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Virtual reality presentation

Transcript: Virtual Reality By: Thaina Souza de Paula David Clusker Vitor Hugo Araujo Colley Carlos Ney Souza Borges What is VR? Virtual reality (VR) X Augmented reality (AR) What is Virtual reality ? -> Sensorial -> Computer Generated -> Interactive Definition of virtual reality (Merriam-Webster) an artificial environment which is experienced through sensory stimuli (such as sights and sounds) provided by a computer and in which one's actions partially determine what happens in the environment also : the technology used to create or access a virtual reality History History of Virtual Reality Link Trainer 2014 VR products 1930 Virtual Reality HMD, named The Sword of Damocles 1968 2016 1956 The Senrorama VR machine VR system to drive the Mars robot rovers 1991 Companies Application Simulation of HVAC lab Use Virtual Reality to show off your workplace environment German Railway Company, Deutshe Bahn. Future of VR Future of Virtual reality It will allow users to feel like they’re 100% connected to virtual environments. Nanobots work by blocking all sensory information. Metaverse Full immersion in Virtual Reality becomes mainstream Digital immortality becomes a commonplace. You will be able to interact with these people. Many people choose to have their consciousness transferred to simulations. Full-Immersion Virtual Reality involves injecting nanorobots into the brain Metaverse = The Future of the internet THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Do you have any questions ? Sources: Virtual reality (2030 – 10000): Timelapse of future technologies (2022) Virtual Reality (2030 – 10000): Timelapse Of Future Technologies. Available at: (Accessed: November 4, 2022). Corporativa, I. (no date) Virtual reality: Another world within sight, Iberdrola. Available at: (Accessed: November 4, 2022). 20 biggest virtual reality companies: Top VR companies 2022 (2022) Software Testing Help. Available at: (Accessed: November 4, 2022). Heaslip, E. (2022) Virtual reality recruitment - impacts & best examples, Vervoe. Available at: (Accessed: November 4, 2022). Barnard, D. (2022) History of VR - timeline of events and Tech Development, VirtualSpeech. VirtualSpeech. Available at: (Accessed: November 4, 2022). PIXO_VR (2022) Pixo VR Home, PIXO VR. Available at: (Accessed: November 7, 2022). Meta (2021); The Metaverse and How We'll Build It Together;. Available at:

Virtual Reality Presentation

Transcript: At Greater Perth Library Virtual Reality What is Virtual Reality? What is Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality is a type of computer technology used to create a simulated environment. Standard virtual reality systems use headsets to help generate realistic images and sounds to simulate the user's presence in a virtual environment. Man using virtual reality headset. [Digital image]. Retrieved from Many libraries have begun to incorporate Virtual Reality. The examples I have listed include the State Library of Queensland, Burley Middle School Library and an academic environment. How Have Other Libraries Incorporated Virtual Reality? How have libraries incorporated it? Earlier this year the State Library of Queensland provided public libraries in Isaac with a virtual reality kit which they used to introduce virtual reality to their patrons for recreational use. The kits come complete with google phones and headsets. The state library has also held a number of workshops and information sessions on virtual reality over the last two years. One of these workshops included a visit from the Think Digital Coach. State Library of Queensland Example One Man using virtual reality kit. [Digital image]. Retrieved from Taking place on a coach bus Think Digital uses virtual reality to deliver immersive experiences to engage, inform and inspire a variety of audiences including students, librarians and industry groups. Think Digital Coach Think Digital Ida Mae Craddock who is a librarian at the Burley Middle School Library in Virginia praises Google Expeditions, an app that paired with a Google Cardboard viewer allows students/users to explore history, art, science and the natural world within the classroom or wherever else they might be. She also comments on how virtual reality has aided students who are learning English as a second language in her journal article Immersive Virtual Reality, Google Expeditions and English Language Learning. Burley Middle School Library, VA Example Two In 1996, Bryan Carter taught an introductory course on African American Literature whilst completing his doctoral studies. Carter wanted his students to experience the literature they were learning in a way that was more engaging and visual, so when he came across a staff newsletter calling for proposals to make use of a new technology called virtual reality he applied and got the funding needing to create Virtual Harlem. Virtual Reality Outside of the Library Example Three The Apollo Theater. [Digital image]. Retrieved from How Can Our Library Incorporate Virtual Reality? How can we incorporate it? By incorporating virtual reality in the library we have the opportunity to offer our patrons a new way of learning and we can potentially attract community members that wouldn't otherwise use the library. Virtual Reality Station Virtual Reality for ESL patrons Virtual Reality for ESL Patrons Greater Perth Library should consider incorporating virtual reality in our current ESL conversation groups as it could be a fun and modern way of getting this group of patrons excited about learning English. Also, by implementing VR in ESL groups patrons will be able to get a visual on what they are discussing that week therefore providing them with some clarity. ESL group. [Digital image]. Retrieved from By implementing a virtual reality station patrons have the ability to explore our certain items in our collection such as history books virtually in kind of three dimensional pop up fashion. Virtual Reality also enable us to attract patrons who wouldn't other wise use the library. Virtual Reality Station Virtual Reality poses a number of benefits for the Greater Perth Library and its patrons. These benefits include: Providing our patrons with a new and modern way of learning. Gaining a number of new patrons. Enlighten library users/community on emerging technologies and expose them to it. Allows users to get more involved with our collections and services. Benefits Benefits In conclusion virtual reality is both an educational and recreational asset to the Greater Perth Library as it will be able to provide our patrons with new learning possibilities. It will also draw in those patrons who are solely interested in new and emerging technologies and provide them with free access to a modern gaming space. Libraries strive to cater to the needs of a whole community, this hasn't always been possible but with the implementation of virtual reality I believe it can be. Conclusion Conclusion Q&A Q&A Ar and vr action: 26/27 June @ slq. (2017). Retrieved from the State Library of Queensland website: Baker,

