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Grocery Store

Transcript: Goods and Services: vehicle registration, issuing licenses and IDs, driving records, title transfers, bills of sale Factors of Production: land, building, computers, attendants Opportunity Cost: time spent waiting in line Trade Off: manager gave up another job managing a restaurant DMV Goods and Services: gas, snacks, drinks Factors of Production: cashiers, gas pumps, gas, land, building, food and drink machines, food and drinks Opportunity Cost: money, environmental hazards Trade Offs: the gas station is open 24/7 and sometime the manager must sacrifice sleep if there is an emergency late at night Grocery Store Book Store by Saisha Gupta Goods and Services: used books, new books, items made by local vendors Factors of Production: books, cashiers, land, building Opportunity Cost: time spent reading a book could have been used to watch a movie or TV show Trade off: manager often works overtime and misses time with children pic: Economics Photo Essay Goods and Services: freshly made juice, health cleanses, vegan snacks Factors of Production: cashiers, juicing machines, fruit and vegetables, land, building, seats and tables Opportunity Cost: eating food that tastes better but is less healthy Trade Off: owner spent a considerable amount of her own savings in establishing the business pic: Juice Bar Gas Station Goods and Services: groceries, cosmetics, pharmacy, bakery, deli, Factors of Production: land, building, food, cashiers, bakers, pharmacists, shipments of stock (food, drinks, snacks, supplies) Opportunity Cost: spending your money on other things Trade off: manager is spending time working when he could be on vacation. pic: pic: pic:

Grocery store

Transcript: Tuesday total Items $0.79 $0.00 Wednesday $14.47 cost after coupon Actual cost Sunday total $11.37 cost after coupon $0.00 $0.75 $4.29 water fish sticks french fries cost after coupon water bran flakes milk water bran flakes milk $6.88 cost after coupon $0.00 water nuggets french fries $9.88 peanuts water dinner snacks $8.89 $3.59 Tuesday snacks $0.00 Breakfast $0.00 I would buy Madden NFL 13 (X box 360) for $59.96. since I had $75.73 I now have $12.21 left. I then will stock op on Milky way's. I will buy 13 Milky way's for $0.79 each. The total cost for the Milky way's will be $10.04. The money I have left I will give back to my grandparents and say thank you. $5.28 potato chips water granola bars water cost after coupon actual cost $20.91 $0.79 water hamburgers green beans cost after coupon $3.29 Thursday I saved as much money as I did by using coupons. I used a total of six coupons. five of them were from the coupon list. The other one I found online at Harris Teeter. The coupons said, buy two get one free, 1/2 off any regular priced item, buy one get one free, $1.50 off any three items, $0.45 off dairy item, and $1.50 off any regular priced item. dinner $0.00 What I would do with the money popcorn water Friday for dinner I added $11.00 and $3.39 and got $14.39. I did this because I bought steak and green beans. $10.18 $16.74 water pizza grapes X 3 chicken water broccoli $3.59 $28.91 $0.00 $7.40 $0.00 $3.49 $5.28 $3.45 $0.00 $8.77 $7.27 Water bran flakes milk items water steak green beans Actual cost water corn broccoli potato x3 $15.97 $0.00 items Items Actual cost $14.39 actual cost Saturday for a snack I subtracted $0.45 from $0.70 and got $0.25. I used a coupon that said $0.45 off any dairy item. water pizza x2 grapes The total cost is $124.27 Breakfast $8.88 pork chops water green beans Items All of this includes 6 percent tax. $4.29 Bran flakes $10.18 $0.00 $9.48 addition daily total $9.88 $0.00 $7.48 $4.99 The total would of been $144.46 if I had not used coupons. I used my coupons on the following days for breakfast, Sunday. For lunch I used my coupons on Sunday and Thursday. Then for dinner I used my coupons on Friday. Finally for snacks I used my coupons on Saturday. Items This is by David Keith Saturday water bran flakes milk $19.05 cost after coupon $0.00 Sunday at lunch I added $2.79, $5.19, and $0.79 and got $8.77. All of this was from hot dog buns, hot dogs and carrots. Water Wednesday total Friday $3.45 On Sunday at breakfast I had to add $3.79 six times for three bran flakes and three milks. My answer was $16.74. That was all from Breakfast on Sunday. Actual cost water bran flakes milk $4.99 pretzels water On Sunday at breakfast I used two coupons. One was $1.50 off any three items on milk, and the other one was buy 2 get one free. Then on Sunday at lunch I used $1.50 off any regular priced item. Thursday at lunch I used buy one get one free on pizza. Friday at dinner I used 1/2 off any regular priced item on steak. Then finally Saturday for a snack I used $0.45 off on any dairy item. lunch Monday $3.29 water hot dogs buns carrots Granola bars water Sunday at lunch I subtracted $1.50 from $8.77 and got $7.27. I did this because I found a coupon online that said $1.50 off any regular priced item. I had to add for Sunday at lunch too. subtraction $0.00 $3.49 $0.00 Monday total Sunday $0.25 water ground beef carrots $7.48 How I saved as much money as I did. $0.00 Lunch $6.88 items yogurt water water hot dogs buns carrots actual cost water steak carrots water nuggets french fries milk x3 $8.88 $7.40 water bran flakes milk $0.00 $0.00 On Sunday at breakfast I had to subtract $5.37 from $16.74 and got $11.37. I did this because I had a coupon I used buy one get one free and buy 2 get one free.

