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Solutions Presentation

Transcript: Observation Self-Guided Learning is a solution obtained through teaching yourself with the help of someone who is skilled in the specific area. It is beneficial if you are attempting to teach yourself something. The kahn academy offers math classes that you take online, while the teacher is not there in person the knowledge is still made available to the student. Simulations can teach a number of skills through animated instruction so that the learner does not have to be in the present situation to learn. This can be beneficial if the situation which a person needs to gain knowledge in is dangerous, that way the learner can become comfortable with the actions without actually being in dangers way. This can often times be used for pilots. Interactivity and Games Just in time tools are solutions used to easily provide a person with an answer to a question they are searching for. Often times they can be apps on a phone or tablet that will quickly allow for the learner to have any amount of given information at the tips of their fingers. Animation is a sequence of pictures formed together to make movement. This is used as a learning solution because it gives a moving visual description or display of the information being provided. Animation is beneficial because it provides the learner with a visual aid that may better explain something than words. Animations can be found on a number of websites and videos to add to information clarification. Observation involves learning by observing what others are teaching in order to obtain a skill or knowledge. Learning through observation can be beneficial because it requires you to take note of what others are doing and then applying those skills in order to improve your own. Often times learning though observation occurs when someone is trying to learn something in order to gain a basic understanding. Solutions Presentation First person experience taught by an experienced personnel or professional. This solution is beneficial in receiving training in any field that requires hands on learning. Apprenticeships can include working in hospitals, auto shops, etc. A screencast is a medium that allows someone to learn a specific skill set on the computer or technological device by viewing video recordings that capture what is being displayed on a computer. This solution is beneficial because it shows the student exactly what is being done on the computer so that they can follow easier. This can be beneficial if the teacher and student are unable to meet in person. Rachel Romney Problem Based Learning Screencasts Animation Simulation Interactivity and games are learning tools add to learning development because they give students the opportunity to learn and practice a specific skill set. They are beneficial because they take the monotony out of usual studying and make learning fun. These can usually be found online and in a number of categories. Rosetta stone is a great example of an interactive game that helps you learn a language. Self-Guided Learning Apprenticeship Just in Time Tools Problem based learning involves addressing a problem and finding a solution though a series of steps that will efficiently lead the group to an answer. Using this solution would be beneficial when working in a group that is searching for an answer to a problem, this could be used in almost any setting whether it be in work, school, or simply in human interaction.

Solutions Presentation

Transcript: Fifth, Bullying and cyberbullying is ever growing. Kids are not educated well on how to handle these type of sistuations. Third, kids are more willing to say things on Facebook, twitter, etc. that they wouldn't necessarily say in person. Investigate The Art of Thinking. A Guide to Critical and Creative Thought, Tenth Edition Chapter 13: Refine Your Resolution of the Issue ISBN: 9780205119387 Author: Vincent Ryan Ruggiero Copyright © Pearson Education (2012) Bridget B. & Leah M. PHL/458 08/13/2015 Dr. Patricia Neff Lastly, educate kids on bullying, harmful affects. Step 1. Decide on action i. what is to be done? ii. How will it be done? iii. Who will do it? iv. training needed v. When will action take place? vi. Financing Step 2. Recognize and overcome difficulties i. safety, convenience, efficiency, simplicity, morality, legality ii. existing plans iii. changes to plan iv. effect on people First, the best thing a parent can do is to be aware of these pros and cons about social networking sites. Conclusion Issue: Does Social media effect our youth? 2. What is great parenting and how can one truly describe it? 3. Is bullying becoming more of a problem with kids being on social media? Second ,Instruct your child not to give any pertinent information of residence or phone on these sites. Reference Answers Solutions Presentation 1. Does allowing your child who is 16 years or younger create a social media account have a negative effect on them? * Monitor; Never Assume; Always follow up * Require him/her to give you a copy of their passwords * Teach them about Cyberbullying and crazy people for they can never know to much educate, educate, educate Be aware Refining Solutions 1. Teen suicide 2. Parents fear of unknown 3. Bullying 4. More vulnerable Fourth, Parenting 101 you will never be a perfect parent 4. How can cyberbullying be prevented or reduced? Possible Resolutions Questions to help investigate the problem!

