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Process Improvement Presentation Template

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Process Improvement

Transcript: Cycle Tiem: 3h Quality: 80% Lead Time: 1w Review the process, collect and write down facts, assumptions, questions and simplify by eliminating waste: redundancy loops - what are the route cause of the loops wait for multiple approval unnecessary steps which does not lead to the process goals and deliverable unnecessary complexity environmental waste (network, file location... etc) Taks 2 by NIH IT Review the process, determine the deliverable(s), goals of the process, participants / customers Cycle Time: 1h Quality: 100% Lead Time: 0 Visualization Discuss the facts, assumptions and questions come up then provide suggestions of rework the process value Step 7: Take ownership Summary review the input / output material of the process (rules, guidelines, descriptions, standards) and look for ambiguous statements and possible confusion source Step 1: Review Materials Core team: Ferenc Pajor, Ferenc Dulovics, Sandor Toth János Szép, László Szilágyi Step 3: Measure Cycle Time: 5h Quality: 95% Lead Time: 1w Process Improvement need Step 6: Validate Step 2: Collect Assign one owner to the process who will be responsible for executing the process and makes sure the "rules" are followed. Communicate the change! Input Example How to measure? Using Value Stream Mapping What is Value Stream? A series of steps that must be performed in the proper sequence to create value for a customer Create a flow chart of the current process Taks 4 Definitions: Quality of the process / task: percentage of first run success Cycle time: time to complete a step / task Lead time: delay / wait between steps / tasks customer Cycle Time: 1h Quality: 100% Lead Time: 2d Taks 1 Step 4: Examine Cycle time (CT) of the process: 1h + 5h + 1h + 3h = 10h Quality of the process: 100% x 95% x 100%x 80% = 76% Total Lead Time LT: 0 + 8d + 2d + 8d = 18d = 144h (1d = 8h) Value Added CT / LT = 10h / 144h = 6.94% Review if the deliverable is the same as it was of the original process by involving the business Ask for input about issues from the individuals who are participating in the process Questions? Taks 3 Step 5: Rework

Process Improvement Presentation

Transcript: References Microsoft. (2014). Run Chart. Retrieved 09 27, 2014, from Office: Mind Tools, Ltd. (2014). Force Field Analysis. Retrieved 09 27, 2014, from Mind Tools: Total Quality Management. (2014). Retrieved 09 27, 2014, from University of Phoenix. (n.d.). Forum. Retrieved 09 20, 2014, from University of Phoenix: By Anthony Lovelady Joseph Mullins Prototype completed Program Design Completed Complete IT Integration Prototype #2, 1st Draft and 2nd Draft complete Proof of Concept Presentation All SET? Project Deliverables Are our products still competitive? Lower Cost??? Enjoyed your summer? Gantt Chart Process Improvement Presentation Greetings from Ibiza! IT Department: Will develop the bar code system and complimentary software. HR will train all associates on the proper use of the bar code system Quality assurance will gather and interpret data from bar code system Processes engineers will evaluate data and continuously improve bar code system. Tool: Pie Charts and Bar Graphs Who: The analytic team that will be put into place to ensure process success When: This tool will be used regularly when analyzing how well or poor the process is doing compared to the old process What: Will be used monthly or quarterly so that changes can be made, if needed, regularly How: Will allow the analytic team as well as managers, workers, and stakeholders to see the process performance Back to business! Once project is approved, It will begin training HR on how the system is to be used. HR will then begin training staff, including management One portion of the assembly process will be selected for a 90 day trial run. IT will evaluate trial run and correct any issues Training will be conducted plant wide for all associates\ Actual implementation plant wide will occur 6 months after project approval. it's time to get started! Identify 3 TQM Tools Tool: Force Field Analysis Who: Everyone within the organization When/What: Before, during and after process development How: Will show how the everyone in the organization views the new process and will track how people opinions change over time TQM Roles and Responsibilities We have a new process design... time TQM Performance Measurement by Identifying; Type, Date Created, who created item and production material used. Create means to identify bottleneck issues in production. Create means to identify problem suppliers and vendors. Increase overall quality of product by developing a means of measuring quality related issues and indicating which TQM measure to be implimented. Include: Having to scan bar codes Creating the bar codes Implementing the computer database for daily use Interpreting the data Tool: Run Chart Who: Quality Assurance/ Analytic Team When/What: Daily during inspections How: Will track the rate of imperfections. Bar codes will tell which type, the date created, by whom, and the type of plastic polymer that was used Potential Bottle Necks Define: Incorporate a bar coding system Measure: Currently there is no way to track performance in the China plant... Analyze: By incorporating at bar coding system analytic team will be able to measure performance. Improve: Add bar codes to each individual piece (or a lot) to track production Control: Maintain the bar code and continuously improve production Project Plan Using Six Sigma to create a defect free product in record time!! vacation are you Ready for the second part of the year? November 28th December 10th December 15th December 15th December 15th December 17th Is over... with love Victoria Enjoyed the summer? It's time to get back to business! This Prezi is specially created by Prezzip for the UK Prezi community. Feel free to re-use! separate elements Implementation Plan Get ready for a hectic rest of the year this reusable prezi has been specially created for the prezi community by: prezi templates and custom design let's go! Computer VS calculator?

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