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Virtual Reality Presentation

Transcript: At Greater Perth Library Virtual Reality What is Virtual Reality? What is Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality is a type of computer technology used to create a simulated environment. Standard virtual reality systems use headsets to help generate realistic images and sounds to simulate the user's presence in a virtual environment. Man using virtual reality headset. [Digital image]. Retrieved from Many libraries have begun to incorporate Virtual Reality. The examples I have listed include the State Library of Queensland, Burley Middle School Library and an academic environment. How Have Other Libraries Incorporated Virtual Reality? How have libraries incorporated it? Earlier this year the State Library of Queensland provided public libraries in Isaac with a virtual reality kit which they used to introduce virtual reality to their patrons for recreational use. The kits come complete with google phones and headsets. The state library has also held a number of workshops and information sessions on virtual reality over the last two years. One of these workshops included a visit from the Think Digital Coach. State Library of Queensland Example One Man using virtual reality kit. [Digital image]. Retrieved from Taking place on a coach bus Think Digital uses virtual reality to deliver immersive experiences to engage, inform and inspire a variety of audiences including students, librarians and industry groups. Think Digital Coach Think Digital Ida Mae Craddock who is a librarian at the Burley Middle School Library in Virginia praises Google Expeditions, an app that paired with a Google Cardboard viewer allows students/users to explore history, art, science and the natural world within the classroom or wherever else they might be. She also comments on how virtual reality has aided students who are learning English as a second language in her journal article Immersive Virtual Reality, Google Expeditions and English Language Learning. Burley Middle School Library, VA Example Two In 1996, Bryan Carter taught an introductory course on African American Literature whilst completing his doctoral studies. Carter wanted his students to experience the literature they were learning in a way that was more engaging and visual, so when he came across a staff newsletter calling for proposals to make use of a new technology called virtual reality he applied and got the funding needing to create Virtual Harlem. Virtual Reality Outside of the Library Example Three The Apollo Theater. [Digital image]. Retrieved from How Can Our Library Incorporate Virtual Reality? How can we incorporate it? By incorporating virtual reality in the library we have the opportunity to offer our patrons a new way of learning and we can potentially attract community members that wouldn't otherwise use the library. Virtual Reality Station Virtual Reality for ESL patrons Virtual Reality for ESL Patrons Greater Perth Library should consider incorporating virtual reality in our current ESL conversation groups as it could be a fun and modern way of getting this group of patrons excited about learning English. Also, by implementing VR in ESL groups patrons will be able to get a visual on what they are discussing that week therefore providing them with some clarity. ESL group. [Digital image]. Retrieved from By implementing a virtual reality station patrons have the ability to explore our certain items in our collection such as history books virtually in kind of three dimensional pop up fashion. Virtual Reality also enable us to attract patrons who wouldn't other wise use the library. Virtual Reality Station Virtual Reality poses a number of benefits for the Greater Perth Library and its patrons. These benefits include: Providing our patrons with a new and modern way of learning. Gaining a number of new patrons. Enlighten library users/community on emerging technologies and expose them to it. Allows users to get more involved with our collections and services. Benefits Benefits In conclusion virtual reality is both an educational and recreational asset to the Greater Perth Library as it will be able to provide our patrons with new learning possibilities. It will also draw in those patrons who are solely interested in new and emerging technologies and provide them with free access to a modern gaming space. Libraries strive to cater to the needs of a whole community, this hasn't always been possible but with the implementation of virtual reality I believe it can be. Conclusion Conclusion Q&A Q&A Ar and vr action: 26/27 June @ slq. (2017). Retrieved from the State Library of Queensland website: Baker,

