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Transcript: Ethics Of Gun Control Alex Estes Gary Fox Kori Mickelson Kat Olsen They need to be regulated in order to ensure the safety of all Americans Operators are not always properly trained. Cause more harm than good. "Hedonism and Epicureanism power point" 33 dead Mass chaos and unimaginable horror Some jumped out of windows to avoid being shot by the shooter. Killer had killed himself by the time police showed up to campus By arming teachers and faculty we wouldn't have to wait for law enforcement to show up and could save lives Cons of Firearms Sandy Hook Having guns in schools and universities has positives, negatives, and effects everyone. Utilitarianism tends to support guns because it supports the greatest happiness in people. Epicureanism seeks simple pleasure therefore it supports tighter gun control. The right to bear arms is protected in the Constitution (2nd Amendment) Allow citizens to have a form of protection with them at all times Is easy for anyone to learn With teachers being armed, we dont have to wait for police to show up and stop shootings What will bring the greatest amount of happiness to greatest amount of people? In regards to gun control you can see that many people use guns as a form of recreation or protection and receive pleasure An act should be done if it produces the greatest amount of happiness over unhappiness Mass killing Person operating gun obviously was not well enough to operate a gun. Proof gun licenses should be harder to get. Utilitarianism Works Cited Sandy Hook Gun Control in Schools and Universities Conclusion Pros of Firearms Virginia Tech Epicureanism life of simple pleasures we must acquire things that prevent the least amount of pain Bodily Pain (aponia) is to be avoided This will lead to a good life (and according to Epicurus) an ethical one as well Unnatural and Unnecessary also called vain desires Death is something we as humans can't control, so don't worry about it. Different philosophers would have different opinions on gun control especially when it comes to schools and campuses. Just like any other situation there are positives and negatives. No matter where you stand, there are philosophical theories that can morally justify your opinion. A shooter went into Sandy Hook Elementary and went on a shooting rampage. 26 people died 20 students ages 6-7 six adults If armed law officials were in the school the shooter could be stopped before getting to the children 5 states after Sandy Hook organized outline plans for arming teachers. People who want to get a hold of guns wont let gun laws stop them. If there were more safety precautions followed by the school, it could have been avoided. This scene is proof that guns need to be more regulated in order to ensure safety. Virginia Tech


Transcript: m 1 2 p b Y g X F Caste System In India What is Caste System? "India's caste system is among the world's oldest forms of surviving social stratification." Caste System * 3000 Years Old institution. * Divides Hindus into rigid hierarchical groups based on their karma (work) and dharma (the Hindi word for religion, but here it means duty). * The caste system, was developed by the Brahmin (priest) caste in order to maintain their superiority. *The term caste is attributed to the Portuguese word “Casta”, which means race, lineage, or breed. *The English word 'Caste' is an adjustment of the original term 'Casta'. E According to the religious theory, there are four main categories of the four varnas (colors or castes); brahmins (priests), kshatriyas (warriors), vaishyas (businessmen), and shudras (servants). . Untouchables are born from outside the body of the Creator, almost a different species from Brahma's children . The Origin Of Caste System. Traditional theory According to this theory, Brahma, the creator the universe had created the caste system. Different castes were born out of various body parts of Brahma. Like, from his mouth came the Brahmins, from hands the Kshatriya, from stomach the Vaishyas and so on. People belonging to different castes then function as per the source of their origin. In ancient India, various sub-castes were born out of these castes and this has received a classical interpretation in the account of Manu. The theory has been criticized for its being a supernatural theory and for its base being just divine. According to one long-held theory about the origins of South Asia's caste system, Aryans from central Asia invaded South Asia and introduced the caste system as a means of controlling the local populations. According to one long-held theory about the origins of South Asia's caste system, Aryans from central Asia invaded South Asia and introduced the caste system as a means of controlling the local populations. "Aryan Invasion" D The Untouchables In addition to the varnas, there is a fifth class in Hinduism. It encompassed outcasts who, literally, did all the dirty work. They were referred to as "untouchables" because they carried out the miserable tasks associated with disease and pollution, such as cleaning up after funerals, dealing with sewage, and working with animal skin. "Life of Untouchables" Life of Untouchables *Untouchables were confined to the menial and ignominious jobs and had no right or privilege in the society. *The jobs they were majorly assigned or better to say forced to do were to collect human waste and to throw/dispose it; leather works; sweeping and other works which were considered dirty by upper castes. The most common discriminatory practices against untouchables included: 1. Denial of access to public facilities, well, schools, post offices and courts. 2. Prohibition against entering Hindu temples. 3. Exclusion from professional occupations. 4. Residential segregation. 