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University of birmingham

Transcript: University of Birmingham Keys Overview & Mohamed Saidi Location: Birmingham B15 2TT, United Kingdom Established: 1900 Type: Public Budget: £673.8 million Percent International Students: 13.7% Famous For: Engineering, Economics, Medicine Duration: 3 years Fees: £9,250 Key Information The University of Birmingham is structured into five colleges, each of which is divided into a number of schools and departments. The five colleges are -Arts and Law -Engineering and Physical Sciences -Life and Environmental Sciences -Medical and Dental Sciences -Social Sciences Sport: Activities like ten-pin bowling, golf, go-carting, ice-skating, squash, tennis and swimming are all on offer at various locations around the city, including high quality sports facilities at the universities themselves. Culture and nightlife: Birmingham has one of the liveliest club scenes in the country as well as bars, music venues and restaurants, including over 50 different restaurants within the famous 'Balti Triangle'. Popular with students, the Birmingham O2 Academy is a lively concert venue in the city centre Overview The University of Birmingham: -redbrick university -prestigious, world leading educational institution -renowned for producing highly employable and successful graduates -has over 34,000 students enrolled, 6,500 of whom are international Ranking Ranking -14th in the Times University Guide 2020 -16th in the Guardian University Guide 2020 -81st in the QS World University Rankings 2020 -112th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020 Location Accommodation Location Accommodation -The main University of Birmingham campus is at Edgbaston -The University of Birmingham has recently launched its new Dubai campus which opened in September 2018 -International students are guaranteed a place in University of Birmingham accommodation -There is also plenty of privately rented accommodation close to the University of Birmingham

Birmingham University

Transcript: In order to get onto this course i need to achieve: B B C £9250 - 3 years full time Distance from home Jobs in the police, revenue and customs, probation, youth justice, community safety and the Prison Service as well as the voluntary sector. It’s also suitable for serving police officers and civilian support staff, customs officers, prison officers and those working in the Immigration and Nationality Service. Information about the course Course: Criminology Grade Requirements Home to the world-leading Centre for Applied Criminology, which is headed by Professor David Wilson, one of Britain’s leading criminologists and presenter of the Channel 5 TV series ‘Killers Behind Bars’. Specialist facilities include realistic, simulated environments such as two mock court rooms (Magistrates and Crown) and an interviewing suite to simulate police interviewing environments for both suspects and witnesses, with access to tape recording and video playback analysis Information: Part 2 Curzon Building Cardigan Street Birmingham West Midlands B4 7BD 0121 331 5595 Well-established links with a variety of external bodies, including police forces, charities, pressure groups, criminal justice agencies, criminal rehabilitation probation service and prisons This degree offers an in-depth study of crime, punishment and victimisation This new curriculum offers a varied yet focused choice of subjects through which you will be able to develop your interests within the specialised field of criminology 2 h 57 min by car 3 h by train and bus Fees and Finance Employability Birmingham University

University of Birmingham - Presentation

Transcript: NETWORKING TRAINING INTRODUCTION TO NETWORKING PRESENTATION INTRODUCTION TO NETWORKING PRESENTATION Who Are We? Who Are We ? Verity Stokes, Katie Bard João Abreu, AM CityGrad Joshua Charlton, AM CityGrad What We Will Be Looking At Today? What We Will Be Looking At Today 1 2 3 4 What is networking? Why is it important in business? How can networking help you? Networking in practice! Networking is the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups or institutions. Specifically, it is the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business. WHAT IS NETWORKING? WHAT IS NETWORKING "Everyone goes to a networking event to better themselves in some way or another. Make sure you're prepared to help somoen else get better" - Jefferey Gitomer Why Is Networking Important? Why Is Networking Important? Roughly between 70% and 80% of jobs are obtained through personal networking The "hidden job market" The best jobs are rarely the ones advertised Employers know that the best candidates are likely to be those referred to them by word of mouth Networking In Business Networking In Business Business professionals can network with other industry members to learn about new trends, share insights and receive valuable mentorship. Business networking is important because it allows professionals to identify new opportunities and increase their chances of entrepreneurial success. Professionals can participate in business networking by attending seminars or webinars, joining a networking group and following the social media profiles of other entrepreneurs. As postgraduates, you and your classmates will likely be (or may already be) some of the leading lights in their field - therefore keeping those connections is more important than ever! How To Network How To Network Know your goals - what do you want to accomplish? A better job/role? Change careers altogether? Advice? Sales? Know who to network with and where! Make sure it provides mutual benefits! Always remember to follow up! "Setting goals is crucial, because it determines how you prioritize your networking energies. Where do you want to go? What do you want other people's help in doing?" - Danny R. Faught Who, What, When, Where, Why and How? Exercise Activity EXERCISE BREAK Objective of the exercise: The main objective is to to find out other people that have the same number as you. You cannot ask for the number of the other people! Try to talk to as many people as possible! DIFFERENT TYPES OF NETWORKING DIFFERENT TYPES OF NETWORKING IN PERSON NETWORKING ONLINE NETWORKING ONLINE NETWORKING HOW TO NETWORK EFFECTIVELY HOW TO NETWORK EFFECTIVELY Make sure to look out for upcoming networking events! Remember to regularly check: Business journals Local Chamber of Commerce Online search engines and membership clubs YOUR FELLOW UNIVERSITY ALUMNI! Handshake Do's & Don'ts! The Do’s: Stand up Keep eye contact Smile! Be confident Not too long! Handshake Do's & Don'ts! The Don’ts: The Wet Fish The Bone Crusher The Princess The American The Alpha Male How To Position Yourself How you position yourself in networking events is particularly important. First impressions are very important, so make sure to practice your introduction/pitch! Networking is often a group activity as opposed to 1:1, think about how to widen your circle... How To Position Yourself Here are some basic steps: Introduce yourself & establish rapport Ask questions to learn about the person Create a connection between you Suggest a future meeting Wrap up the conversation with the offer of assistance Good Tips & Mistakes To Avoid Some tips to remember: Be genuine Open ended questions Rerrals Quality over quantity Thank your partner Regular interactions Project confidence Eye contact Always follow up! Good Tips & Mistakes To Avoid Some mistakes to avoid: Name dropping Negativity about previous employers Personal questions Being ungreatful Being too blunt GENERAL NETWORKING GENERAL/IMPROMPTU NETWORKING Can cover a wide range of basis. Don't just think about your 'typical' professional network - it could include friends and family, perhaps even people from your time in education! You may not know it but your networking has already started - the people around you could be leaders in their field one day... NOW IT'S TIME TO BUILD THOSE CONNECTIONS! Six Degrees Of Seperation... PUTTING IT ALL INTO PRACTICE Actions After Today To Finish Up... 3 things we would like you to consider doing after this session: 1. Form an alumni contact 2. Register yourself for a networking event 3. Use one contact from today to introduce to another contact you have.

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