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Quarterly Report

Transcript: The Fault In Our Stars By: John Green The Book The Characters The Characters Hazel (Hazel Grace to Gus)- Hazel is the main character who suffers from thyroid cancer. Hazel loves to read and watch Americas Next Top Model in her free time. Augustus (Gus)- Gus is another main character who suffered from osteosarcoma. Gus lost his leg because of cancer and has now been in remission for years. Peter Van Houten- Peter Van Houten is the author of Hazel (and eventually Guses) favorite book. The Summary The Summary After Hazels doctor thinks that she is suffering from depression, she suggests a support group that her mom makes her go to. At the support group Hazel meets Gus. Gus and Hazel aren't the typical love story, they're an epic love story (as Hazel says in the book). Hazel gets Gus to read a book called An Imperial Affliction. They both love the book and as a trip, Gus takes Hazel to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten to discuss the ending of the book. After realizing that he was a drunk, who doesn't care about his fans, Hazel and Gus go to the Anne Frank house and walk through the museum. Because Hazel has an oxygen tank, it takes her a while to get all the way to the top floor, because of all the stairs. Once they reach the top floor, they have a romantic moment and from then on they are inseparable. One of them is diagnosed with cancer that is life threatening. Which one of them was it? Who will survive? Strengths/Weaknesses Strengths/Weaknesses Strengths The strengths of this book is that its a good storyline and has many ups and downs and is a page turner Weaknesses Weaknesses The weakness of this book is that it doesn't have a sequel, which they should make one because it is a great book. Recommendations Recommendations I recommend this to anyone who likes sad books or romantic books. However I would say that it is more of a girl than guy book because of the romantic parts. Double click to edit I can connect to this book because it is about cancer and my grandpa died from cancer and it is a very life sucking disease that kills people everyday and it's a very important topic that we need to discuss. Connections

Quarterly Report

Transcript: Stay U-nique - Marketing Quarterly Report Statistics Stories Instagram Posts Instagram Overall Conclusions - The slight drop In may is due to the lack of general posts - Find how Instagram changed their algorithm in in the beginning of January - The increasing Eng. Rate going along with the total amount of posts is great! - Summary Facebook January to May Post statistics February averages - 16 posts January averages - 13 posts Metric Reach Clicks Specials Blogs TipTuesday Apartments WithMeWed. Engagement 490 15 7 223 2 2 361 11 11 428 9 5 279 6 3 Number 1 4 4 2 1 MMMonday 1 601 59 9 Reach Clicks Engagement 355 19 7 232 3 3 642 57 36 588 20 13 218 1 1 Number 1 6 4 2 1 492 58 20 2 Post statistics April averages - 15 posts March averages - 22 posts Metric Reach Clicks Specials Blogs TipTuesday Apartments WithMeWed. Engagement 409 83 12 181 2 1 234 4 4 428 9 5 437 130 14 Number 5 8 3 2 2 MMMonday 2 382 30 7 Reach Clicks Engagement 265 6 4 301 6 4 0 0 0 241 3 0 2.500 135 40 Number 7 4 3 1 0 Post statistics May averages - 12 posts Metric Reach Clicks Specials Blogs TipTuesday Apartments WithMeWed. Engagement 392 31 13 375 9 290 9 3 211 5 2 2.1 k 640 140 Number 1 3 4 4 2 2 Highlights January: MMMonday Reach 601 Clicks 59 Engagement 9 February: WithMeWednesday Reach 1 K Clicks 109 Engagement 65 March: Awards Reach 974 Clicks 110 Engagement 43 April: Awards Reach 15 K Clicks 869 Engagement 210 May: Ex Intern Reach 2.1 K Clicks 640 Engagement 140 For Facebook: - gamification - 360 pictures of apartment - Facebook update coming soon - Add general posts to calender so we do not forget about it (google every week what is happening in the world) Conclusions ORGANIZATION CEO Name: Experience: CMO Name: Experience: CFO Name: Experience: VP of HR Name: Experience: VP of Sales Name: Experience: MARKET ANALYSIS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Competitor A Name Strengths Weaknesses Competitor B Name Strengths Weaknesses Competitor C Name Strengths Weaknesses Put your logo here PRODUCT PLAN FEATURES FEATURES MARKETING MARKETING Click to edit text FINANCIAL FUNDING REQUEST FUNDING REQUEST We will need $10,000,000 5 years Over PROJECTION PROJECTION Click to edit text

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