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Template for Research Presentation

Transcript: What recent event is having a similar effect in America? Include details about events that have happened recently that are effected by your event. You may use these resources: Income inequality - Research Project How can a novel like To Kill A Mockingbird lead to positive change? How was your event changed by protests and laws after 1960? 2. What were the effects of your event? details Insert a graphic or video to support More information about effects How is the event related to the novel To Kill A Mockingbird? Be specific about events in the novel that are influenced by the real-life event you are researching. You may include a you tube video from the movie of the novel Insert a video from the research Time Place What led to it? Your research presentation must answer five questions: 1. What is your historical event? 2. What were the effects of your event? 3. How is the event related to the novel To Kill A Mockingbird? 4. What recent event is having a similar effect in America? 5. How can a novel like To Kill A Mockingbird lead to positive change? 1. What is your historical event? Information from research about how the event impacted people To Kill A Mockingbird

Planned Parenthood Training Presentation Template

Transcript: The Issues Birth Control Women's preventive care — including birth control — is basic health care. This shouldn't be a revolutionary idea, but unfortunately it is to some, and in the past few years, birth control has become increasingly politicized. Despite the fact that 99 percent of women between the ages of 15 and 44 who are sexually active have used birth control at some point, and a majority of Americans (70 percent) believe insurance companies should cover birth control without co-pay, some politicians are choosing to focus on chipping away at a women’s access to birth control. What started as a fight led by politicians has now been joined by for-profit companies. Currently, there are 18 for-profit companies — almost all owned by men — suing the federal government so that they don't have to include this expansion of birth control access to their employees. And now, a group of 11 members of Congress — all male — are choosing to support these companies in their efforts to deny women access to basic, preventive health care. Medicaid and Women Medicaid provides critical preventive and primary reproductive health care services to low-income women, including birth control. It is widely known that access to contraception advances women’s health. Family planning lowers maternal and infant morbidity, and is tied to reducing health disparities. Nationwide, Medicaid covers health care services for 1 in 10 women, serving more than one in five women with incomes below 200 percent below the poverty line (those making less than $23,000/year as an individual or less than $39,000/year as a family of three). Abortion Access Access to abortion is legal, constitutionally protected, and consistently supported by a majority of Americans; yet anti-choice organizations and policymakers have made it increasingly harder for women to access needed care. Anti-choice hardliners erode access to abortion through court battles, ballot measures, and burdensome legislative restrictions on abortion services — some extremists even resort to intimidation, harassment, and violence against women and health care providers. Sex Education The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate among the world’s developed nations. Half of sexually active young people in the U.S. will contract a sexually transmitted infection by age 25 The new health care reform bill authorized $75 million in mandatory funding for teen pregnancy prevention. Most of this will go to states to support evidence-based, medically accurate, culturally appropriate sex education programs that address both abstinence and contraception for the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS. This is on top of the $114.4 million for evidence-based, teen pregnancy prevention that President Obama and Congress are providing to community organizations and local governments this year. Moving Forward All of these issues are impacted by political action Grassroots organizing provides the opportunity to change aspects of the political landscape, and thus improve upon Utah's approach to the education system Goals Grassroots Organizing and Strategy Introduction to Grassroots Organizing and Foundations Grassroots History Personal Experiences Raise Your Hand if: You have volunteered before This is you first time here You are excited about progress! Models of Leadership The Volunteer Team Model A number of Individuals show interest but no volunteers yet. A group of individuals start holding events and meeting with one another Team is officially formed, core team members and leaders established Team is solid and consistent Team dividing to create another team Organizing Tactics We need to build a lot of relationships to make our movement big enough to win. Base Building Voter Contact GOTV (Get out the vote) 3 core ways to reach out to new volunteers Phone Banking House Meetings 1 on 1s Phone Banking Group calling for the purpose of GOTV, volunteer recruitment, checking up on voter registration, event planning, and canvassing coordination Phone Banks are the most basic type of event we plan They are invaluable as a source of networking and brainstorming for further campaign work. House meetings are a great opportunity to have watch parties and recruit potential volunteers. They boost morale and provide Volunteer Teams with consistency and accountability. 1 on 1's We want to connect more often in 1-1s rather than through Phone Banks or House Meetings, specifically for Individual volunteer recruitment. This is our primary method of developing relationships with potential individual volunteers and leaders 1-1 Meeting: Face to face meetings with volunteers and potential volunteers Face to face: 1-1s should be held in a persons home, office or a quite public place such as a coffee shop When it comes time for canvassing and GOTV every volunteer counts! Our Personal Stories Your personal stories are at the heart of our grassroots efforts Your personal story is key