Grocery Store

Transcript: PUBLIX PRESCHOOL PALS We've developed an exciting, and free, program for children ages two, three and four and parents alike living in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama or Tennessee. It's educational, but it's also entertaining. We call it Publix Preschool Pals. Connection: Vygotsky believes that through the assistance from a skilled peer or adult and scaffolding that children can internalize the ideas this program has to offer. PUBLIX SUNDAY DINNERS Publix has a section of their website titled “Sunday Dinners” and the goal is to get families eating dinner together again. You can choose what kind of meat, side dish, dessert that your family likes, and then it gives your easy recipes to make according to your family’s likes. PUBLIX BABY CLUB From the time you learn you're expecting until your child turns two years old, we've got a bundle of good things for you and your little one. If you live in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama or Tennessee you can join the Publix Baby Club® and receive newsletters and coupons specifically timed to coincide with your baby's ever-changing needs. Whole Foods Food Lion • MVP card • Sales run through Wednesday- Tuesday • Has e-coupons for items online • Does NOT double coupons • Does NOT take competitor coupons Whole Foods • Runs Wednesday to Tuesday • Can use ONE manufacturer and ONE store coupon per item • Has store coupons Wal-Mart • Matches AD prices • Takes competitors coupons • Does NOT double coupons • Only one coupon per item • Publix • Accepts manufacturer paper coupons and store coupon on one purchase • Accepts competitor coupons • Can find Publix coupons on the internet Publix Start,Columbia,+SC+29225&ei=V8xKUuDbJJHM9gT274GQCg&ved=0CMMBEMgT School and Scouting Groups : We have many options for children to learn about food and nutrition. From a simple tour highlighting healthy snacks, to fun and educational cooking activities, or even making a full meal, our Kids Club Coordinator focuses on health while adding lots of fun. (Experience (4 e’s) The educational cooking classes that discuss health are a way for children to have experiences with the information they are learning about health.) Whole Kids Classes: Each month, we hold cooking activities and classes for all ages. You can register for classes online at or at in store at the Customer Service desk. • Half Pints: Ages 3-5 will scoop, pour, roll, stir and spread foods to make their own edible creations with crafts and storytelling mixed in to keep learning fun. • Future Chefs: Ages 6-8 will learn to measure ingredients, prepare recipes and practice food safety to enable them to prepare foods on their own. • Growing Gourmets: Ages 9-12 will learn how to prepare menus, pair foods and select spices to create full meals. (Piaget: Varying cognitive levels with ages. The earlier ages are focused on practicing the motions and motor skills involved with creating food. Ages 9-12 create a menu and use logic to solve multiple parts of a problem.) (A free activity to practice “extension” and utilize Bronfrenbrenner’s Ecological systems by creating community, family, and school connections. Affordable activities to learn tips about nutrition without purchasing all of the expensive foods.) Coupon Guidelines Food Lion Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Biological and Physiological Needs Basic necessities to live - food, water, etc. Bronfrenbrenner's Ecological System Grocery store part of the exosystem Impacts the life of the individual Frequent visits lessen time spent searching for items Conclusion Connections design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi Accessibility: 6.0 miles is closest Affordability: Coupon match-up Culturally relevant because national chain It's time for a lesson! Application in the classroom Constructivism Community engagement - Culturally relevant Wal-Mart Store Tours Have your kids expressed an interest in touching a squid? Are they curious about how to cut up a 75 pound wheel of cheese? Our informative free 30-minute store tours are a perfect introduction to healthy eating. We’re also pleased to offer tours with an emphasis on careers in the food-service industry. Our stand-alone tours are provided free of charge to groups. Accessibility: Closest to campus Affordability: Relatively cheap but limited selections Do not offer special community programs Grocery Stores

