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Princeton University

Transcript: My College:Princeton University Thirty-eight percent of sophomores have chosen to major in economics, politics, history, English and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, traditionally the five most popular academic departments, Dean of the College Nancy Malkiel reported at a faculty meeting Monday. Those departments account for 43 percent of concentrators in the junior and senior classes Founded in 1746 in Elizabeth, New Jersey, as the College of New Jersey, the university moved to Newark in 1747, then to Princeton in 1756 and was renamed Princeton University in 1896.[6] (The present-day College of New Jersey in nearby Ewing, New Jersey, is an unrelated institution.) Princeton University is a private research university located in Princeton, New Jersey, United States. The school is one of the eight universities of the Ivy League, and is one of the nine Colonial Colleges founded before the American Revolution Princeton has been associated with 33 Nobel Laureates, 17 National Medal of Science winners, and three National Humanities Medal winners. On a per-student basis, Princeton has the largest university endowment in the world. Princeton was the fourth institution of higher education in the U.S. to conduct classes.While it once had close ties to the Presbyterian Church, it has never been affiliated with any denomination[9] and today imposes no religious requirements on its students.The university has ties with the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton Theological Seminary, and the Westminster Choir College of Rider University. Princeton is located in New Jersey 36 university princeton,08544

Princeton University

Transcript: Average GPA: 3.5 Average SAT Score: 2090-2360 Average ACT Composite Score: 33 Princeton University is a vibrant community of scholarship and learning that stands in the nation's service and in the service of all nations. Princeton is the fourth-oldest college in the United States. Princeton independent, that provides undergraduate and graduate instruction in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. Campus life activities are built around the concepts of encouraging each community member to express their own talents and to respect all members.Housing is guaranteed for undergraduates, and nearly all students live on campus.There also are a wide variety of dining options. Students are free to join religious organizations on campus, many are supported as student organizations through the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students. The religious interests of members of the University community are supported by the Office of the Dean of Religious Life, working together with campus ministers who serve the students, faculty and staff of particular faiths. Fees & Expenses The estimated cost of attendance for 2012-13 is $54,780 and includes: Tuition: $38,650 Room charge: $6,950 Board rate: $5,680 Estimated miscellaneous expenses: $3,500 Financial aid credits are deducted from the University bill of $52,165 for those who qualify, leaving the remainder due as a family payment on either a semester or monthly basis. About Princeton Religious Life Campus Life TO GET IN Its tuition and fees are $37,000 (2011-12). Undergraduate Admission PRINCETON UNIVERSITY

Princeton University

Transcript: More Reviews... Latest news about Princeton Princeton was establish in 1746. The university is located at Princeton, NJ 08544 . The Dean of the college is Pablo G. Debenedetti The number of students that attend Princeton is 7,813.The total undergraduates are 5,203 students and total graduates are 2,610 students. To get accepted Princeton the full tuition you have to pay is about $58,820 for a semester or a monthly payment. Princeton has a sorority of an Alpha. The total of buildings in the university is 180 of them. There are too many to name but a few of them are called: North garage, Bowen, Woolworth, Bloomberg, Frick, Fitzrandolph observatory, computer science, Hoyt, colonial, and Burr. About Princeton University Michelle Obama had been denied by many people in school that she could not have that big of dream to reach. Many of teachers told her face to face that Michelle had too high of standards in order to go to Princeton were impossible. So after this was said to her she knew that she had to go her own way in order to reach her dream college (Princeton). Through this article she express how she took the negativity to push for her dreams to prove to the ones who said she wouldn't be able to reach her dream at the end she accomplished. Michelle Obama Recalls Being Told She’d ‘Never Get Into’ Princeton Activities Princeton has to offer are football, hockey, softball, squash, fencing, swimming, tennis, water polo, air force, ballroom dance club, university orchestra, Black arts Company (drama), and much more. Princeton is very hard college to get into and my goal is to start being more active in my academics and really try hard in my school work as my 8th grade year goes by when I enter high school, my top priority will be to never stop accomplishing my goals and keep on making new ones. Another way I can prepare to get into this university is to find what interests me to do in my free time so I not only do it to look good in application but to build a charter inside me that could help become better the way I think and see things. Why I want to go to Princeton Marycarmen Almazan 310 Princeton University • “Self-motivated, able to buckle down and focus like no other, but also let loose and have fun. Basically, anyone who is good at work hard play hard...I don't work as hard as I probably need to. Have initiative to pursue things. If you can do those two things, you will love it here.” Princeton has been a school I knew for a while but after researching it and looking at its website I notice the school has a lot to offer to students who get accepted. Some examples I would like to go to Princeton because of the reviews people give about like how the people in the university or classes or not just your peers but as well your motivators to help you lead your goal you want to accomplish. I also want to go there because it teaches and trains students for astrophysical sciences. There are also much the school has to offer so I can have a feeling that I can have more than one interest to do something I enjoy so I can leave the school with knowledge but also happiness. Reviews from Princeton students. Requirements to enter the school you have to write 2 essays involving your ideas of any sort of topic to the university so they have an idea of what you can deliver to the university, achievements you had committed in school or out, what advantages you had taken from your schools programs, and last show the school in any way what type of person you are the has what it takes to get into Princeton. • “Princeton is probably not for you if you are: 1) lazy, 2) closed-minded, or 3) convinced that you’re the smartest person on earth (you’re not) and want it to stay that way (it won’t). But other than that, this university has almost everything. I think most people can find their niche here and thoroughly enjoy the experience.” • “Princeton is an extremely welcoming school with excellent professors, students, and faculty members. I am wrapping up my first semester here, and I have had the time of my life...I really wish that time would just slow down and I could be here for the rest of my life. It's a work hard, party hard kind of place” The highest degree Princeton University offers is up to a Ph.D. Princeton has much to offer in there programs but there are many of them some for example are Architecture, Chemistry, Astrophysical Sciences, Computer science, Electrical engineering, psychology, Molecular biology, politics, anthropology, and so much more. What Princeton can offer me ‎ • “I can say with absolute certainty that the best thing about Princeton is the people. This place is home to thousands of fascinating individuals with ridiculously diverse backgrounds, interests, and personalities. One of the things I love the most about my school is that you are constantly learning--not just in class, but outside of class, too. Make no mistake, you will learn a ton in the classroom, but just as important is

