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Refugee Presentation Background In San Antonio Tx

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San Antonio, TX

Transcript: Three important man-made landmarks: By Max Bellmyer and Ione Garrison They use about 1,100 kilowatt hours of electricity each month. The Alamo Race and Religion Within a 100 mile radius of San Antonio, there are 25 state parks. These include: Bastrop State Park, Blanco SP, Buescher SP, Guadalupe River SP, Inks Lake SP, Lake Corpus Christi SP, Lockhart SP, Lyndon B. Johnson SP, McKinney Falls SP, Palmetto SP, & Pedernales Falls SP. Movement and Transportation San Antonio is 11 hours and 8 minutes, or 779.7 miles south of Lawrence. Citizens also use planes! The main airport is the San Antonio International Airport. Region Relative location from Lawrence, KS: Thank you for listening! The exact location of San Antonio, TX is 29.4°N and 98.5°W. Location It was named San Antonio on June 13, 1691 in honor of the feast day of St Anthony of Padua. It was also the day the Spanish came by a river they called Rio San Antonio. San Antonio,TX Some geographic land marks in San Antonio are natural rivers and hills. Odds and Ends of San Antonio San Antonio was founded in 1718. Place The city's homes, apartments and more San Antonio has African-American, American-Indian, Native Hawaiian, and "Other" Races. San Antonio also has different religons such as; 30% Cathlic, 1.44% LDS, 7.2% Christian, 13.1% Jewish, 1.19% Islamic. Tower Of The Americas San Antonio's main highways are Interstate Highway 10, Interstate Highway 35, & Interstate Highway 37. San Antonio was founded by Martin de Alarcon, the governor of Texas and Coahuila. U River Walk Spaniards and Germans were some on the first people to settle in San Antonio. credit to;

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