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Project Management Steering Committee Presentation Template

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Steering Committee

Transcript: Change Control Decisions IT Best Practices Pro How should we solve business needs? Now we know... Develop change control where changes are prioritized and accepted by the team Effort Politics Process can lengthen deployment CNI SC Method Develop a strategic approach to technology and road map the delivery Con Welcome to the Steering Committee How will it work? Policy Monitor and alert changes and incidents to minimize business impact Visible Ops reports 80% of unplanned outage are due to ill-planned changes made by Operations staff or developers Enterprise management associate report that 60% of availability and performance errors are the result of misconfigurations Gartner study projects that “Through 2015 80% of outages impacting mission-critical services will be caused by people and process issues and more than 50% of those outages will be caused by changes/configurations/release integration and hand-off issues What Was Changed? By Who? When? How Does This Work? Create a stable environment where risks are known mitigation measures are accepted including budget Now we are back to you... Structured Schedule Represent all business departments / team Steward resources and funds in a way that is most effective for the business Bring about positive change and truly be the pro-active center of IT Be the Advocate Network monitoring keeps track of mission-critical appliances and software, and notifies your network administrator before issues become user-impacting problems Without network monitoring, major problems may go undetected. With the extra notice afforded by proper monitoring, you can implement your disaster recovery protocols in time to prevent downtime and/or system failures. Examples of this include uninterrupted power supply batteries during an outage, backup completion status and the ability to predict hard drive failure. Reduce downtime and investigation time, as fewer hours worked means less money spent when problems occur and greater productivity across your organization. How will this work? According to the Strategic Research Institute, companies who are unable to resume processes within 10 days of a natural disaster are unlikely to survive more than a year. According to information provided by Safeware, 29 percent of data loss occurs because of human error. No matter how state of the art a system is, a single human mistake can damage data Hardware failure makes up approximately 40 percent of data loss in the United States Make Technology Easy For You The team that will help you get to the next level Facilitating the method and keeping everyone accountable to the structure Managing projects, deadlines, and communications Impact Budget / Funding Strategy IT Controls Acceptable Use Backup Policy System Update Policy Data Loss Participating in a new methodology of IT management Promoting the best interests of your department Having your voice heard Advocate for the team Sponsor initiatives Reinforce company best practices Engaged fully Understand and support technology best practices CNI Core Values Protect Data What am I doing here Monitoring Committee Members Outages Resolve Problems Quickly Objectives Our model is dependent on you Together you make up the SC This is your business Steering Committee Better question... Why should I trust them? What if we do nothing? A successful SC will.... What am I doing here ? Hard work Structured meetings Following technology best practices Leverage Technology to Improve Business Processes Always maintaining back out plans Managing variables Audit trails Quarterly Structured Meetings Focused project meetings All projects / requests / budgets tracked Who are these guys? Voice Vote Understand the vision Stable IT environment Who are these guys!? Proven Concept Structure Methodology Success Who are these guys talking to me? Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures How Business is Done ? Inform & Enable

Steering Committee

Transcript: June 2014 (to be confirmed) 21th march 2014 PYMWYMIC Impact days in Amsterdam: - Speech on Responsible Innovation / Biomimicry in front of Investors Workshop on Reponsible ICT in Futur en Seine 2014 Innovatech: - RI diagnostics with SMEs from Wallonia - Incorporation of RI notions into Innovatech's tools DONE Broadcasting of the ICT autodiagnostic questionnaire ! Our Priority A opportunity for SMEs to gain visibility ! 27th march 2014 Event on Responsible Innovation / Green IT in Delft - 2 Biomimicry Events (including one attached to the final conference) ? Meetings in Amsterdam: - Green It Amsterdam - Amsterdam Economic Board - Matchmaking Event Organized by Green IT Amsterdam 19th may 2014 may / june 2014 7th March 2014 29/30th january 2014 Meeting with Innovatech: innovation agency from the Walloon Region. - Sharing of our tools - Common RI diagnostic with french SME Paris Region Innovation Center: Workshop on waste valorization and circular economy Workshop in Lancaster University: - Presentation Responsible Innovation - Workshop Autodiagnostic tool in ICT July & september 2014 Steering Committee - 14-15 May 2014 TO DO Broadcasting of the ICT autodiagnostic questionnaire in Netherlands 17th april 2014 Meetings in Brussels: - Impulse: the Brussels region Innovation Agency - Greenloop / Resilient Web Project (Interreg IVB) 13th june 2014 8th april 2014 ESSEC - UCD Responsible Innovation Workshop: - Presentation of the RI Diagnostic tool - Workshop Students / French SMEs 16th may 2014 23th april 2014 Meeting with Green Lab Center (Nantes, France)