princeton university

Transcript: this is my prezi on Princeton University i hope that u enjoyed!!! Princeton University is located on 70 Washington Road,NJ 08540 Princeton University also has a long list of clubs ..Here is a couple like the Glee club,Chess club,and a Cooking club but there is many more you can choose from ACADEMICS INFORMATION PRINCETON UNIVERSITY mascot Princeton has a hand full of academics a few of them are Math, Sciencs, l.A., Sosial Studies , Reading, and the list goes on and on CLUBS LOCATION Princeton has many,many sports to choose from like Mens Sports Baseball | Basketball | Crew - Heavyweight | Crew - Lightweight | Cross Country | Fencing | Football | Golf | Hockey | Lacrosse | Soccer | Sprint Football | Squash | Swimming & Diving | Tennis | Track & Field | Volleyball | Water Polo | Wrestling and many more . ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS To attend Princeton you have to graduate from high school with a 4.o. And have tooken and passed all the following classes Foreign Language,Laboratory Science, History, Mathematics and English. THANK YOU SPORTS The mascot at Princeton University is a tiger. The students at Princeton University have to where the school colors which are black and orange that is because they want the students to fill as if they were a tiger which doesn't fear anyone or anything.The school mascot is a tiger is is that because like i said at first a tiger doesn't fear none. HISTORY Princeton University was British North America's fourth college. Located in Elizabeth for one year and then in Newark for nine, the College of New Jersey moved to Princeton in 1756. It was housed in Nassau Hall, which was newly built on land donated by Nathaniel Randolph. Nassau Hall contained the entire College for nearly half a century. 1896, when expanded program offerings brought the College university status, the College of New Jersey was officially renamed Princeton University in honor of its host community of Princeton. Four years later, in 1900, the Graduate School was established. The collage that i have choose to attend in my future is Princeton University. I want to attend this collage because i have herd nice things about it. I want to attend a collage that i know that will give me the best education that i can get. And Princeton will be the one to give it to me

Princeton University

Transcript: Size Well, now that you've heard of all the nice things about this college, why not go there for a nice stay? It's big, has small classes with good food, and has nice sports teams. I know I'm going to go there for sure! Housing The tuition costs $40,170 and the room and board costs $13,080. Princeton University The best majors offered are economics, political science and government, public policy analysis, history, and molecular biology. The student-faculty ratio is 6:1, with 74.1% of the classes having less than 20 students. This school has a campus that is 500 acres. Princeton University Think about getting away from your parents! Well, Princeton is a college that is exactly 1,706 miles from home. Facilities The deadline for this is on January 1st. Well, the facilities at Princeton is that there are various academic schools. Activities Admission Requirements Princeton University is a 4-year co-ed private school that has a suburban setting. It's located in Princeton, New Jersey and is about 600 acres. The deadline is on January 1st. Princeton is a nice college with a good distance from home, small classes, and excellent food. I'm going to tell you some facts about Princeton that I recommend thinking about. College Expenses Academics Financial Aid This school's top athletic team is the Ivy League, which is a lacrosse team. Location What's cool about the food? Well, they serve potatoes, sweet corn, chicken, etc. Sounds good to me! Environment Go To Princeton!

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