Assessor Training template

Transcript: Assessor Training Preparing for assessments! Prep the night before! Before the Assessment Be prepared! Be confident! You know why you're there, but make sure you have all the tools you need to be ready Getting to the site and finding who you need Do your Research - Plan your travel: add 20+ minutes to the estimated commute time - Plan an alternate route: things happen, so be prepared for Plan B! - Be sure to fill metrocard with proper amount - Have the site info (site name, address, names of leader/other staff) readily accessible How to Check AID and PIDs Check your AID and PIDs Make sure your PIDs for the site work the night before, and contact Jess or Jisoo if there are any issues! Check Ripple** ADD IMAGES LATER ON AFTER CONFIRMING RIPPLE Topic Double check you have all you need! Gather your materials - Go through all your assessment materials *Help trick: sort all your REMA/DCCS cards in advance - binder clips can help* ADD LINK FOR VIDEO - Treat you assessment roster as your birth certificate - Have a notebook/paper handy for info like teachers' names, classrooms, etc. - Carry paper to cover desk/table surface if there are distractions like stickers or pictures - Have your NYU ID, gov't ID, and Fingerprinting receipt - Bring a nut-free snack and water for yourself Present yourself! We are visiting schools as representatives of our research team and NYU as a whole! Be mindful of that when dressing for your visit. - Dress professionally - Avoid bright colors or busy patterns - Wear your NYU ID so staff knows why you're there! Look the part Potentially including video in this segment Entering Schools Things to do during the assessment You made it to assessment day! Remember to: - check in with school staff/leader so they know you are present - arrive early and prepared - these are long days! During the assessment Check with Teachers and School Staff Before you begin your assessments and assessment set-up, collect the following info from teachers/leader: - Absence and presence of students - Snack and nap times - Location of classrooms Most teachers are happy to help identify children and aid in pulling them from class activities. Check in with leader/teachers Assessment Set-up Assessment set-up When assessing the child During the Assessment - Cover distracting surfaces with paper (i.e. if there are stickers or pictures on the table/desk) *Helpful REMA tip: if coding overwhelms you, write out what the child's response was in Notes and code after the assessment ends* - Keep materials in easily accessible places (under the table/chair, on the seat of another chair if possible) - Face child away from distraction/activity if possible Steps to take after the assessment After the assessment - Check you have ALL assessment materials and ROSTER before leaving the site - Upload the data on Mirage via secure wifi network - not Starbucks or any local place! NYU wifi is also a safe network to use. **INSERT PHOTOS FROM MIRAGE FOR DATA UPLOAD** (need tablet screenshots)

Training on template

Transcript: ... and insert a new piece of body text ... just by clicking on the workspace ... now Insert an image (button at top of workspace) ... and give it an effect ... and use 'send backward' to position it under the text presentation ahead ! Insert a video from YouTube WARNING: This will need an internet connection to work You can also Insert a video from a file BUILD Each of the circles is a frame Use zoom-to-frame, add some text to the next box frame (here!) Use Edit Path in the Path menu, and add this frame to the view (Click on the frame border to select it) But you can change the order by dragging them, if you want Insert a 'symbol and shape' from the menu (Once you've found it, drag it in) Download this template from: Zoom to the frame in edit mode Click Edit Path Click on the frame In the path views, drag the new view to where you need it 'Zoom to frame' and edit the components __________ VIEWS Or simply use the "Make a copy" button right here: BETTER Use the elements to create your own layout In view 10, Insert a diagram Zoom out to the frame view again after the diagram UNEXPECTED But you could also click on some text, a picture or even another diagram within a single circular frame Click on the text to edit it Familiarise yourself with the text box Move the box Resize the box Input some text Play with title, subtitle, body Change font size, colour, bold, italic Repeat in Path view 4 Notice that the frames automatically appear in the Path view Now, insert a completely new frame Frames & Arrows Download the template Click 'edit' and fullscreen Check out the Path views Click on view 3 Go to view 5, make a title

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