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Projects presentation

Transcript: The project... The Team Our role: PBoX Community development Initial stage: Choosing between 3 issues: Unemployment, orphans or education. After 4 weeks of brainstorming... We chose the unemployment issue and determined our scope. Our scope University students; "Third-year or higher" students for traineeships, "All years" students for voluntary work and learning opportunities (trainings, sessions and workshops). University students face several obstacles when trying to start their career, such as: Lack of experience; both general and in their speciality Poor soft skills Difficulties in self presentation. Our aim as a project is to help them overcome these obstacles, by enriching their university stage and also, by having some help from the project's stakeholders. The project's stakeholders: Students, Traineeship nominees (companies to take in an intern), Companies (partners and sponsors), NGOs and associations, AIESEC Jordan and Irbid, And finally, the team. The project's vision: Every student is competent, responsible and aware of the society and the labour market. The project's Goals (for 2012-2013): a) Provide traineeships for 15 students, b) Outgoing exchange of 5 students, c) 1 annual project partner, d) Conducting an awareness events for the project, such as: An opening event (10/04/2012): includes students and company representatives. After the opening event we'll start the recruitment and after which, we'll have: Training the students (30/04/2012): this will be most probably a one-day event, we will deliver trainings like CV writing, interview conduction, team ethics, work ethics, presentation and communication skills and adjusting to new workplace. After the training of the students, we'll have a: Career fair (25/05/2012): includes both companies and students who give in their CVs and network so later on they can start their traineeship. Last but not least Our project's name is... We don't have one yet... =s but the real Q. is why? Q&A Ahmad Odeh Nusa Grayan Yusra Al-Muhsen Ahmad Barjous Head and OCP "Rawan Al-Khateeb" The project's mission: Enriching the university experience of students by providing them with traineeships, voluntary work and learning opportunities. Hamzah Taha Note: through all this process we'll consistently be working on the ER aspects of the project. Trainees reunion event (every month): reunion of all trainees to discuss things such as the experience they are gaining from the TNs. Entesar Maqboli Raneem Meqbel Rawan Mattur

Presentation Projects

Transcript: The Modern Era Project: Chart & illustration Context for every topic should be provided (time and space). Information should be presented in chronological order. All presentations must include a map. All questions must be addressed. There should be a list of all bibliographical references and all illustrations should be appropriately referenced. Project: Video-News Agency 1. America before America: • Create a map of America and Colombia where you locate main climates, ecosystems and Colombian natural regions. • Locate the most important ethnic groups that populated America and Colombia before the arrival of the Spanish. • Investigate which economic activities did these groups practice. Projects The Atlantic Slave Trade 1. Why was Slave Labor implemented in the Americas? 2. How did Colombian economy and society change after slaves were brought? 3. How did the Slave trade affect Africa? or America? Connect Slave Trade to a modern problem. Encounter of two worlds: 1. Causes for the arrival of Europeans to America. 2. How did the Spanish colonize the New World? 3. What kind of people arrived to America from Europe? Economic changes after the colonization of America: 1. How did world trade change after the encounter of Europe with America? 2. What kinds of items were introduced in America after its encounter with Europe? What kinds of items were introduced in Europe? 3. Did the new products have an effect on people's quality of life? 4. How did land ownership change after the Spanish arrived (encomienda)? 1. America before America 2. Encounter of two worlds 3. The Atlantic slave trade 4. Economic changes after colonization Project: Map skills Presentation Projects Evaluation criteria Project: Presentation

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