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Transcript: GROSS REQUIREMENTS (GR) -total amount required for a particular item sCHEDULED RECEIPTS (SR) -orders that have already been released and that are scheduled to arrive as of the beginning of the period PROJECTED AVAILABLE BALANCE (PAB) -amount of inventory that is expected as of the end of a period PAB(t) = PAB(t-1) - GR(t) + SR(t) + POReceipts(t) - Safety Stock NET REQUIREMENT -amount needed when the projected available balance plus scheduled receipts in a period are not sufficient to cover the gross requirement PLANNED ORDER RECEIPT -amount of an order that is required to meet a net requirement in the period PLANNED ORDER RELEASE -planned order receipt offset by the lead time (time between order and receipt) Motivation Bill of Materials Content Leonard; Prae; Keang; Mayank Bill of Materials Bill of Materials of the Float Materials Requirements Planning Assembly Line Recommendations MRP Schedule Calculations (Explosion) Manufacturing logistics is generally applied in manufacturing and service industries. -show how this same concept can be applied to rather unconventional and atypical production process. Overview RAG – which stands for ‘Receiving and Giving’ – is part of a longstanding NUS tradition since 1958, to show appreciation to the public for their donations on Flag Day In its finale, a procession of thematic floats perform within the university grounds on Rag Day. RAG -contains the complete product description key listings: -material parts, and components -the sequence in which the product is created other names: -product structure file -product tree MRP Schedule

Template Program Status

Transcript: DMD Marketing | Carin Slater Template Program Current Program Current Templates Current Template program covers hospitals and recruitment clients, as these markets have less rigid requirements, smaller marketing budgets, and less experience in email. Newsletters Newsletter Templates CME CME Templates Recruiters Recruiter Templates Plans for Current Program Going Forward 6 templates for each group New templates based on customer input Already started, different templates are in different stages of completion Introduce practice of having a kick off call with client When, What, and Who Problems with Current Program Problems Clients want more flexibility with template layout Managing client expectations Clients want options for one off templates What can we do? Solutions Introduce semi-custom templates Pros of semi-custom templates Individual blocks that companies can use to build their own template layout Clients can create unique template layouts Based on current modular templates No new build time for us Cost built in No more adding costs based on creative team's time when customizing template Clients will be able to create one off templates or templates that can be used outside of what the main purpose would be for the template. Why it's gonna be good Cons of semi-custom templates Will require new documentation to be created Will require new implementation practices to be learned Set up will take longer and will require more initial input from client Clients will still not be able to change the layout between sends Will cost more Sticky points Q&A Q A & What next steps are required? Sales Account Management Email Team Questions for me?


Transcript: @mariamsafi11 Medical Research Unit Supporting and managing the resilient performance of a medical ambulatory care using the Resilience Assessment Grid (RAG) DD/08/2021 Mariam Safi, PhD student Supervisors: Frans Brandt Kristensen Robyn Clay-Williams Bettina Ravnborg Thude INTRODUCTION Mariam Safi, PhD student University of Southern Jutland University Hospital of Sothern Jutland Intro THE AIM OF STUDY AIM To support and get an enhanced undertanding of the resilient performance of the internal medicine ambulatory care. Internal medicine ambulatory includes: Nephrology, lung diseases and endocrinology. BACKGROUND BACKGROUND The hospital is undergoing re-restructural changes to improve patient pathway. co-location of the ambulatories (outpatient clinics) to improve everday clinical work for the healthcare professionals. STUDY PROCESS STUDY PROCESS Part 1: Developing the RAG questionnaire. Part 2: The Application of RAG questionnaire. Part 3: Presenting the results to the leaders, managers and the clinical front workers. Discussing the implications and the future direction. Part 4: Repeat the RAG questionnaire a 2nd time. ( ) METHOD A mixed method study Method Pre-liminary Getting the leaders and the managers involved in the process. Virtual meeting with Erik Hollnagel about the RAG. Introducing the RAG to the healthcare professionals(nurses and physicians) PRE-LIMINARY GENRATING THE RAG QUESTIONS QUALITATIVE 3 small focus group interviews with nurses. 12 individual interviews: middle managers, physicians Data analysis Thematic analysis of the interview transcripts based on the 4 resilience potentials. Generating the initial items with the assistance of my supervisor. Expert group feedback on the items. Pilot testing - concurrent cognitive interviews. Item generation RAG QUESTIONNAIRE - 26 ITEMS RAG Q. SURVEY RAG questionaire was send to managers, nurses and doctors using Redcap (N=45). QUANTITATIVE Analysis Analysis Response: N=44 Decriptive statistics in STATA. Calculating the overall mean scores of each of the 4 resilience potentials. Calculating the mean scores for each sub-group in the survey population Depicted in the radar charts. RESULTS Results Work experience in years. The distribution of the respondents: doctors(20), nurses(19) and (middle) managers(5) OVERALL RAG Click to edit text Overall RAG RAG SUB-GROUP RAG SUB-GROUP PRESENTATION OF THE RESULTS TO LEADERS & MIDDLE-MANAGERS DISSEMINATION Key points from the meetings: They would like to focus on improving: R1: Flexibility R7: interruptions R3: leverading knowledge(nurses) NEXT STEP Next Step Presenting the results to nurses and physicians. Using the results from the RAG to support and manage quality improvement. Repeat the RAG in 2022 after they have implemented quality initiatives. THANK YOU! :D THANK U! Mariam Safi @mariamsafi11 Medical Research Unit Q&A Q&A We would like to generate discussion on the utility of the RAG for identifying and supporting implementation of QI initiatives in healthcare. We are keen to hear from others who have used (or are using) the RAG for this purpose.