Grocery Store

Transcript: Goods and Services: -Coffee -Pastries -Biscuits -WiFi Factors of Production: -Coffee -Sugar -Cream -Cakes -Land Lot -Building -Barista -Coffee Grinder -Tables -Chairs Opportunity Cost: Work at a desk at home with homemade coffee Trade Off: Waste time trying to find an empty table Goods and Services: -Food -Beverages -Lottery Tickets -Misc. Items Factors of Production: -Produce -Meats -Dry Goods -Land lot -Building -Cashier -Aisle Racks -Produce Stands -Manager Opportunity Cost: -Growing your own vegetables Trade Off: -Cashiers might be texting (slow at register) Gym Grocery Store By: Surbhi Dugar Hair Salon Goods and Services: -Haircut -Lollipop Factors of Production: -Scissors -Razors -Hair Products -Building -Land Lot -Chairs -Mirrors -Haircut Stylist Opportunity Cost: Cut hair yourself for free at home Trade Off: Hair stylist cut an inch more than requested Restaurant Coffee Shop Goods and Services: -Food -Beverages Factors of Production: -Eggs -Meat -Flour -Pots -Building -Land Lot -Stovetop -Oven -Waiters -Hosts -Manager -Tables -Chairs Opportunity Cost: Eat for cheaper at home Trade Off: Takes a long time for the waiters to bring out the food Goods and Services: -Exercise Machines -Pool -Classes Factors of Production: -Workout Equipment -Trainers -Water Fountains -Beverages -Building -Land Lot -Counter Specialist Opportunity Cost: Working out at home at your own pace Trade Off: Pressure to work harder than your body can take, because of the people around you Photo Project


Transcript: ALL YOUR NEED UNDER ONE ROOF... SUMMARY SUMMARY Name: Kiranewala Store Location: Desolated area Working hours: 9am to 10pm, 6 days/week Method of operation: Store staffs resumes at 8:30am, all payment modes accepted. STRENGTHS STRENGTHS Multiple category of products Enough source to supply Friendly environment WEAKNESSES WEAKNESSES Less popularity OPPORTUNITIES OPPORTUNITIES Unavailability of super shop Good profit professionals Increased number of outlets THREATS THREATS Transportation problem FOCUS AREA 1 FOCUS AREA 1st OBJECTIVE VISION A customer centric store, easily available to the community around; to build a place where people can come to find exactly what they are looking for. MISSION To be a place that provides people the items they need at an affordable price. PRODUCTS • Rice / Grains / Pulses • Flours (Atta) / Semolina (Rava) / Processed Grains • Ground spices/ Masalas •Salt/ Sugar/ Spices •Dairy/frozen food • Beverages • Accompaniments • Oil/ghee LICENSE FOCUS AREA 2 FOCUS AREA 2nd FINANCE PLAN Kiranewala grocery store runs a budgeting program that has sales goals, establishes payroll, creates criteria for expenses, profit and investments. MUDRA YOJANA TOTAL COST ROI We have estimated a breakeven analysis of about 3 months So, after 3 months if we acquire a profit between 30,000 - 40,000 then we will invest in mutual funds that is "Reliance Ultra Short Duration". It is a short duration mutual funds plan in which there is a return up to 7.5% for a period of 1 year The profit money that we will receive from the investment that will be our return on investment The investment will be decided on the profit earned. FOCUS AREA 3 FOCUS AREA 3rd RISK Theft Slip and fall lawsuits Damage to inventory Giving offers Short circuiting; fire MITIGATION Installing CCTV surveillance system Having a floor carpet Property Insurance Giving offers only on FMCG products Frequent monitoring by electrician; fire extinguisher

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