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Transcript: SECOND SCREEN what are others reading/watching/sharing SOCIAL FOCUS engaging users between episodes ALTERNATE STORY LINES new features to enhance an existing news/content product engaging users between show airings enhancing the VMA experience product process PRODUCT PROCESS Dena Fletcher October 8, 2014 PASSIVE the audience drives the programming LEADERBOARD GO TO THE VMAs WITH BEYONCE second screen experience for the VMA's allows the user to pick their own camera to view the proceedings from different vantage points what are my friends reading/watching/sharing puts the user in control of the experience provides a window into what users are truly interested in and can inform future broadcasts can be extended to other shows SOCIAL WHAT HAPPENS NEXT ACTIVE PRODUCTION CONSIDERATIONS Dena Flecther October 8, 2014 increase audience engagement and retention by putting the user in control of their experience and making them feel like part of the experience engage users in a discussion of “what will happen next?” users speculate on the story users vote on who was closest user “teaches” what he/she is interested in Thank You. PRODUCT CONCEPTS users continue to customize their experience on the go in a fun easy way IMPACT enhancing the news/content site experience by providing more personalized and customized content engage users in coming up with alternate story lines users vote on best ideas interaction with show writers/producers/cast most popular wins an opportunity to sit in on a show taping or writing session TAKE IT MOBILE TOPICS community engagement specialist to elicit participation emphasize ease of sharing develop "rewards" program (eg. relationships with show staff etc.) moderation support (eg. ICUC) establish strong and clear copyright standards and rules the site “learns” what the user is interested in MAKE IT MINE TYPES OF PERSONALIZATION passive active social

Product Concept

Transcript: Market Size Product Concept Water bottles are sold almost everywhere metal water bottles high end models of water bottle filters need to be purchased from the manufacture directly online People buy directly from camping and outdoor stores Pricing Demographic Objectives Market Positioning Competition RELIABILITY Promotion Water is a necessity 7 billion people in the world who all need water Some regions face scarcity of clean water Threat: Increasing legislation affecting businesses Opportunity: Increased emphasis on ethics and socially responsible companies Short term 50 retail stores on the East Coast in 1 year Long term Sales of $5 million in 5th year Projections 20% profit within the end of the 2nd year $2 million in profit after the 5th year Distribution Channels Threat: Water pollution is increasing Opportunity: lack of accessible drinking water Threat: geographical shift in the population of the United States Opportunity: growing United States and world population Outdoor enthusiasts to LOHAS market usually in higher income class interested in sustainable products Eco-Vapor is a sustainable product Target Market Political/ Legal Eco-Vapor is self-refilling water apparatus using innovative technology to provide consumers with a safe, reliable and sustainable product. Eco-Vapor is extremely environmentally conscious and always focuses on the triple-bottom line of people, profit and planet within the beverage industry. Threat: Unlimited opportunities for innovation Opportunity: Trend of accelerating pace of technological change World's first water bottle that refills itself Core Benefit: Ability to obtain water in situations where it is unavailable Symbolic: Eco-Vapor brand, chrome finish, high quality Augmented: 30 day money back guarantee, 4 year warranty Threats and Opportunities End of 2012: Water bottle market worth $6.7 billion 3.4% increase since 2011 Industry Leaders: private label water, Aquafina, Dasani, Glaceau, Vitamin Water, and Poland Spring Large, powerful competitors Manufactured in New Hampshire Short Term One level: Manufacture to retailer- EMS, LL Bean, REI, Sports Authority... zero level: manufacture to consumer through online sales Long Term Two level: Manufacture to wholesaler to retailer- Target, Walmart, Best Buy... Demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral Psychographic: values and lifestyles Eco-Vapor targets lifestyles of outdoor enthusiasts Research Strategy Socio-Cultural Segmentation Strategy One level Retailers: $95.00 Suggested Retail Price: $120.00 Two Level Price to Wholesalers: $100.00 Price Skimming Quality and cost effectiveness Each person intakes over 30 gallons of water per year from plastic water bottles Water bottle sales are approximately $12 million dollars per company per year Top competitors own 15% of market share. Physical/Natural Product Review Technological Economic Mission Statement Market Situation Threat: Income distribution in the United States Opportunity: United States consumers have a high debt- to - income ratio ECO-VAPOR Questions that would be featured in a focus group or survey: 1. How much are people willing to pay for the product? 2. Is there a market for refillable water bottles? 3. What is a normal retention rate for consumers buying water bottles? 4. What is the best advertising plan for marketing the Eco-Vapor? 5. What is the price elasticity of demand for the Eco-Vapor? Many types of water bottles in the market Price of plastic water bottles range from $0.99 to $1.69 Popular reusable water bottle is Nalgene, with prices around $12.00 Market Description RELIABLE WATER BOTTLE Public Relations: Holding charity events, writing press releases Publicity: Trained PR team to alert media of positive engagements trained staff to respond to negative press Sales Promotion: Broadcast media (television, radio), personal selling team Advertising Strong social media campaign In store demonstrations Poll Results Distribution Threat: Persistence of cultural values Opportunity: LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) Market

