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Resource Reducation And Cost Savings Presentation Template

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Cost Savings Plan

Transcript: Locking down PCs has the potential to save the company approx. 40%. This should be the first cost saving idea explored. The spreadsheet allows us to see where the company is spending the most money. Having an overview allows us to see what other areas cost savings should be implemented. Identifying Costs A spreadsheet was created which illustrates what costs are incurred by the IT department. The spreadsheet will allow the company to evaluate where costs need to be decreased in order to develop a plan on how to decrease the costs. Cost savings for notebooks Another area where cost savings should be explored is the travel costs. An alternative would be remotely access computers or implement a video conferencing system. If travel is necessary, exploring having a travel rewards account which can accumulate to free travel. Overview: It is not necessary to eliminate any current jobs as our total cost per PC is less $5,300. The total cost per PC is currently $4,372.64. To avoid getting to a point where eliminating jobs is necessary, other cost savings ideas were shared to combat this. A spreadsheet with company costs for the IT department was developed to provide us a better view of where costs could be cut. Alternative Cost Savings: Notebooks are a little harder to lock down however locking down notebooks can also provide cost savings. Hypothetical cost savings for notebooks in 2008: a. unmanaged PCs: $9,923 b. somewhat managed: $8,793 c. moderately managed: $7,643 d. locked & well managed: $7,030 Locking down and managing PCs provides the highest cost savings. In 2008 another company found cost savings for total cost of ownership to be the following: a. unmanaged PCs: $5,867 b. somewhat managed: $5,269 c. moderately managed: $4,650 d. locked & well managed: $3,13 Each year 13,968 hours are lost in employee downtime which equals $356,207.81. This is equivalent to approx. 8 General End Users annual salaries. This should be the next focus to cut company costs. Cost Savings Plan by: Crystal Alonso Decreasing Downtime Highest Cost Saving Idea: What could cost savings be with locking down PCs Other Cost Savings:

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