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Promotion Presentation

Transcript: Placements Time Management Technology Planning Candidate Control Become one of the top 3 billers in Manchester - 2016 onwards Achieve my own vertical within Application Development Recruit and Mentor a researchers. Hit contest and accumulate company shares Continue to contribute to team targets to maintain the title as top regional office Questions... Future at TEKsystems Application Architecture - Companies are pursuing a mobile-first strategy. Usability – User experience is getting more importance than ever before, Responsive Web Design is becoming a must have feature. Emergence of Single Page Applications (SPA) – Currently AngularJS, EmberJS, and Backbone are the most popular SPA Frameworks used for building real-world apps. GO developed by Google - building Android apps, it is a general purpose programming language, which can be used for any possible scenario — including systems programming and for larger distributed business apps. Swift technology developed by Apple –being increasing used by the iOS developer community in the place of Objective C languages Application Development Challenges Candidate Requirement: Most Valued Person Setting Deadlines Building Rapports Total Fee: £50,735 8/10 Application Development 6/10 Headhunted Allegis Group Initative Candidate Management Testimonies Chosen Vertical Timetable Red Zone Desire to learn and engage with new technologies Preference for productive and efficient results Career Security Maximise potential earnings Solutions Java – J2EE, J2SE, JSP, STRUTS, SPRING, HIBERNATE, TOMCAT, Apache Microsoft – C,C++, C#, .NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET Web – PHP, HTML, CSS, JQUERY Other – Python, Progress, Ruby on rails, Firmware, Scala Frameworks – MVC, CodeIgnitor, Zend, Symphony, Laravel, Angular JS, Backbone JS, Knockout JS, Node.js, EmberJs GIT, Grunt, SASS, LESS Databases – Oracle, SQL, MySQL Clients Requirement: Why ? Motivated by the challenge Growing Network Pre-requisite Knowledge Most current activity Personal Success Rate Client Management Portal/Hot-books Extended Sourcing Strategy Long Term Goals: Future at TEKsystems Personal Development Short Term Goals Long Term Goals Key Learns Current Activity Market Trends Build wider knowledge of other verticals Create more opportunities for business development Implement Company Mapping (sourcing strategy) Research niche technologies Attend technology conferences to increase network Focus on written communication skills Successes Delivery Business Cycle Focus is placed on differentiating ourselves by adding value to each stage of this fundamental process Metronet (UK) specialises in using best of breed wired and wireless technology to extend the power of dedicated leased line connectivity beyond the reach of traditional fibre. Location: Manchester Number of Employees: 100+ Live Requirements: Yes Comment: Company Growth/Niche Role Promotion from Support to Consultant end of Q3 2015 Consistent Activity to achieve ‘Lunch’ every quarter Bring on 3 New clients Bill £20k in first full quarter Set up monthly technical sessions with peers Continue to contribute to team targets to maintain the title as top regional office Short Term Goals: Promotion Presentation Maneck Ahmed 29.01.2015 Time as a Researcher Key Learns Current Activity Placements Successes Account Development Contents Target Accounts Delivery Business Cycle Importance for a Researcher Importance for a Support Consultant Predictions for 2015 and beyond: Personal Development Consistent Communication Rockshore's mission is to enable clients to make informed decisions based on real-time information. Assisting global tier 1 client-base become more effective through increased awareness, greater collaboration and better decision-making. Location: Leeds Number of Employees: 50+ Live Requirements: Yes Comment: Large team of developers (15+) Hitting Top/'Lunch' Own Research Talking to 'Technologist' Personal Development Orange Bus is an award winning UK digital agency, made up of technical engineers, concept strategists and experience designers. Location: Newcastle Number of Employees: 50+ Live Requirements: Yes Comment: Warm Lead/ Defined org structure Chosen Vertical Market Trends Target Accounts Time as a Researcher