Product Concept

Transcript: Promotional Strategies Monshu cookies offers tasty treats with healthy benefits. Our company decided to produce cookies with unique flavors. These flavors consists of chili-chocolate, squash, horse radish, a combination of squash and horse radish, sweet potato, and dragon fruit. Instead of conceptualizing about sweet treats to offer in the market, the company decided to make tasty nutritious cookies. Strengths Due to the rising number of health conscious individuals, consumers are searching for better dessert alternatives that also provides health benefits. Deadpool cookies is a great choice as a dessert alternative since it is made from healthy ingredients. This trend is a great opportunity for this product. -to be the leading producer of various nutritious snacks -to expand the company's product line through innovation -to be a global provider of pastries and snacks Our Objectives Goals Our Vision The product will require minimal use of machines because of its simple production process. An oven and few baking tools will be needed. Monshu Cookie Corporation Product line It is critical for the business to determine its products strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. These will help determine whether or not to continue the product plans or if there are modifications to be made. A world class company that offers healthy and organic pastries created through hardwork, innovation and passion and the leading producer of nutritious snacks nationwide. • It has many health benefits. • The price is affordable • The product is made using organic ingredients. • It is fun to eat and also delicious. The different flavors of the cookies will serve as an encouragement for them to buy the products. Introduction Brand Management Weaknesses Cookies serve as treats for children which makes them the main target of this product. Opportunities Packaging Samples Serves as treats at the same time nutritious snack due to the new ingredient that are present in the product. The products are to be distributed in various stores, like bakeries, cafes, groceries, convenience and the like. Intensive distribution will be the number of intermediaries because the company is aiming for a wide target market. The product was made for our company to be known. Almost all cookie-business have the same product offerings, the only difference is the brand. So our company decided to introduce cookies with new and unusual flavors like chili-chocolate, sweet potato, dragon fruit … for which it is preferred by everyone. Packaging Samples •Improve product awareness- establish a good campaign that will help our business established on the minds of the consumers. •Increase sales. •Establish our business in the mainstream industry Food is a basic need. It provides the energy needed to perform daily tasks. An average person consume three meals and two snacks a day. In almost every meal, Filipinos usually eat “panghimagas” or dessert. The common desserts Filipinos usually have are leche flan, halo-halo, cookies, etc. These desserts can also be eaten as snacks, especially cookies. Threat Product Strategies The weakness of the company is primarily on the financial aspect. A large fund is needed for the production of the product and promotion for the introductory stage. Another is the availability of the raw materials needed for the production. Some materials needed are seasonal and not readily available. Health conscious Children Adults (including old age) Not all of the flavors serves as sweets, but some are made as nutritious snacks. Our Mission Our assorted cookies have different vitamins and minerals and is made from organic ingredients. These cookies will not just serve as a dessert or snack alternative but can also be an effective way to encourage kids to eat vegetables. The pricing strategy that the company will use is marketing penetration pricing. The company decided to come up with this pricing strategy because of the considerations of the costs for the production of the cookie products. The top companies that offer similar products are the major threats for the company. Since these companies have established their name in the national market and gaining loyal customers, it will be hard to enter this industry. It will take a long period of time before the company can establish a competition with the leading companies without risking the business. Company Tag Line/ Poster Target Marketing Strategies to establish a place in consumer's minds. SWOT Analysis People nowadays have become more health conscious and they look for healthier alternatives for desserts and snacks. Packaging Samples Php. 20.00 PRODUCT CONCEPT Php. 200.00/ 2 dozens Teens Distribution Situational Analysis Pricing Strategies Php. 50.00/ 8 pcs Php. 80.00/1 dozen Php. 120.00/2 dozen To delight our customers by providing freshly baked cookies and the best possible services to the food industry.We will continuously improve all aspects of our business in order to sustain the

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