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Transcript: Features Magento Marketplace Responsive Template After creating world best marketplace plugin for magento we are going to release “Magento Marketplace Responsive Theme”. This theme will support all screen either you are viewing your marketplace store site in iphone, ipad, android based mobile devices or small or big screen devices. It will work very fine in all screens. 9 – Brand logo carousel 10 – Retina based product zooming 11 – Complete flat design 12 – Social media sharing option included 13 – Lightbox product thumbnail zoom 14 – Working with all magento marketplace addons and modules Features Magento Marketplace Responsive Template Features Download 5 – Product image gallery is already included in the template that means for product thumbnails you dont need to increase the area, gallery will display rest of the product images in carousel format 6 – Mega manu supported 7 – New product carousel 8 – Featured product carousel 1 – Truly all screen working it not just resize your template it will adjust your complete template view in screen format 2 – To adapt the responsiveness of magento we are not editing core template or files its complete package 3 – Working with all third party modules having responsiveness 4 – Ajax cart basket is already installed , which will turn your add to cart / remove in to ajax based cart system and will increase the sales for sure Contact Us Documentation Feel free to contact us for any suggestion Support: Phone: (+91)0-120-457-4831 Web:

Solutions Presentation

Transcript: Apprenticeship An apprenticeship is a training system,that trains people in a certain trade or profession. -Can choose something you enjoy, meaning you will be more motivated. -Able to start at any age so you don't need a degree - Great for areas in engineering, trade and catering. Problem Based Learning Problem Based Learning is where students work in groups, learning at solving realistic problems about a subject. The goals of PBL are to help students increase their knowledge and understanding of the subject. -Encourages students to work together -Gives the individual responsibility because they have their own roles and research to do. -Good for University students to do. Observation Observation is learning of the world or things through watching and following other people or an individual. - People are able to observe the real thing instead of just being told. Self-Guided Learning Self-guided learning is going through a subject on your own using tools to teach yourself. For example videos. -Students are able to learn at their own pace. -Able to review until the understand -Good for subjects that students don't understand. Screencasts Screencasrs are videos that capture your screen on the computer. They explain and show step by step how to do something or use something. -Explains things step by step -Can look over something until you get it -Good for when your learning how to use something or do something Just in time tools Just in time tools are apps that give information. They are tools that you can click on to find out certain things. - Information right at your fingertips. - Simple quick way to access it - Anyone can use it. for all ages - Good for quick tips or needing to find information without having to go through lots of search engines. Simulation Simulators are either computer based or non computer based programs that are designed to train people in a profession, for real life situations. They are real life situations that are good for pilots, army and other occupations. - Good method of training. - Puts people in real life situations that gives them the opportunity to react like they would if it really happened. Animation Animations are computerized images that are able to demonstrate an event or anything else.It is good to use animations online to explain history of other subjects. - Makes learning more fun. - Able to see something happening instead of just reading about it. Interactivity and Games Interactivity and games are websites, games and other programs designed to get the students involved and interact more with situations. - More fun way for students to learn - Helps them remember more - Rewards them when they win so there's incentive for them to play again. Solutions Observation Just In Time tools Benefits Simulation Benefits Benefits Interactivity and Games Problem Based Learning Benefits Animation Screencasts Benefits Benefits Benefits Benefits Apprenticeship Self-Guided Learning Benefits

Solutions Presentation

Transcript: Social Issue: Bullying Original - Kids Who Bully: Children that are influenced by unforeseen challenges that has an negative impact on their behavior ("What Is Bullying", 2015). Revised - Kids Who Bully: Sometimes kids who bully are children that are influenced by unforeseen challenges that can have a negative impact on their behavior. At other times, different factors may cause this behavior in children (“What is Bullying”, 2015). Bullying: Initial Resolutions Bullying: Original Issues Definition: individual or group repeatedly harming another person. Physically, verbally or socially. PHL/458 June 23, 2016 Prof. Ivette Soto-Velez TEAM A: Gretchen Caraballo-Matos, Elliott Torres, Chezelle Rodriguez, Edgar Morel Evaluation of the Argument Types of Bullying: Social, Physical, Verbally and Cyber 3.5 Million kids in the United States are involved in some type bullying insident. Teachers & Parents can prevent bullying by keeping open communication with the kids, learning the signs of a child that has been bullied or is a bully, and offering programs of awareness. Kids can also be taught not to bully others. Refine Resolution with Implementation Plan For the "old man" hair cut we believe the kid will probably get bullied at school but on the other hand he will know what if feels like to be bullied. Taking the bully to a correctional fascility for a day will show him what their future might look like if they continue their bad behavior. Statistics show that those who bully are 4 times more likely to engage in criminal behavior in adulthood. Revise Argument Critical Examination of Best Resolution References Bulling Facts, Bulling Statistics In The News. (2015) Retrieved from Ruggiero, V.R. (2015). The art of thinking (11th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database. What Is Bullying.(2015). Retrieved from Recognize & Respond Encourage Bystanders to Become “Upstanders” Educate the Community Implement the "Anti-Bullying" Policy in all schools Send troubled kids to disciplinary programs Solutions Presentation What types of bullying are there? Do all kids bully others? Can teachers and parents prevent it? Is it possible for kids to learn not to bully? For true resolution of bullying to happen, things must be put into action. Schools need to implement a program for anti-bullying. Not just one that hands out brochures or hangs posters but one that is actually engaged in the lives of the children. All school employees should be trained to recognize those people who bully as well as those who are being bullied. There should be a plan of action in place to ensure that the issue is resolved as soon as possible and with as little attention brought to it as possible. Parents of the child bullying as well as the one being bullied should be made aware of the situation when it is safe to do so.


