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Product Features Powerpoint Template

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Product features

Transcript: Filial piety Fit with the cultural environment : Chinese society Over half of men prefer Blue Tend to consider the anti-hair fall shampoo that will suit their color preference – blue Natural friendly Emphasizing the use of C.H.M. The easiest color for the eyes to process Brand recognition ads exaggerate the efficacy of the product E.g. special effect Their past experience towards the shampoo ads The counterfeit cultural environment Advertising 1 BaWang Change in perception BaWang can better be represented by Not necessary to suit their color preference Packaging Original perception Advertising 3 Packaging Packaging Belief Packaging Regular usage of BaWang Anti-hair Fall Shampoo Bawang shampoo: natural chemical ingredients Consumer confidence Realized the importance of hair protection Product details Advertising 1 Original perception Advertising 2 Regular Usage Which one do you prefer? Advertising 1 Original perception The Chinese product contains many chemical ingredients E.g melamine Men : suffering from hair fall Combines CHM The change in perception Effectively reduce hair fall Make hair voluminous and shiny Hair fall can be simply solved by using BaWang regularly Anti-hair fall is effective can be made by CHM Natural friendly The ad of BaWang special effect Same performance quality as Jacky Chan Change in perception Change in the perception Advertising Chinese herbal medicine derived ingredients e.g. Heshouwu, Roseroot, ginger, Hair fall Make thin hair voluminous and shiny Advertising 3 BaWang Anti-hair Fall Shampoo Product Features Product features Green color Anti-hair fall is a complicated issue Doubt whether Anti-hair fall is effective Change in perception The shampoo of BaWang contain no chemical ingredients, which is safe Regard hair fall as a trivial problem Made by chemical Target customer Product features Advertising 3 Original Perception Color Original perception Advertising 3 Packaging

Product Features

Transcript: featured real women whose physical appearance who did not meet the typical beauty look. Shows people that real beauty cannot be shown on the outside. High self esteem - Walmart- $5.97 (free shipping) Target- $4.29 (subsribe to get 5% off) Walgreens- $7.29 (buy one get one 50% off) Sold at- Department stores Sold in- colder climate places that make dry skin Dove Body Lotion 4 Main Groups- soaps deodorants lotions haircare Promotion Became big in 2004 1. How much are the customers willing to pay? Indirect- involves one or more intermediates Packaging New Product -open from the bottom easier to squeeze into hand -Dove logo -summary of use -larger at the top to grab out of bags -NEW 1990s rival- Olay Provides soft and smooth skin fast absorbing hydrating for extra dry skin first only made soaps Mix of Shea Butter+Skin nourishing oil= rich moisture hand pump- easy to get lotion provides Brand name and logo brief summary brown&white color to signify difference between other lotions shape of bottle=wide to narrow= easy to hold in hand Direct- goods&services are sold from the producer directly to the customer Hand Lotion a pathway to direct products to customers Marketing Mix 1. Manufacturer 2. Cost and Freight Stocks 3. Retail stores different than body lotion because... thicker because body lotion needs a different moisture than your hands Channels of Distribution Leading bar and liquid soap brand 2. Is the price competitive with other products? Product Features This lotion provides smooth and silky skin which people with dry skin need. The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty 3. Can the company make a profit? Pricing Place This is valuable because it is affordable and trustworthy. This product has been around for a long time and works well. If the price goes up, less price sensitive people may switch since there are many other lotions. for dry hands

