WSQ Certification, Sally can now join the retail workforce as a senior Sales Assistant. Joe entered Temasek Polytechnic to pursue a Diploma in Retail Management. AREA MANAGER Sally pursued a NITEC in Service Skills (Retail) in ITE. Similarly, a WSQ Certificate in Retail Operations also has the same qualification. Course Taken RETAIL PROGRESSION PATHWAY Secondary Education With a retail-related Diploma, Joe can now apply as a Management Trainee in a retail company. Retail Executive Scholarship funded by WDA To progress from a Diploma, Joe can also consider pursuing a Degree in Retail from the respective universities. ASST. SUPER- VISOR Skills Required: Planning and analysis People Management Entrepreneurship 16 Year Old Graduated from Normal (Technical) Stream Completed ISC in Retail Services in her curriculum Skills Required: Store Operations People Management JOE & SALLY Sally feels that pursuing a Higher Nitec (Retail Merchandising) may be beneficial in her retail career, and hence, she signed up for it. With a Secondary School education, Joe & Sally can begin their retail career as a junior Sales Assistant. Let us first look at Sally. Temasek Polytechnic also offers a Diploma in Retail & Hospitality Design while Nanyang Polytechnic offers a Diploma in Business Marketing (Retail Management). Similarly, a WSQ Diploma in Retail Management has equivalent qualification. SALES ASSISTANT (SENIOR) Stream Sally was one of the 266 students to be enrolled in Nitec in Service Skills (Retail) in 2011 Sally can also put herself into the ASPIRE UP programme to be placed and trained in a retail company for a supervisory role. Singapore Institute of Management (till 2015) Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Retail Marketing University of Stirling, UK Singapore Management University (from 2016) Bachelor of xxxxxxxxx However, Joe & Sally decide to further their education and went on to their respective institutions. SUPER- VISOR SALES ASSISTANT (JUNIOR) As Higher Nitec (Retail Merchandising) is a new curriculum, its first intake in 2013 had 33 students. Express Normal (Academic) Normal (Technical) SSNTs OPERATIONS MANAGER START With a Higher Nitec (Retail Merchandising) or Advanced Certificate in Retail Supervision, Sally can now join the retail workforce as an Assistant Supervisor. Similarly, a WSQ Advanced Certificate in Retail Supervision also has the equivalent qualification of a Higher Nitec (Retail Merchandising). Elements of Business Skills MANAGEMENT TRAINEE fgfgfgfgfgfg of retail graduates are permanently employed in the retail industry every year. Skills Required: Customer Service Selling Skills (Cross-Sell) Language Proficiency Let us now take a look at Joe. STORE MANAGER ISC in Retail Services • Point-of-Sale Operations • Basic Retail Operations • Merchandise Display • Customer Service After Polytechnic, Joe, like all the other Singaporean males, will need to serve 2 years of National Service. 16 Year Old Graduated from Express Stream Completed "Elements of Business Skills" in his curriculum 81.4% Joe was one of the 115 students in TP (Retail Management) in 2011. 115 96 97 41 27 37 108 108 82 278 266 246 252

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