Promotion Presentation

Transcript: Hopefully, management will trust me more. A huge achievement, and well deserved. I will also bring on board a minimum of two small clients per month Billing target: £7,500 / Actual: £16,750 have an increasing amount of responsibilities for the development of the Manchester office. Job target: 10 / Actual: 6 Increased amount of responsibilities to the Resourcers and Junior Consultants Junior to Consultant Training completed: No longer working in Andreas' shadow, I'm the main man! CV target: 40 / Actual: 32 Testimonials Story so far Changed markets from Perm Java, to Contract .NET / Microsoft. Google PPC Certification (home study) The End. Clients I will bring on board: 2017 started slowly, and felt much like the end of 2016, my future looked bleak. Promotion Presentation UDEMY - Generating leads from LinkedIn (home study) LinkedIn / Sourcing training with Resourcers, Meagan Interview target: 20 / Actual: 18 Billed every month since I returned, with clear progression on this front. Initially struggled to get settled in the specialised role, and therefore my billing / progression took a while to get off the ground with a lot of false starts: July - £5750 August - £0 September - £16,500 October - £0 November - £0 December - £0 Became a lot more ruthless with my BD, both over the phone and on meetings relaunch my LinkedIn activity to increase my average views per post from 3,500 to 6,000 which should also increase the amount of candidates that approach me about new jobs I would also like to: Be firmly on my way to becoming a Senior Consultant I will.. AND THEN THE TURNING POINT! Training distributed: Business target: 10 / Actual: 3 It's been a long journey with a lot of ups and downs launch a candidate focused networking event to put Corecom at the forefront of Software Development recruitment in Yorkshire Another step up the ladder towards Directorship. Be buddying a Resourcer by September 2017 More freedom to build my desk the way I want to Client meeting target: 5 / Actual: 5 Things started brightly, placed a perm Lead Java Engineer from Sky! A month in Aus! I'm now a role model to my other colleagues, meaning I must make sure I'm setting the right examples Stats Be mentoring a Junior Consultant who will also work Software Development by December 2017. Be comfortably billing £20,000 per month by March 2018 I started my promotion target in June, and my billing target was hit after just 6 weeks. My stats for June are as follows: Came back feeling refreshed and raring to go! be up to 45 recommendations on LinkedIn by July 2018 "I was very pleased with his professional and helpful approach." - Paddy Morgan "Josh is a pleasure to work with. He is honest and straightforward. He took time to listen to and understand my requirements, and found me a contract that suited me perfectly." - Andrew Tatham "His knowledge of the marketplace for contracting seems excellent, always a pleasure to do business with an agent who knows his stuff!" - James Woodruff "In such a busy and dynamic market, it is important to work with honest and professional people who do not mislead you and Josh is definitely one of them." - Ozgur Cagdas "I have been impressed by Josh's thorough and efficient work" - Mike Campbell Be up to 10 runners by March 2018 Google SEO Certification (home study) Plan for next 6-12 months Manager target: 40 / Actual: 17 Mike Walmsley reference training Pitching / Call Coaching with Josh O, Marina and Seon What does it mean to become a Consultant? Beat my record for number of jobs pulled in a month, two months running! I am above / on target for the 3 month period based on my activity so far in July. Great opportunity to challenge myself and skills further Training and Development


Transcript: Achmad Hamudi A. Alphana Christy F. Alwina Putriutami Andi Fara Talitha Annisa Nadhia Bella Setiawati Cediawan El Ahmadi Christhiopin Bremen Clarissa Sophia K. Amanda used advertising, social media and they owned a blog that contains information about their products and prices. POSITIONING Dariole is a brownie cookie in a jar made by Kramer Co . Type of Product : Food Specification : Dessert ( Brownie ) Our dessert not a high end one, its mid- high class, but have well awareness. The difference is our brownies contain of oreo, which is rare in market. FEATURES BIG IDEA PERSONAL SELLING AND WOM Aim : Our aim is to create understanding of our product, Dariole. Also we want to build nice and clean reputation in public either eyes or perspective in brownie cookie brand. Strategic objectives : Make Dariole as one of the most known brownie cookie in JABODETABEK region. Why we choose narrow area such as JABODETABEK ? because we want to start walk from small and run when we are big. Tactical objectives : Introduce Dariole as the best brownie cookie to publics so when they want or they have a desire to have either brownie or cookie or even both in one piece of food, first thing they remember in their head is Dariole. Eggs Cookies Cream Cheese Unsalted Butter Lemon Juice OBJECTIVE OF PROMOTION Direct Competitor: Amanda Brownies 1. Amanda has a lot of branches outside Bandung (Jakarta included ) 2. Amanda already gained awareness from publics as top of mind for dessert souvenir. 3. Amanda is a well known brand and has many flavours and varieties of brownies. PROMOTION ELEMENT Dariole uses personal selling especially on the product launching by promoting the product and its promotion tools such as discount voucher, etc. Dariole also use WOM as the promotion elements since our target audiences are people who likes to socialize so their posts in media account could be a communicator tools for a new product such as Dariole. Behaviorgraphic Young adults & professionals that love to interact in social media and tend to curious about new product & simple lifestyles. Psychographic Based on VALS : people from middle high – high class because Dariole has a high quality standard and reasonable price Chocolate brownies made from premium chocolate powder with cookies inside and covered with melted cream cheese and cookie crumble on the top. With unique packaging as a cookie brownie in a jar as the new innovation for urban life. Opportunity: 1. People loves fancy things. 2. New hit object in social media (instagram, twitter, etc) 3. Lifestyle symbol 4. New object to talk in the society 5. Loyal customers Weakness: 1. The display is too small because it's in a jar. 2. The price is too expensive. 3. Dariole Brownies can only keep for 2 days (maximal) because we only use natural ingredients so the expiry date is minimum. 4. People will only consume this product if they need dessert (something sweets) or something that can cheer their mood up. 5. At the first time this product launch, people will worry about the taste whether it is too sweet because the Brownie combine with the Oreo or not too sweet. 6. Lack of awareness because this launching product is new. Dariole ingredients: Flour Chocolate Block Castor Sugar Margarine Dariole will be sold for IDR 35.000 Specific – Raise awareness by using advertising in media such as television, radio and urban magazine, also by sampling and incentives ( discount voucher ) Measurable - calculate the quantity of the jar that sold in the promotion events Achievable – unique innovation and the discount that given will attract consumers. Realistic – dariole match with people lifestyles nowadays that prefer simplicity. Time – after a month, we will evaluate the target audiences about their understanding about Dariole through interview in public places & sales report. 1. Cookies inside brownies 2. Unique and simple packaging in jar 3. No preservatives added INFORMATION OF THE PRODUCT COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS Threats: Direct competitor and other desserts company that already existed and had a good name on society ( well known ) many people doubt new product especially its quality. Demographic People age between 18 – 25 years old that mostly are university students and employee. Geographic Reach JABODETABEK area, as the urban cities. TARGET AUDIENCES COMPETITOR Dariole wants to be known as an unique brownie cookie in a jar that comes from grandma’s kitchen with urban touch. DUMMY SWOT 1. Dariole still have low awareness since it’s a new product in market. 2. Competitor that already well known in society & public. 3. Limited budget that also make product’s communication limited. UNIQUE SELLING POINT SMART Dessert that comes from grandma kitchen with urban touch that match urban lifestyle. Sales Promotion : Sampling & Trial Provide sample and discount voucher in the product launching and booth, with terms & condition apply* Encourage purchasing activity * Minimum purchase 2 jar Strength: 1. Dariole Brownies