Transcript: 11. The Victorious Microsite 12. DMI HOME PAGE – RESPONSIVE Interface Implementation 13. NEW VOD Website Template Design 14. Ramadan 2014 15. FIFA World Cup 2014 (Theme, Info graphics, FIFA World Cup App and match centre solutions on all platforms) 16. DMI INTRANET – New HTML Template Implementation 17. Enhancements for all channels homepage with NEW LISTING Styles 18. Dubai Sports App and match centre in New HTML 5 structure, implemented 19. GITEX 2014 (Google Glass App, Event Site, socialive gitex) 20. Arabian Gulf League 2014 (Match centre ) 1. Digital Media Achievements – Video Presentation 2. MOBILE WEBSITE made LIVE 3. Digital Media Request Form - Responsive 4. Scribble Live Training and Implementation 5. The Victorious Microsite 6. DMI HOME PAGE – RESPONSIVE Interface Implementation 7. NEW VOD Website Template Design 8. FIFA World Cup 2014 (Theme, Info graphics, FIFA World Cup App and match centre solutions on all platforms) 9. GITEX 2014 (Google Glass App, Event Site, socialive page setup) 10. Gulf Cup 2014 (match centre implementation with Video upload and Social feed features) 11. WhatsApp share button and Tagboard implementation. 12. LIVE EVENTS PAGE – HTML development. 1. Create all DMI Websites (Channels and Events) as responsive. 2. Create a STANDARD responsive CSS structure for re-usability. 3. Integration of responsive HTML structure with NEW CMS (e.g. Sitefinity) 4. Create Design Guidelines for front end development. 5. Create user friendly interface using latest technology and trends. 6. Focus on the LIVE EVENTS and LIVE INRETACTION. 7. Integrate NEW INRETACTIVE (social media, sharing, voting, events calendar) components in DMI WEBSITES. 8. FOCUS ON App interface development (events/shows). dIGITAL dESIGN & CREATIVE tEAM aCHEIVEMENTS 2014 / pLAN 2015 TEAM PLAN 2015 21. Gulf Cup 2014 (match centre implementation with Video upload and Social feed features) 22. UAE Flag Day – Live Streaming page and social feed 23. WhatsApp share button and Tagboard implementation. 24. Arab Women leadership forum – Live Streaming and Tag board implementation 25. LIVE EVENTS PAGE – HTML development 26. National Day 2014 – Theming and LIVE Streaming - Events page 27. Dubai International Film Festival 2014 – Theming and Events Streaming – Events page 28. Theming for major programs of DubaiOne, Dubai TV and Dubai Sports Websites 29. Banner ads and promotional artworks for all required campaigns. 30. Google analytics implementation for all major event and microsites. 1. Dubai Radio – Re-launch of Web portal 2. Digital Media Achievements – Video Presentation 3. The Victorious Campaign Page (Desktop and Mobile Version) 4. Newsletter template creation 5. MOBILE WEBSITE made LIVE 6. Digital Media DGEP Presentation 7. Oscar 2014 – Promotions (banners, Social Bg) 8. Digital Media Request Form - Responsive 9. Dubai World Cup | Event Website 2014 10. Scribble Live Training and Implementation PROJECT LIST PROJECT LIST ACHIEVEMENTS PROJECT LIST

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