virtual reality presentation

Transcript: b Y Virtual reality 2 X g m 1 p Virtual Reality A Virtual Reality (VR) is a simulated environment that is created by a computer, which creates scenes and objects that feel so real that the user feels they are actually in that environment. This experience is made possible with the use of a device called a Virtual Reality headset. Through this device, the user can view the simulated environment in three dimensions, with the ability to interact with it in real-time, making it an incredibly immersive and engaging experience. B Who created virtual reality? Ivan sutherland. Ivan Sutherland is an American computer scientist who is famous for his work in computer graphics and virtual reality. He created Sketchpad, which was the first computer program for drawing and manipulating objects on a display, and it changed the way people design and manufacture things. In 1965, he wrote a paper about virtual reality and suggested a head-mounted display to create an immersive virtual environment. This idea paved the way for the development of virtual reality technology. Sutherland has won many awards for his work, and he is considered one of the most important people in the history of computer science. bob sproull Bob Sproull was an American computer scientist who did important work in computer architecture and virtual reality. He helped develop the Xerox Alto computer system, which had a graphical user interface and mouse, and led to modern personal computers. He also helped create the first VR head mounted display (Sword of Damocles) with his teacher (Ivan sutherland) that was connected to a computer and not a camera. It was a large and scary looking contraption that was too heavy for any user to comfortably wear and was suspended from the ceiling. Sproull won many awards for his work, and he is one of the most important people in the development of virtual reality technology. C where was virtual reality created? virtual reality was technically created by ivan sutherland at harvard university with his student robert sproull in 1967, but in the mid 1980's at the NASA ames research center they created the (VIEW), Virtual Interface Environment Workstation. A head mounted device with gloves to enable the haptic interaction. D how was virtual reality developed and who will benefit the most from it? The phrase "virtual reality" was used in the 1980s by Jaron Lanier, who made VPL Research. Lanier worked on creating the proper equipment, such as goggles and gloves, to fully immerse someone in what he called virtual reality. However, even before this, computer scientists were working on developing simulated environments. Virtual reality will probably benefit everyone in the future, by giving people and escape from the real word where all their problems reside, like in the ready player 1 movie from 2018 where in the movie its 2045 and everyone is using virtual reality to escape the crappy real world, but today i think virtual reality benefits patients the most and learning environments, because patients can get away from the bad things they have to deal with and enjoy alternate experiences, and when it comes to learning environments, virtual reality offers the best way to experience the real experience to offer the best training or learning session for students or trainees, lets say doctors or surgeons in training could perform surgeries in vr for the best practice and least casualties or mistakes. E Things that i found interesting while doing this project and my experience with vr. Cedars-Sinai Hospital has found that a VR experience can reduce pain by 24% or more. VR applications can also be used to help women in labor VR is good for providing effective mental health treatments. my dad once took a walk on i think mount everest on our vr headset, very cool Fini. F works cited:,to%20enable%20the%20haptic%20interaction.,system%20with%20student%20Robert%20Sproull.,called%20The%20Sword%20of%20Damocles.,evil%20corporation%20can%20do%20so.

Virtual Reality Presentation

Transcript: By: Charlotte Gergely, James Smith, Brendon Ang, Kent Hermawan, Caihong Yu, Carlota Paynter, Marion See, Melanie Held The Future Why early adopters are engaging in VR, what is driving them to adopt? How is it evolving? There are five key drivers for consumers’ adoption: 1.Usability 2.Price 3.Mobility 4.Wearability 5.Perspective Awareness Consideration Interest Purchase Companies are already looking into the future Sony Sony announced Thursday via the PlayStation Blog that PlayStation VR headsets will be available at 300 locations in North America and Canada by June 24 for demo purposes with a few games on display before going adding a wide array of games before going full launch. Playstation VR starting costs starts at $399 compared to Occulus Rift costing $599 1849 Thank You Short Intro to VR Demonstration Volunteer Virtual Reality “That person becomes part of this virtual world or is immersed within this environment and whilst there, is able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions.” The Market Consumers are ready to accept VR Businesses are increasing awareness to push sales on Virtual Reality products. 6M Americans say they intend to purchase a PlayStation VR this year versus 5M for Oculus Rift and 2M for the HTC Vive, proving more awareness are able to generate more purchase intent. According to SuperData, VR industry report, Most Americans are still not sure what the technology is: 52% are uninterested in purchasing a device or do not know what VR is 16% are sure they will purchase a device at some point 26% say devices are too expensive 49% have not heard of any headset brands Drivers behind adoption Increasing awareness Mark and Spencer M&S has made use of another recent trend of pop up retailing by providing Pop-up virtual reality showrooms over three weeks in locations including London and Leeds in September last year. Where consumers wear a virtual reality headset and, using Oculus Rift and Leap Motion technology, can drag and drop items from the M&S LOFT home ware range to create their 'ideal living space. Industry data, provided By Ericsson ConsumerLab. Stereoscopic 3D reels Lenticular Stereoscope The Present 2016 Business leveraging on the trend 1962 Present (Now) Virtual Reality Presentation Quality as a driving force for gamers Price as a driving force for gamers…

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