Product Features

Transcript: Issue Ages – 14 days to 17 years Face Amounts - $5,000 - $30,000 Builds Cash Value Underwriting – No Medical Exam, only two health questions on the application Guaranteed Insurability Rider – No cost rider that provides the option to purchase additional coverage at ages 30, 33, 36 and 39 without evidence of insurability Application Submission by Grandparents without the parent signature on the application (excluding PA ) (This product is currently not currently available in the state of WA) Meet challenges with amazing solutions Connect people across your world Frictionless adoption Crowdicity makes launching your innovation platform simple and straightforward. We remove the IT stress by taking care of the hosting and set-up for you. With Crowdicity you can be up and running quickly and securely. And we don’t just give you the tool. We also provide training, promotion, workshops and expertise to make sure it all works for you. Social platform Improve inclusion, participation and team spirit through one engaging and dynamic collaborative platform. Involved, informed and engaged Send targeted customised emails, trigger automated alerts and notifications and Crowdicity’s unique gamification features make taking part fun and rewarding. Unique connections Bring everyone together in a way they’ve never been brought together before. Accessing Crowdicity Knowledge resource Crowdicity provides a unique store of knowledge. A huge bank of ideas, insights, knowledge and expertise. An invaluable resource for your organisation. Sophisticated search Searching is easy. Find what your people have said in the past. Search by keyword, trends, subjects, popularity and more. Analyse data View trends. See which ideas are being picked up. Learn what topics are interesting your people. All in real time. All with instant visibility. Share ideas and get quality feedback Innovation dating Wherever they are in the world, wherever they are within your organisation, Crowdicity gets all your people talking together in one place. All together Crowdicity provides everyone with an easy way to share their expertise and experience and collaborate on all kinds of projects. Learn new stuff Your people will be happy to share their views and ideas, and you will learn amazing things from people at all levels in all locations. Customise and Control Underwriting Questions Product Features New ideas Explore product ideas. Test out new processes. Increase efficiency Explore what you need to explore. Evaluate ideas Watch your people rate ideas, rank them and decide which they like best. They can like ideas, vote openly or blindly, and enjoy the process. Everyone is included A familiar social media platform means everyone feels they can participate in a natural and inclusive way. Improve participation and engagement Access anywhere Crowdicity is not a corporate, desk­bound application. It is a dynamic social innovation platform which can be accessed anywhere. Completely compatible Crowdicity is accessible on any mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to your challenge on any device at anytime. Easy integration Single sign­on makes life easy for your people and secure for you. Crowdicity is universal, integrating with Facebook, Twitter, Google, MSN and Linkedin. Application Crowdsourcing Software Build knowledge and analyse data Crowdcity Idea storms Set specific challenges. Launch open challenges. Watch the flood of solutions come back. Ask for advice. Hear what people really think. Inspiring ideas Some ideas will be mad. Some will be bad. Some will inspire better ideas. They’re all available to you through Crowdicity. Unearth gems Amongst them, a gem of a suggestion you’d never have got to through normal communication lines. Name of the Company Secure and IT team-friendly Simple…2 pages…2 health questions No parent signature required when grandparent is purchasing coverage* No other forms included in the application package Good looking Crowdicity just looks great. It is inviting to use, easy to engage with and rewarding to explore. Friendly and familiar No boxy corporate greyness. Crowdicity is instantly familiar to everyone who uses the internet and social media. Complete control Managers, administrators and IT teams embrace Crowdicity for the level of control, the flexibility of tailoring and the ease of adoption it gives you

Product Features

Transcript: The command and control center. Single place for administering your processes. And process instances. And user tasks. And users. Process Intervention Reporting Dashboard Process Console The heart of the system. WYDIWYE(c) - What You Draw Is What You Execute. Completely event driven. Knows when to wait for parallel or past tasks. Exposes API for inspections. <5 mili seconds for an instance. See the process and instance distribution. Discover your over-loaded resources. Plan for the black-friday. Standards based process modeler. (refer BPMN 2.0) Identify start triggers. Define activities. Define Roles and ownerships. Identify decision points. Call out terminations. GO! Roubroo is available in SaaS... The Roubroo Story Subject 3 Process Modeler Sales Force Connector Subject 1 Conclusion Aka Process Debugger Bring IDE like ability to your business process. Pause a running process. Modify an in-flight process - no lockdowns. Replay / selectively replay executing processes. Forms Modeler Connectors Subject 3 Roubroo Subject 2 Define how your end users will interact with the process. Drag and drop. Choose how much data to show to each user. Process Engine is here Salesforce Database Email Java WSDL Other Processes - modularize your processes Easily integrate in your sales force applications. Trigger processes based on events in Sales force. Update records in Salesforce from executing process. Complete bi-directional functionality between Salesforce and other applications in the cloud or on-premise.

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