Steering Committee

Transcript: Back-to-School Health - Healthy lunchboxes, dinners, etc. AUGUST CVD (includes heart disease & stroke) Amanda Dahl - MUW Nutrition Department Type 2 Diabetes: Passport to Wellness Nutrition (diet) Physical Activity Stress Management 34.6% of MS population obese 2012 - 2nd highest obesity rate in U.S. (.1% behind Louisiana) OCTOBER MAY - Market Street Festival SEPTEMBER - Family Fitness Night JANUARY - Iron Chef Competition APRIL - Taste of Columbus Project Overview Ranked 2nd in U.S. for overall diabetes prevalence (12.4%) National Average: 8.7% JULY Gardening - Container, vegetables, flowers, etc. 1. Serve as an advocate for positive change in healthy living 2. Provide input and help to develop/promote campus-wide wellness initiatives 3. Attend quarterly meetings Suggestions on best days/times? Leading cause of death in MS 1/3rd of all MS deaths a result of CVD Highest CVD mortality rate in the nation FEBRUARY Campus Outreach Irene Pintado - MUW HKH Department Wellness Dr. Bethany Hairston - The Dermatology Clinic Skin Care / Skin Cancer: How to Take Care of Your Skin Throughout the Year Where Mississippi Stands Wellness Program for students/faculty/staff Motivation Alliance software Incentives / Rewards "Take the Stairs" campaign Mondays in Motion Monthly events Quarterly large events Heart Health / Stress Management Techniques Importance Sources Women's Health Quarterly Events Amanda Coleman - Baptist Hospital Behavioral Health 1. Ideas for what you would like to see on campus? What are our greatest needs? How can you help? 2. How can we best promote a wellness campaign on campus? 3. Ideas for incentives (for students? for faculty/staff?) Over 700,000 Mississippi adults hypertensive Increases risk for CVD & other medical issues MAY Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Reed Nevins - MS Extension Office Project made possible through: Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation Feedback Questions Roles/Expectations Confirmed Wellness Leaders "Adult Obesity Facts: Overweight and Obesity." Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 16 Aug. 2013. Web. 20 Sept. 2013. <>. "High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)." High Blood Pressure. Mississippi State Department of Health, n.d. Web. 20 Sept. 2013. <,0,297,431.html>. United States. Mississippi State Department of Health. Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program. Mississippi State Department of Health, n.d. Web. 20 Sept. 2013. <,0,297.html>. Obesity