Transcript: March 15 to 30, 2019 RALLYE AICHA DES GAZELLES DU MAROC 29th Edition Each team drives off-road from checkpoint to checkpoint for a total of 9 days of competition GPS is not allowed – traditional navigational tools of a compass and maps are used to navigate Each vehicle is equipped with satellite tracking system The winning team is the one that drives the least number of kilometers while finding the greatest number of checkpoints The route is 100% off-road and changes every year 100% off-road Common Challenges World’s only motor rally with ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification Low CO2 emissions All waste is burned by an incinerator truck accompanying the Rallye A Charter of Social and Environmental Responsibility defines the environmental and social commitments of the Rallye Everyone attending must sign and adhere to this "Charter of Good Behaviour" The Rallye offsets all of its CO2 emissions through Yann Arthus Bertrand’s Good Planet association Environment Environmental Commitment 1 Deeply committed to the well-being of the Moroccan people through thenon-profit: Cœur de Gazelles Franco-Moroccan team of 50 volunteers that crosses the Moroccan desert providing free medical care The association's medical caravan covers 8 medical specialties: general medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, ophthalmology, surgery, dental medicine and pharmacy Cœur de Gazelles also supports local associations with job creation and training for women, access to water, education, and more Every year 8,000 people receive free medical care from the Coeur de Gazelles Medical Caravan Social Commitment Social Commitment 2 Solidarity at the heart of our actions Solidarity of the heart of our actions 3 MEDICAL 70,525, people have received free medical consultations Since 2013, 1,606 dental procedures have been performed 242 doctors volunteer 2,671 pars of corrective glasses have been given out 8 tons of ;medical supplies have been donated to Moroccan hospitals 300 wheelchairs have been given EDUCATION A new school has been built in Tamsguidat 4 schools have been renovated JOB & JOBS TRAINING Creation of the first temporary employment agency in Essaouira Opening of a training restaurant An Adventure based on values Opportunity to empower and promote female employees by allowing them to represent the company in this uniquely feminine adventure 1 Audacity "The first quality that is neede is audacity" Winston Churchill Determination 2 Determination Perseverance 3 "Let me tell you the secret that has led to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity." Louis Pasteur "Everyone needs help from everyone." Berthold Brecht Sharing 4 "When "I" replaced with "We", even the illness becomes wellness" Malcom X Solidarity 5 A responsible event with social conscience Unique Coomunication tool Solidarity Strong unifying values 1 Respect Courage Determination Authenticity Generosity Environment Strength Women Challenge Internal events: farewell party for the team prior to their departure, photo exhibit, film viewwing after their return Unite, motivate, reward and unify the company’s employees by encouraging a spirit of teamwork, initiative, sharing and respect: values A "communicator" from your company can attend the Rallye in the role of information liaison: He/she will accompagnu your team throughout the event and will be provided with a 4*4 vehicle and driver He/she will be able to write and publish aricles on your intranet using Wi Fi connection at the bivouac Through the values upheld by the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles you can enhance your social responsability 2 A company-wide project Follow the team adventure "live" day after day Send messages to the team: dedicated mailbox provided by Orange, Gazelles wil receive messages on their return to the bivouac and can answer them Daily ranking Images during and after the event: download photos from your team After the Rallye you will receive DVD of high-resolution images Track your team 3 Stay connected + 1,400 media hits in France 43.4 million euros in advertising value 610 million exposure opportunities 122.4 million viewers (TV audience) 372.5 million readers (written press audience) 228.6 million Internet users (Web reach) hits from 150 countires: France, UK, USA, ... Media coverage in 2017 Global media coverage 4 Join the following companies that have entered teams in Rallye Aicha des Gazelle A network initiative that promote a sens of belonging through a renowed sporting event Powerful tool for internal and external marketing 5 Total Budget: E35,000 Sponsorsip Working Together Registration fees: E14,920 Vehicle & insurance: E9,000 Transfers: E4,000 Trainings (navigation, driving courses): E3,000 Obligatory safety system rental: E1,900 Equipment (helmet, protective mask, etc): E1,800 Sonspor's contributions are considered promotional expenses and are tax deductible Brand visibility Promote our sponsors Vehicle, helmet, clothing The more you give the more you receive Packages Standard

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