Promotion Presentation

Transcript: TIMELINE Target Assistant Commercial Manager Programme: 4 weeks 2018 & onwards Client: Northwood Investors Contract: JCT 2011 Design and Build Contract Cost Consultant: E.C Harris Bedford Square ACM - end of 2016 90 Long Acre (Matt Rowland) Tender Target Margin: £17,194.00 (7.03%) Contract: JCT SBC 2011 without quantities, with CDP elements Job Value: £4.3m University Progression Review Presentation Understanding what is required & providing on time, quality reporting & feedback Work abroad Type: Refurbishment & Cat A Fit-Out of a Grade 1 listed building including conservation repairs PROFILE Cost Consultant: CBRE Client: Future Cities Catapult Value: £99,447.00 Type: Cat B Fit-Out Meeting key deliverables Chartership Interests & Hobbies: Golf, Football, Music Timely submission of quality Coursework Meeting people in the business Cost Consultant: Househam Henderson January 2016 - May 2016 Training Final Margin: £26,104.00 (26.25%) Client: Prudential Tender Target Margin: £30,915.00 (15%) Key Activities Value: £190,229.00 September 2013 - April 2014 Feedback & Questions Future at ISG Tender Target Margin: £5,054.00 (5.59%) Roles & Responsibilites Type: Office Restack Value: £267,229.00 Targets Virgin Active - QVS Exceeding expectation & positive participation May 2016 - Present University TIMELINE Cost Consultant: Turner & Townsend OMTA Goal Setting November 2015 - January 2016 Grade Positive & constructive feedback Client: GHL Ferrero UK Ltd Contract: JCT 2011 SBC Without Quantites CM - 2018 Based in Head Office Cost Consultant: Capita 2016-2018 Questions TIMELINE Contract: JCT 2011 Minor Works Contract Projected Project Value: £5m TIMELINE Client: Virgin Active Roles & Responsibilites Positive & constructive feedback Final Margin: £54,635.00 (20.45%) 2016/17 Modules: - Cost Studies - Advanced Measurement - Commercial, Legal and Organisational Management - Contract Practice in Construction Director Charles Hammond Futures Group/Mentor & Buddy Client: Alexander McQueen TIMELINE Client: Bedford Estates Prudential - Sheldon Square Rotation within the business Roles & Responsibilities Programme: 3 weeks Roles & Responsibilities TIMELINE May 2014 - October 2014 Measure Type: Cat B Fit-Out, reception refurbishment and basement shower block Future Alexander McQueen Establish myself Programme: 4 weeks (OOH working) Plan Goals Project Value: £2.3m Profile Timeline Target Objective Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management Contract: JCT SBC 2011 with quantities June 2015 - October 2015 Ferrero UK 90 Long Acre Final Margin: £42,949.00 (22.58%) Type: Cat B Fit-Out Type: WC Fit-Out & refurbishment of LG, GF, 1st and 2nd Floors Roles & Responsibilities Job Value: £4.4m Promotion Assistant FM KPI achievement Customer feedback Exceeding expectation & positive participation Qualification Timely revision for exams Project Value: £1.4m Degree Qualification 2018 TIMELINE Roles & Responsibilities 1st Class Honours Future Cities Catapult TIMELINE October 2014 - February 2015 Type: Office Restack Continued financial ownership of Projects Cost Consultant: William G.Dick March 2015 - June 2015 University of Westminster Peer perception Roles & Responsibilities 2015/16 Grade: - 2:1 Contract: JCT SBC 2011 without quantities with CDP elements Cost Consultant: Henry Riley Contract: JCT SBC 2011 without quantities with CDP elements Name: Charles Hammond Projects: - 90 Long Acre - Prudential - Bedford Square - Alexander McQueen - Ferrero UK - Future Cities - Virgin Active - QVS - Royal Bank of Canada (Sean Webber) Experience: ISG for 3 years Qualifications: - A Levels in Business Studies, Psychology and Biology - SMSTS - Asbestos awareness

