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Presentation Template For Business Case

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Business Case Presentation

Transcript: The foundation a.) The foundation a.) To take off b.) The foundation a.) To take off b.) The growth & long term sustainability c.) Attn. Your Business Associates 1 We are unique as a well known brand in the area The foundation TIPS: 1 Renovate & Embrace the ACLI-MATE Culture 1 Mission statement 2 Evangelize growth thinking 2 No such thing as over-communicating Helps to have an executive sponsor (head of Prod, CEO, etc.) - signals that Growth is important to the business Your job is just as much driving results as evangelizing growth thinking internally 2 Teams are territorial “Hey, I should own that.” CHALLENGE 2 TIPS: Common story...: Me to Growth lead: “How do you guys work with Core Product?” Growth lead: [quizzical look] “We don’t. The CEO just lets us do whatever we want.” -> This is a recipe for confusion and potential conflict… 1 Clearly define roles & responsibilities Basic framework to document roles/responsibilities for Growth & Core Product 1 Pick some areas no one else is focused on...easier to gain credibility and avoid tension/politics Revisit this document regularly - roles/responsibilities will evolve based on company priorities and team bandwidth, skillset CORE PRODUCT GROWTH SHARED 2 Learn when to be autonomous (Optimization mode) & when to be collaborative (Innovation mode) 2 At Invoice2go we inherited an existing product and spent a lot of time in “Optimization mode” where we iterated quickly on experiments to drive conversion, retention, etc.; we did this as an autonomous, full-stack team.. ...but for our V2 redesign we entered “Innovation mode”, where Growth was embedded in the design & development process with Core Product, collaborating from beginning to end. In “Innovation mode” (redesign or new features/products) it’s important to embed Growth in the process as early as possible rather than thinking of it as an afterthought to optimize later... ROGERS ADOPTION / INNOVATION CURVE 2.5% 13.5% 34% 34% 16% Early Majority Late Majority Laggards Early Adopters Innovators ROGERS ADOPTION / INNOVATION CURVE 2.5% 13.5% 34% 34% 16% Early Majority Late Majority Laggards Early Adopters Innovators ROGERS ADOPTION / INNOVATION CURVE 2.5% 13.5% 34% 34% 16% Early Majority Late Majority Laggards Early Adopters Innovators ROGERS ADOPTION / INNOVATION CURVE 2.5% 13.5% 34% 34% 16% Early Majority Late Majority Laggards Early Adopters Innovators ROGERS ADOPTION / INNOVATION CURVE 2.5% 13.5% 34% 34% 16% Early Majority Late Majority Laggards Early Adopters Innovators 3 Lack of trust -> creates factions in the business that hinder success CHALLENGE 3 TIPS: 1 Don’t just focus on quant/metrics 1 A perception out there is Growth wants to succeed at all costs, even if it means deteriorating UX... ..User empathy helps; you’ll improve performance & team perception if user research is core to your process My team is constantly doing interviews, surveys, & usability tests as a way to marry quant & qual -> the data tells us what happened, but the user research tells us why & keeps us humble and empathetic. NPS & App Store ratings are other ways to get a read on user sentiment over time 2 Transparency people need to see results... and understand/share in the process Build trust by being transparent and objective about team priorities & performance 2 Accept feedback and solicit ideas broadly We have done this via cross-team offsites & brainstorms, regular lunches with Customer Support covering specific themes, & publishing all growth strategies, experiments, and results widely Build credibility with some quick wins... but also share the failures & what was learned 3 Recruit the right profile Internal hiring -> things can go more smoothly when people who are already effective within an organization take on growth roles 2 Nick Soman (Gusto): “Hire people who are hard to stay mad at.” - must be able to build rapport with variety of people RESULTS ACCOUNTABILITY COMMITMENT CONFLICT TRUST trust framework: The foundation of trust fuels long-term results source - Patrick Lencioni “The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team”