Steering Committee Presentation

Transcript: Meeting Objective & Focus Focus BYOD Program and Readiness BYOD Landing Page Demonstration Office 365 Live Demonstration Brief Update from Last Steering Committee IT Strategy Update Project Registry Update New Items BYOD Readiness BYOD Program Rollout Overview Cloud Integration Overview BYOD Landing Page Program and Project Status Reporting BYOD Sub-Committee Office 365 Live Demonstration Initial Feedback BYOD LANDING PAGE Peel District School Board’s Vision for Learning and Instructional Technology AD & Imaging Project is currently On-Track with no issues currently being tracked. Project Status Wireless Project Cloud Integration Recommend that a BYOD Sub-committee be established to move the ball forward with respect to the BYOD initiative. This sub-committee will be made of up individuals from across the organization (Teachers, Principals, Student Trustees, LTSS, CISS, HR) The focus will be to research and provide recommendations on the following elements; BYOD Policies and Procedures Support and Training URL Filtering Applications & Tools Access and Filtering etc. These recommendations would be reviewed and approved by IT Steering before moving through LTSS Advisory and Leadership Council Updates From Last Meeting BYOD PROGRAM BYOD Sub-Commitee First Draft of the Project Registry is complete. We will complete a detailed walk-through at the next IT Steering committee Here are some quick stats... This team will have representation from many different areas of the Board including; Chair: Lawrence De Maeyer? (2) LTSS– Neal Larsen, Mark Marshall (2) CISS– Patrick McQuade + ITRT (1) Coordinator (3) Teachers (2 Secondary, 1 Elementary)?- (2) Principals – (Lawrence De Maeyer?, ) (2) Student Trustees - ?? Draft of the IT Strategy is approximately 50% complete, should be completed in 6-8 weeks at which point it will be presented All Bring Your Own Devices upon authenticated logon will be redirected the following 'BYOD Landing Page'. This page can be configured by School and will enable seamless access to Board sanctioned applications. Clear direction with respect to applications and functionality needs to be established. Currently, we have integrated with Desire2Learn, Angel, Office365, Google Apps and School connect. DELIVERY PROGRAM OVERVIEW Communication Plan Process Overview Project Registry Team Membership I visited the first school implementation and sat through the training and Q & A for School Connect(IBM). General consensus was that the product was good and they were excited by the features and functions. However, it was evident that there was a major disconnect between what was being provided and what was expected. Our initial offering does not address the requirements of a BYOD world, but rather a wired world using Peel owned hardware. 1) SchoolConnect & LAN School are great, but how does this work in a BYOD World? It was explained that the School Connect tool was primarily for a lab or Peel owned computer environment and was not able to assist in the same manner in a BYOD scenario. 2) "This was good, but I was expecting more from a collaboration standpoint... Blogs, Discussion forums Etc" It was explained that this functionality would be provided through a collaboration tool that was not yet determined such as Office 365 and Google Apps. 2) "When will we be getting trained on using BYOD in the Classroom? It was explained that training surrounding BYOD has not yet been determined. Cloud Integration This project is focused on building an integration engine that will seamless enable students to access a wide array of applications without requiring a separate user id or password (SSO). This engine will ensure that students, once initially authenticated, can seamlessly run sanctioned applications with the click of a button from the School BYOD landing page. Each application requires that a connector be created to enable pass through authentication. IT Strategy Meeting Agenda Delivering Peel District School Board’s vision for learning and instructional technology was beyond the scope of a single infrastructure project. To deliver this vision, LTSS created a BYOD umbrella Program that is made up of 12 independent projects. Currently, over 30 staff have been committed to the program, with the expectation that an additional 40 staff will be rolled in over the next months. Site: Learning Technology Support Services > LTSS Project Information > Project Roster

Steering Committee

Transcript: Steering Committee Meeting | E-Cell 2019-20 By ANIKET | MUKUND for E-Cell Team 2019-20 Previous Year and the current Team Recent Insights Tenure 2019-20 Promoting - Nurturing - Supporting Insights 2018-19! A quick Look-Back! Gallery and PR Stats 2018-19 40k+; Campaign-Based Marketing 5k+; Engaging Story Content 5k+; Influencial Marketing 10k+ Website Clicks; Telemarketing 30+ Newspaper Articles 12 E-21 launch Articles 5+ Student-Prototype Articles 6 Elevate City Meet-up Articles 8+ E-Summit 2019 Articles Success Metrics 2018-19 80 % increase in Institute Participation. 100 % increase in Institute Start-up Participation; 13 City Meet-ups. 40 % increase in Start-up Participation; 62 % increase in Institute Student Participation. New Initiatives: Entrepreneurship Cell Development Drive: Development of 5 E-Cell through structured mentoring and resource provision, in terms of guidebook and networks Education-21: The PR Campaign for the year 2018-19; creating awareness amongst school students about 21st century educational skills apart from only conventional learning; outreached to 20,000+ students from 30+ schools in 6+ cities; Mentored and supported 30+ students with building their prototypes and showcasing them in E-Summit A quick Sneak-peak! Team 2019-20! Structure and Hierarchy: A Team of 11 Verticals, 20 Cores, 1 PR Strategist, and 50+ Managers and 100+ Associate Managers. Heads to take supreme charge and are accountable to Steering Committee, for all the activities and initiatives taken up by organization. Cores to head respective verticals, and carry out various activities along with their team Managers. During E-Summit, Managers will handle specific work portfolios along with their Associate Managers assigned. Team 2019-20! Additions - The recent ones! What's New?? Ongoing Plans Accomplished: Finance and Operations Portal Inclusion in STACT Initiated: ISO Certification for E-Summit 2020 New Proposals: E-Summit Chair-Person Committee Students Utility Portal Start-up Services Portal Inventory Space and Club Space Journalism Special Mentions New Proposals! New Proposals E-Summit Chair-Person Committee (ISO Certification Work) Student Utility Portal: A one-stop solution of all student discussions (CFI and I&AR), Intern-Fair Portal, Freelancing Portal, Team Member Requirements etc. Start-up Services Portal: A one-stop solution for Institute start-ups to visit and avail services at much discounted-price, than they can get through external approach from outside. Inventory Space and Club Space Plans and Progress so far... Jul-Nov 2019 Odd Semester Activity Plans Primary Initiatives The code for the topic. Primary Initiatives Let's Talk Entrepreneurship Getting to know insti founders Idea Validation Meet-up Opportunity Analysis and Customer Discovery Concept Testing and Customer Validation Steps to Rapid Prototyping Business Model Canvas The code for the topic. Secondary Initiatives Other Initiatives PR Campaign - D-Well (Digital Well Being) Launch Date - 16 September Daily Informative Content and E-Blogs #MondayMotivation #TuesdayTweets #WednesdayWisdom #ThrowbackThursday #FridayFacts #SaturdayToons #StartupSunday Winter Intern-Fair (19-20 October) Theme Reveal and Pre-Summit (02 November) E-Awards In Process! 17-19 Jan 2019 E-Summit 2020 E-Summit 2020 In Process! Theme Reveal - Nov 2nd, 2019 E-Summit Date - Jan. 17-19, 2020 Prospective Theme: Synergising Paradigms Customized Experience to each set of audience through 5-Summit approach! Youth Summit The code for the topic. Youth Summit Purpose: The summit focuses on shaping the entrepreneurial mindset, uncovering new possibilities and revolutionary ideas. Target Audience: College students with minimal to no entrepreneurial experience. Structure: Set of keynote addresses, start-up stories, low prep case studies and business simulation games. First Flavor of Entrepreneurship! The code for the topic. Innovator's Summit Innovator's Summit Purpose: Providing aspiring entrepreneurs with intensive mentoring and workshops from industry experts to help them advance their journey. Structure: Highly competitive and long preparatory contests: E-21 Unconference BootCamp Marathon of Innovation! The code for the topic. Startup Summit Start-up Summit Purpose: Assisting start-up development and providing a platform for extensive networking experience for investors and founders. Structure: Elevate Start-up Showcase and Team-Up Growth conference Catalyzing Growth! The code for the topic. Digital Summit Digital Summit Purpose: A part of the campaign to spread digital awareness. Introducing start-ups, businesses and individuals to the various opportunities of the digital world. Structure: Set of keynote addresses, panel discussions, workshops and activities Starting up online business Brand Image and Digital Marketing Digital awareness on topics such Cyber-Security Stepping towards a better digital world! The code for the topic. Industry 4.0 Summit Industry 4.0 Summit Purpose: One The

