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ASU Presentation

Transcript: Carrie AerCap Initiative Adaptability Independence Detail Oriented Professionalism Teamwork skills Interpersonal skills Problem solving skills Increase in confidence Arizona Capitol Museum - Volunteer Kate & Company - Wedding/Event Volunteer Desert Botanical Garden - Special Events & Facility Operations Volunteer Mission Statement Ashley Sensational Events - Special Events Assistant Wingteam Event Staffing Services- Event Staff Sigma Kappa Sorority- Special Events Committee God's Garden Treasures - Volunteer By: Carrie Greely & Ashley Hill Crowne Plaza Resort - Site Visit Internship & Professional Growth CFE Hours - Ashley Thank you! Opportunities for Future Internship Students at KCA Association Management Event Management Incentive Travel On-Site Management Future Plans Location Ashley Hill KCA Internship Expressed interest in internship with current CFE hours locations Applied to them Kept all contacts of guest speakers from ASU in case I wanted to apply with them Prepared beforehand for the interview - ended up interviewing my current supervisors for nearly 30 minutes about their internship option Accepted the internship Creating/adding info to OneNote Building registration pages Answering/transferring calls On site attendance at events Training & using Cvent to register attendees Various side projects for KCA staff Site visits Status reports Excel spreadsheets Updating vendor lists Attending meetings Social media updates Remaining calm under pressure Effective Client Communication Planning events from start to finish Time Management and Organizational Skills Computer skills & proficiency in Microsoft Office Increased passion & energetic attitude for the industry Clear vision of future career objectives Interested? Send your resume to our supervisor, James Christensen! Search for a variety of positions from hotels/resorts, rec centers, colleges, CVBs, etc.. Explore my options of what I want to do & possibly travel Applied at locations where we had guest speaker come into Dr. Webers class. Applied at locations I was currently doing my CFE hours at. Contacted KCA because I was searching for an internship that I could relate with. Interviewed, followed up, accepted offer, and started at KCA! PayPal Carrie They are always looking for interns! Kate Christensen always comes to ASU to present her business and search for interns Opportunities to work with a variety of staff members and receive different tasks on a daily basis Four different companies to work with KCA, Kate & Company, SoHo63, & AlliedPRA CFE Hours - Carrie Plan to stay in Arizona Apply for entry level jobs in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Peoria, Glendale & Sun City, any close location! Start your search early! See if the place you do CFE hours at offers internship opportunities Try to apply to multiple locations so you have a variety of options - Interviewing in itself is good experience "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket" Attend the career fair during your final semester Carrie Greely Plan to stay in Arizona a year then move to San Diego, CA. Travel to Europe/ Hawaii after I graduate to see what other options I have. Apply to be a Wedding/Event Assistant at local Venues or Resorts. Stay in Arizona if I find the right fit. Internship Responsibilities "KCA is a unique multimangement firm dedicated to customized and focused client service, while providing superior quality, and embracing high ethics and standards. We aim to remain competitive and profitable for future growth by rewarding our staff for their commitment and outstanding performance." What they do! Located off the I-10 & Chandler Boulevard Internship Search Ashley Recommendations to Future Internship Students About KCA