Business Case Presentation

Transcript: End User Meets today's market demands Overview Selection Criteria: Population density Land price Accessibility Filling Station CONCLUSION 2021 - $988.7 B Customer Super Market Changes Supermarket chain Stores all over the city Existing online infrastructure Looking for supply solution Ebike Good Quality Convenient The Bike Higher Consumption 1. Introduction Launch of the business model Using existing expertise 2. Growth Offering product to more customers in Paris 3. Further Extension replication of business model within and outside the cluster The Product More Digital Buyers Subscription fee to use equipment Fee for CO2 usage individually charged CAGR - 3% Millennial Population Population density Environment-friendly Tank Space saving Easy to control Uniform temperature distribution Al’s expertise BACKGROUND Supply Chain Source: McKinsey 2014 - $799.4 B Thank you for your attention! e-bike Low cost Low emission Flexibility Chilled/Deli Foods Global Demand Why Paris? Customer SMR plant Pricing Strategy Land Price The Filling Station SUMMER SCHOOL 2017 Road Network Millennials, Generation Z, Generation X Characteristics: Full-time employed Living in the city center Digital natives Looking for: Flexibility Convenience Fast, reliable service Environmental-friendly solution Truck Filling Station Map Additional Products & Services BUSINESS PLAN Source: Transparency Market Research Digitalization of the Food Cold Chain for the Last Mile The Vision

Business Case Presentation

Transcript: Local Community Strength Indicator U.S Census New Jersey Board of Education National Center for Education Statistics Neighborhood Scout United States Department of Labor--Bureau of Labor Statistics City of Newark Open Data Potential Customers Is it Commercially Viable? Goal: Determing potential data points that would be suitable to a commercially viable Community Strength Index Indicator Study City: Newark, New Jersey Newark Small Business Where Did We Find Our Info? • Government: Small Business Association(SBA), Community Reinvestment Act (CRA - Federal Reserve) Use case: Improve effectiveness of existing programs • Lending institutions: Alternative lending companies (example: Lending Club, Prosper, Kabbage etc) Use case: Credit origination and influence marketing • Non-profit: Organizations that intermediate between investors and impactful small businesses(example: CDFI - Community development financial insitutions) Use case: Improve effectiveness of existing programs • Corporates: Biggest 1000 companies with significant CSR budgets in Retail & Manufacturing industries Use case: Embed CSR in supply chain and distribution by promoting impactful local businesses UNDER THE HOOD OUR DATA Conclusion Crime Statistics MEET THE TEAM Our Area of Focus Mohammed Ahemmad MBA Analytics Summer Analyst Sumit Arora Finance Graduate Intern Sphoorti Bhuvaneswar Finance Graduate Intern Olivia Buzby Graduate Talent Acquisition Intern Margaret Egan Graduate Finance Operations Intern Huiting Tian PhD Analytics Intern Unemployment Rate can provide information: • Spending power of the consumers. • Access to a bigger pool of unemployed that can be employed. • May lead to higher federal unemployment taxes. Population Growth indicates: • Flat rate of demand/declining demand. • Graying population. • Declining pool of potential workforce. • Inaccessibility of lenders. Population Statistics High School Graduation Rate Crime Statistics Unemployment Rate Small Business Growth in the Area SOURCES Crime statistics can help companies decide on how much of an investment they should put into preventitive measures for crime There are 3 types of crimes that affect small businesses: Employee Crimes Non-Employee Crimes Cybercrime Including crime statistics in the Local Market Strength Indicator will give an idea about the current economic status of the community Population & Unemployment

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Transcript: VILLA AGNSAA-36 Villa house located around bole alem cinema with 500 m sq ground surface and 200 m sq living area. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom 5 car parking space, guardhouse, generator, service quarters of 5 rooms kitchen area AGNSAA-44 Villa house located around bole behind Momona hotel with 600 m sq surface area, 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom AGNSAA-55 Villa house located around Somalia embassy with 700 m sq ground surface and 400 m sq living area. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom 7 car parking space , 2 gates entrance, main house has living room with open kitchen 2 bath and 3 bedrooms service quarter with traditional kitchen 2 bath and 2 bedrooms G+ AGNSAA-41 G+2 house with basement of 2 rooms, ground surface of 475 m sq, living space of 300 m sq has a beautiful garden, with guardhouse and a 5 car parking space AGNSAA-46 G+1 house located around bole shalla. surface area 380 m sq. 4 bedroom and 2 bathrooms with service quarters and a guard house 4 car parking space. AGNSAA-54 G+1 house located around japan road, surface area of 400 m sq and 280 m sq living area Has about 5 car parking space, with a green area as well AGNSAA-59 G+1 house around bole Michael with surface area of 300 m sq and living area of 150 m sq G+1 house around bole Michael with surface area of 300 m sq and living area of 150 m sq Service quarters with 2 bedroom and a bathroom, main house with 4 bedroom and 2 bathrooms, 4 car parking space and a enjoyable garden AGNSAA-62 G+2 house around gerji, ministers road(behind the airport), 400 m sq surface area and 300 m sq of living area has about 4 car parking space a service quarter of a mini store, traditional kitchen and maid room with bath

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