5. Denial of access to restaurants theatres and barber shops. 6. Prohibition from using horse, bicycle, umbrellas, or wearing jewelry. 7. Restrictions involved maintaining prescribed distance from person of higher caste while on roads and streets. Discriminatory Practices Against Dalits C Upliftment of Untouchables Colonization of India and introduction of western education. Various Socio-religious movements. Efforts of B.R Ambedkar ( Architect of Indian Constitution and a dalit reformer, politician) Efforts of Mahatma Gandhi. *Even though Gandhiji had thought of the ways of removal of untouchability before the birth of Dr. Ambedkar, it was Ambedkar who drew the attention of the Congress Organisation and also of the entire nation towards the grave problems of the untouchables and their deplorable conditions. Ambedkar had made a detailed study of the problem of untouchability, its origin, development etc. Efforts of B.R Ambedkar :- B Life of Untouchables Today Besides banning untouchability, the constitution provides these groups with specific educational and vocational privileges and grants them special representation in the Indian parliament. In support of these efforts, the Untouchability (Offenses) Act (1955) provides penalties for preventing anyone from enjoying a wide variety of religious, occupational, and social rights on the grounds that he or she is from a Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe. * Slow improvement in the conditions of untouchables. * Caste system is still rigid in the rural areas. * Crime rates against untouchables are still high. * 75% of untouchables still lives below poverty line. A American Slavery Vs. Caste System Both American racism and Indian casteism malevolently twist the notions of purity and pollution to foster and maintain untenable levels of structural social and cultural inequity. Forceful black segregation followed by white self-segregation to affluent neighborhoods and better endowed school systems are eerily similar to how Dalits were kept Both of


Transcript: L. Bailey Ethnography EDUC School Pelion Elementary school Subtopic k.Gladen 210 This semester i had the oppertunity to shadow a teacher named Karren Gladden from the lexington one school district and it was one of the most benificial exerience so far in my college career. i had so much fun working with the students and experiencing the day to day life of what it is like to be a teacher. My Experience I shadowed at a highschool, so the way students talk is still fairly similar to the way I talk. Although, there are quite a few "slang" words that i have no idea what they mean. I hope to find out one day though. Certain students language for sure defines them. You can often tell the difference in personality depending on how sudents talk. The loud students who get along with everyone re very outgoing with their words, and the students who are shy are very few and far between with theirs. Whats the Word? Fashion has not changed since i was in high school. (granted i only graduated 3 years ago) Some girls dress very girly in drsses, skirts ect. Some dress sporty in shorts, tshirts ect. Same goes with the boys. Some boys dress nicer than others but most of the boys seem to dress the same. Most wear basketball shorts, or jeans, and tshirts. Fashion Lexington one school district is very health consious. All of the meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. Pelion offered a variety of different choices for their students to choose from. When asked about the likes and dislikes of Pelion Highschool most of the students told me they did not like the lunch options and prefered to bring their own. I blieve this is because of the change in the USDA Dietart Guidelines within recent years. What's for lunch? The students of pelion high school acutally use technology very often compared to when i was in highschool. The students use Ipads to submit a good bit of their school work depending on the class. One thing i found really cool was that the teachers used ipads for their students to turn in work for their visual arts classes. I really liked this because im sure it is difficult for an art teacher to grade everything in the classroom, and im sure its even harder to bring their art work home to grade it. The use of technology makes this proccess more simplistic. Media When i asked Ms. Gladden what she noticed most of the students do for fun she said, "ive noticed only three things. the quiet students draw, the students who socalize a lot talk, and the popular students play on their phone." I could relate to her answer a lot because this was very much the same when i was in highschool as well. I believe this will effect their social development for the future some negativley and some positivley. I believe staying on your phone and not socializing will effect their social development very negativley. My dad always told me that my phone would rott my brain one day, and i really believe that could be true to an extent. All fun and games I titled this slide "dating" because when i asked most of the students what relationships meant the most to them almos all of their responces were about their significant oher. I found this very funny because most of the students have only been with their sifnificant other for a month or two, they are now eachothers entire world whom they cannot live without. I do think this will effect their school work. Students can be very easily distracted at their age, so throwing a boy or girl of their intrest into the mix can cause nothing but trouble in most situations. Dating The way Pelion has their schedule set up is very simple, they have an hour and fifteen minute clases throughout the day. The layout of the school is very simple as well. Pelion is set up in a sort of X formation with 4 wings. Each of these 4 wings have a different subject