Virtual Reality Presentation

Transcript: By: Charlotte Gergely, James Smith, Brendon Ang, Kent Hermawan, Caihong Yu, Carlota Paynter, Marion See, Melanie Held The Future Why early adopters are engaging in VR, what is driving them to adopt? How is it evolving? There are five key drivers for consumers’ adoption: 1.Usability 2.Price 3.Mobility 4.Wearability 5.Perspective Awareness Consideration Interest Purchase Companies are already looking into the future Sony Sony announced Thursday via the PlayStation Blog that PlayStation VR headsets will be available at 300 locations in North America and Canada by June 24 for demo purposes with a few games on display before going adding a wide array of games before going full launch. Playstation VR starting costs starts at $399 compared to Occulus Rift costing $599 1849 Thank You Short Intro to VR Demonstration Volunteer Virtual Reality “That person becomes part of this virtual world or is immersed within this environment and whilst there, is able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions.” The Market Consumers are ready to accept VR Businesses are increasing awareness to push sales on Virtual Reality products. 6M Americans say they intend to purchase a PlayStation VR this year versus 5M for Oculus Rift and 2M for the HTC Vive, proving more awareness are able to generate more purchase intent. According to SuperData, VR industry report, Most Americans are still not sure what the technology is: 52% are uninterested in purchasing a device or do not know what VR is 16% are sure they will purchase a device at some point 26% say devices are too expensive 49% have not heard of any headset brands Drivers behind adoption Increasing awareness Mark and Spencer M&S has made use of another recent trend of pop up retailing by providing Pop-up virtual reality showrooms over three weeks in locations including London and Leeds in September last year. Where consumers wear a virtual reality headset and, using Oculus Rift and Leap Motion technology, can drag and drop items from the M&S LOFT home ware range to create their 'ideal living space. Industry data, provided By Ericsson ConsumerLab. Stereoscopic 3D reels Lenticular Stereoscope The Present 2016 Business leveraging on the trend 1962 Present (Now) Virtual Reality Presentation Quality as a driving force for gamers Price as a driving force for gamers…

Virtual Reality Presentation

Transcript: 2/19/2020 Daniela, Carisha, Anna, Taylor, Lizbeth, Shereen Virtual Reality Introduction Virtual Reality an artificial environment which is experienced through sensory stimuli, such as sight/sound and provided by a computer. History Idea has been around since the 1800s History Stereoscope 1838-1839 Stereoscope 1950s VR Arcade-style theater cabinet that would stimulate all the senses Included a vibrating chair, 3D images, fan, and smell generators! Sensorama 1960s VR 1960 - First official Head mounted display (HMD) was created 1st Head-Mounted Display 1980s VR 1982- Sayre gloves were made "Data gloves" 1985- Visual Programming Lab (VPL) is Founded First company ever to sell HMDs and Sayre gloves 1987- "Virtual Reality" name was born 1989- NASA gets into VR to help train astronauts. 1980s 1990s VR 1990s 1991- VR Arcade Machines 1997- VR PTSD Treatment 2000s/Today VR Cost of VR systems are becoming more affordable Headsets are becoming more advanced in technology Many major companies such as Sony, Google, and Apple are working to create the next big thing, to mix reality problems 2000s/Today Origins Origins 3 Fun Facts 3 Fun Facts Physical discomfort Motion Sickness Fact 1 40% of users Affects women more VR Death Stimulation Fact 2 Created by Frank Kolkman Made for terminally ill patients Mimics out of body experience Crime Scene Fact 3 Replica of crime scenes Used by Jurors and the Police Knowledge of VR Knowledge of VR -Seeks a three-dimensional world -Easy access to Virtual Reality -Headsets -Convenient/interactive for users -Communication is key -Visuals are more realistic -Training employees Pros of Virtual Reality Pros -High in cost -Technology is still experimental -VR Communication is replacing real life interactions -Loss of human connections -Health effects..depression, nausea, disassociation etc. Cons of Virtual Reality Cons -Windows on World -Immersive System Concepts: Concept Immersive System - Oculus Rift - HTC Vive - Samsung Gear VR - Google Cardboard Models Models Influence on Consumers Influence - Call to Action - Unique Experience - Doesn't seem like an Ad Usefulness Useful for Marketers? TRENDS: -Travel agencies: hotel rooms, destinations -Car companies: test drive BENEFITS BENEFITS CAPTURES 100% OF THE USERS' ATTENTION HIGH SENSORY IMPACT FLEXIBILITY TRANSPORTATIVE EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES CHALLENGES CHALLENGES -DOES NOT APPEAL TO ALL SENSES -ONLY WORKS WITH CERTAIN PRODUCTS -EXPENSIVE Conclusion Wrap Up Sandbox VR Dave and Busters

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