Steering committee

Transcript: Steering committee Purposes & Requirement Project purposes A catalyst project for students mobility & inter-culturalism A European festival on the long run Requirement No less than 5 partner universities UCA's example UCA’s hosting case Partnerships Partnerships Retroplanning over a full year UCA’s hosting case January 2022 Names of all partner universities February-March 2022 Press release of the Project main principles September-October 2022 Launching of the local applicant pre-screening made on file November 2022 Selection of 5 student music groups per university December 2022 Local live concert to select the finalist student music groups for each university February 2023 Press release of the European finale Concert hosted in Clermont-Ferrand Mars 2023 European final concert UCA's retroplanning UCA's retroplanning Pre-screening on file - No music style restriction Eligibility criteria - No language restriction - Biography, photos, live concert videos - 3 titles including an original composition - At least one student or a majority of students in the music group - At most one album of the music group Concerts’ selection process Concerts’ selection process 4 selection board members Students public vote as a fifth selection member Operational engagement Engagement from all partner universities for the local pre-screening 5 student music groups 4-5 selection board members for the organisation A local concert hall Talking points Talking points Students mobility Students mobility What kind of academic configuration (courses planning, ECTS, etc.) could be set up for the students ? What about students accommodation, transportation and else ? Selection process of European final concert Selection process for the European final concert What kind of vote ? Competition of Cooperation victory ? Common communication strategy and devices Common communication strategy and devices Setting up a selection of interdisciplinary students all along the event : Communication team mission Making off, Interviews through storytelling of all selected student music groups, Report-documentary Media Media A common website ? How about on social networks ? Estimated budget Estimated budget Contacts Contacts UCA Communication service UCA Communication Service Myriam FEMENIAS – Production Manager for Clermont Auvergne Project Fanny SORBADERE – Project Leader for Clermont Auvergne Project Université Clermont Auvergne 36 bis Boulevard Cote Blatin 63000 Clermont-Ferrand +33 (0) 473 177 202 EuropaVox EuropaVox François Missonnier – Direction CEO +33(0) 184 250 445 Salomé Besse – Project Manager +33(0) 184 250 427 Local Office : 46 rue Bouret, 75019 paris Head Office : 15-17 rue du Pré de la reine, 63100 Clermont-Ferrand

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