dedicated to it. The first wing has all english and secondary language dedicated to it. The next wing has all of the math classes dedicated to it. The third wing has all of the science classes dedicated to it as well as the gyms. Lastly the fourth wing has all of the computer, visual arts, and agriculture classes. All of these wings meet in the middle where the lunch room is located. I found this very helpful when trying to find my way around the school. When i asked some of the students how they felt about the lay out of the school they agreed the lay out was very easy to navigate. When and Where Lexington one is curently experiencing their lowest unemployment rate in recorded history since 1990. As of March 2018 lexington one school district including the town of pelion has an unemployment rate of 3.4. The driving factor in this community is agriculture. This is why pelion has such a nice agriculture center. This obviously affects the school. The town of Pelion Education honestly does not sem to be very valued in this community, but not in a bad way. It seems very much like most The

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Transcript: The Ethics of Working Conditions The Kellogg’s Example Hadeer Tarik (25%), Rongshao Liu (25%), Mary Orjuela (25%) and Michael Hemmerde A. (25%). Seneca College ETH400NRG: Contemporary Ethics Issues Prof. Nazanin Abdollahzadeh APR 3, 2022 Introduction The Kellogg Company “Nourishing families so they can flourish and thrive” The company owns a majority of breakfast cereal brands Plant employees were placed within a two-tier wage system. Unionized employees attempted to renegotiate their agreement. Kellogg's refused to engage with the employees and attempted to replace them. While legal, the company faced a worldwide PR disaster for its business ethics. Annotated Bibliography These 5 sources will give us sufficient insight on the effect of poor working conditions on employees and the situation Kellogg's faced in 2021. Annotated Bibliography MacDonald, C., & Marcoux, A. (n.d.). Ethics of Wages and Working Conditions. The Concise Encyclopedia of Business Ethics. Retrieved March 9, 2022, from “sweatshop” combination of three of the common issues in the treatment of workers. low wages, long hours, and relatively weak protections for worker health and safety. 1st Source Dembe, A. E. (2008). Ethical Issues Relating to the Health Effects of LongWorking Hours. Journal of Business Ethics, 84(S2), 195–208. In this article, The author describes the damage to employee's health and various serious accidents that result from long-time working hours. On the other hand, Reasons of long working hours are described by the author, including employer factor and employee factor, 2nd Source Harwell, D. (2021, December 16). Kellogg’s is pushing to replace striking workers. AReddit ‘antiwork’ mob is fighting back. Washington Post. Retrieved March 8, 2022, from This article from The Washington Post focuses on online activism against unethical employers and an individual who wrote software to prevent Kellogg’s from replacing the striking workers with new hires. This source also discusses the nature of online discussion boards used in this strike and the type of individuals who participate in those boards. This article will help us examine the consequences of unethical business practices and society’s outlook on poor working conditions. 3rd Source Scheiber, N. (2021, December 21). Kellogg Workers Ratify Contract After Being on Strike Since October. The New York Times. Retrieved February 15, 2022, from Politization of ethical infringements within the private enterprise ecosystem in the United States has become mainstream in recent years. In this article we can see the offset of corporate grid, for a change, spilling over to the political arena and triggering open publicly political support of unionized striking workers. 4th Source The Associated Press. (2021, December 21). Striking Kellogg’s workers approve tentative deal with increased wages, benefits. CBC. Retrieved February 28, 2022, from We find this news article is center to our research. This piece brings a brief summary of the facts leading to the coordinated strike of all employees of Kellogg’s cereal facilities inside the USA. The article starts with the positive outcome of a agreement between the unionized employees and the corporation, to later described the sequenced actions and statements of the corporation that lead to both public outcry and Presidential involvement in the matter. 5th Source Description of Research: The Story Description of Research 1. Event Start: In October 2021, 1400 union workers launched strike activity. 2. Reasons: long-time working, low wage, fewer working benefits and unfair wages. 3. Kellogg Company Response: Hiring new workers to replace those 1400 strikers. 4. Government Response: The president Biden condemns Kellogg company's action that suppress the workers' rights. 5. Activists Response: Flood Kellogg's with fake job applications to prevent hiring replacements for striking workers. 6. Event End: New contract accepted, the strike ended. Description of Research: Effects of Poor Working Conditions Description of Research Continued • Research indicates that there’s an increased likelihood for illness and injury (by 61%) for employees working in long-hour or irregular-hour shifts. • Fatigue-related errors made by employees when working under these conditions can endanger the public. • A survey conducted by Cornell University’s Institute for Workplace Studies (1999) determined that the probability of a married couple to divorce increases as a function of the number of hours worked per week. • Evidence suggests that children suffer when their parents work long hours. Description of Research: Effects

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