Transcript: ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY Give em' hell devils! Location Tempe, Arizona Enrollment In 2012 the total enrollment of students was 73,373 Percentage of male and female students Male: 48% Female: 52% Ethnic Breakdown African American: 174.4% American Indian: 18.9% Asian American: 81.3% Hispanic: 121.2% White: 17% Mascot! ASU's Mascot is The Sun Devil Their mascot's name is SPARKY! Tuition Fees The tuition of just the school is $9,722 Room & Board Cholla Apartments: 6,400 full A African & African American Studies (BA) | Major Map American Indian Studies (BS) | Major Map Anthropology (BA) | Major Map Anthropology (BS) | Major Map Applied Mathematics for Life and Social Sciences (BS) | Major Map Asia Studies (East Asia) (BA) | Major Map Asia Studies (South Asia) (BA) | Major Map Asia Studies (Southeast Asia) (BA) | Major Map Asian Languages - Chinese (BA) | Major Map Asian Languages - Japanese (BA) | Major Map Asian Pacific American Studies (BA) | Major Map B Biochemistry (BA) | Major Map Biochemistry (BS) | Major Map Biochemistry (Medicinal Chemistry) (BS) | Major Map Biological Sciences (BS) | Major Map Biological Sciences (Animal Physiology & Behavior) (BS) | Major Map Biological Sciences (Biology & Society) (BS) | Major Map Biological Sciences (Conservation Biology and Ecology) (BS) | Major Map Biological Sciences (Genetics, Cell & Developmental Biology) (BS) | Major Map Biophysics (BS) | Major Map C Chemistry (BS) | Major Map Chemistry (BA) | Major Map Chemistry (Environmental Chemistry) (BS) | Major Map Communication (BA) | Major Map Communication (BS) | Major Map (Tempe, ONLINE) Computational Mathematical Sciences (BS) | Major Map E Earth and Environmental Studies (BA) | Major Map Earth and Space Exploration (BS) | Major Map Earth and Space Exploration (Astrobiology and Biogeosciences) (BS) | Major Map Earth and Space Exploration (Astrophysics) (BS) | Major Map Earth and Space Exploration (Exploration Systems Design) (BS) | Major Map Earth and Space Exploration (Geological Sciences) (BS) | Major Map Economics (BS) | Major Map English (BA) | Major Map (ONLINE) English (Creative Writing) (BA) | Major Map English (Linguistics) (BA) | Major Map English (Literature) (BA) | Major Map English (Secondary Education) (BA) | Major Map F Family & Human Development (BS) | Major Map (Tempe, ONLINE) Film (Film & Media Studies) (BA) | Major Map (Tempe, ONLINE) French (BA) | Major Map G Geography (BS) | Major Map Geography (BA) | Major Map Geography (Meteorology-Climatology) (BS) | Major Map Geography (Urban Studies) (BS) | Major Map German (BA) | Major Map Global Health (BA) | Major Map Global Studies (BA) | Major Map H History (BA) | Major Map (Tempe, ONLINE) History (Secondary Education) (BA) | Major Map I Integrated Studies (BA) | Major Map Integrated Studies (BS) | Major Map International Letters & Cultures (Classics) (BA) | Major Map International Letters and Cultures (BA) | Major Map International Letters and Cultures (Classical Civilization) (BA) | Major Map Italian (BA) | Major Map J Jewish Studies (BA) | Major Map Justice Studies (BS) | Major Map (Tempe, ONLINE) Justice Studies (BA) | Major Map M Mathematics (BS) | Major Map Mathematics (BA) | Major Map Mathematics (Secondary Education) (BS) | Major Map Mathematics (Statistics) (BS) | Major Map Microbiology (BS) | Major Map Molecular Biosciences/Biotechnology (BS) | Major Map P Philosophy (BA) | Major Map (Tempe, ONLINE) Physics (BS) | Major Map Physics (BA) | Major Map Physics (Secondary Education) (BS) | Major Map Political Science (BS) | Major Map (Tempe, ONLINE) Political Science (BA) | Major Map (Tempe, ONLINE) Psychology (BS) | Major Map Psychology (BA) | Major Map Psychology (Psychological Science) (BS) | Major Map R Religious Studies (BA) | Major Map (Tempe, ONLINE) Russian (BA) | Major Map S Sociology (BS) | Major Map (Tempe, ONLINE) Spanish (BA) | Major Map (ONLINE) Speech & Hearing Science (BS) | Major Map T Transborder Chicana/o & Latina/o Studies (Media and Expressive Culture) (BA) | Major Map Transborder Chicana/o & Latina/o Studies (Transborder Community Development and Health) (BA) | Major Map Transborder Chicana/o & Latina/o Studies (US and Mexican Regional Immigration Policy & Economy) (BA) | Major Map U Urban Planning (BSP) | Major Map W Women and Gender Studies (BA) | Major Map 1151 S. Forest Ave. Tempe, AZ 85287 (480) 965-9011 www. A run where very is in their undies because they donated their clothes to the less fortunate Tempe A Polytechnic Asu is a public school The Inferno David Spade Jimmy Kimmel Steve Allen Lynda Carter Temple Grandin John Hughes Mary Kay Letourneau Phil Mickelson Nick Nolte Scott Peterson Kate Spade Pat Tillman Rivalry known as: The Duel In The Desert Type of school & contact info During football games, students have the duty of protecting ASU's giant A from being painted by the U of A students, blue and red. •Top 25% in high school graduating class •3.0 GPA in competency courses (4.0 = A) •ACT 22 (24

ASU presentation

Transcript: Arizona State University About About location: Tempe, Arizona (other locations on pheniox, and the west at Lake Havasu near cali) population: 74,878 students Area: 2,009 acres school info School information school colors: maroon and gold mascot: sparky the sun devil achievements achievements and recognitions - Recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the country's most innovative school - students and faculty work with NASA to develop, advance and lead innovations in space exploration - known for their agriculture, business, finance, and journalism programs; four years running Sports topic 1: sports - ASU is a D1 school Best known for: football team baseball team wrestling team and swimming team - They have 26 different varsity level sports. highlights Football highlights ASU's athletes famous athletes James Harden Barry Bonds Phil Mickelson Party school In 1987 the school reputation of a party school was born. A magizine relesed a ranking where ASU was the #3 biggest party school. 15 years later the magizine did the ranking again and ASU was #1 in the nation. topic 2: parties and life greek life Greek life ASU is a school big on greek life. They have lots of sororities. (alpha pi gamma above) 70+ greek letter orginizations Consitered a "dry" campus majors topic 3: education -Business, management, marketing - Biology/biological sciences - Psychology - ASU is ranked #117 in National Universities. - top 100 most prestigious GPA 3.54 GPA Reflection reflection

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