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Transcript: Big Sale! Business Promotion About “You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.” Beth Comstock Action with this marketing and promotion themed Prezi Presentation Template. Sell Your Idea Timeline Time Flies Present your timeline info here Present important dates and events 2002 Present important dates and events 2006 Zoom in and add more details 2020 Present important dates and events 2004 Present important dates and events 2011 Sales "A market is never saturated with a good product, but it is very quickly saturated with a bad one." Henry Ford Gallery Show off your best stuff here Gallery Add a short description of the image or project here. Image #1 Add a short description of the image or project here. Image #2 Add a short description of the image or project here. Image #3 Add a short description of the image or project here. Image #4 Add a short description of the image or project here. Image #5 Add a short description of the image or project here. Image #6 Show more details of a single project Single Portfolio Item Project Details "This is example dummy text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed dodes eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in repre henderitas in voluptate." "This is example dummy text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed dodes eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in repre henderitas in voluptate." Map World Map Slide Zoom in on the important parts First Customer? Show where you landed him! Team Say Something... About your team or company Gerardo M. Oliver This is an example dummy placeholder text area. Lorem ipsum dolor sit apisa kotiram ametis, cons iteecas tetureu adipiscing elit sed quia, CEO Marketing Design Karla J. Walsh This is an example dummy placeholder text area. Lorem ipsum dolor sit apisa kotiram ametis, cons iteecas tetureu adipiscing elit sed quia, This is an example dummy placeholder text area. Lorem ipsum dolor sit apisa kotiram ametis, cons iteecas tetureu adipiscing elit sed quia, Sue E. Marquez "I have no idea what I'm doing!" Founder and CEO Gerardo M. Oliver Contact How can People Get in Touch with You? Contact Details +1-202-555-0184 Add your own content, background and change colors Customize This Template "If you're a good marketing person, you have to be a little crazy." Jim Metcalf I'm Nuts! Get this Prezi template from:

promotion presentation

Transcript: Introduction who am I ? Salonaz mohamed saeed 1 I have 28 years old . Graduated from faculty of arts , library and information science department , Helwan university ,2011 . Working at Carlcare from Aug 2017 as an agent ACP department About courses Skills ICDL HR English Soft Skills Public Relation Business writing Web Design & Data Base Now, I am going to talk about my work life after my graduation till now . 2 Experience & Achievements After graduation since i graduated , i didn't find any job in my field so i decided to take some courses like soft skills , pr to improve my performance and my knowledge about what the labor market needs Then the first job was in te data company as a customer service then promoted to trainer,really i benefited a lot from this career because it gave me self confidence to follow with any Pearson and handle the complains then all that help me to start in new job First job in Carl care , Giza 2 branch as a customer care , in a few days act as team leader customer care , then i was transferred to l.4 as an agent in ACP department Current job I really want to benefit my work ,and develop it with news idea of course this should be do with helpful team So what can i develop that? Because i follow and make a survey with dealers and customers i know their views with our system and anther system i need develop that with make easy system the dealers know from it what is status of device and know any cost and accept or reject because their faced many of problems in this point with the customer 3 Vision there was a time that a lot of my department collages left us , but i was there ,i didn't give up but i learned all the the tasks very fast ,and did my work very professionally I was trustful , hard working Also support my supervisor when he isn't available That is why i think i should be promoted 4 Why i should be promoted Finally, i would like to thanks for your patience and thanks for listening to me and i hope that i am worthy of your trust , and i hope get to promotion 5 Ending

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