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Argument Essay Template

Transcript: How can you rephrase the "lies, damn lies, and statistics" into an effective argument? Consider size, significance, and story in your considerations. (What does the information all mean?) Meditating on the Logic Why is the other side horribly, perhaps dangerously wrong? What needs to change? (Offer a solution) Why is your solution a better alternative? (Visualize) Understanding the Advantages Tying it all together Even if your argument is almost purely logical, you still have to feel strongly about your writing in order to write an effective argument. Ethical Considerations mention the emotion... How are you acknowledging the other side? What valid arguments does the opposing side have? What core issues are behind resistance to change? Roleplaying the Devil's Advocate Not to Zoom in on your solution. What makes you qualified to speak on this topic? What sources do you have to back up your claims? Are your research and proposed solutions ethical? (Even if they are legal)? What is already being done to help improve the situation? (Positive Changes) How does your solution compare to other alternatives? Your voice will come through your tone. What's the bottom line? So what? Why do we care, ultimately? Why should we change? Call to Action What's the problem? What's already been said about the topic? What's your angle? What can you say about the subject that no one else has? Why does it matter to today's world? What's your thesis? In other words, what comments or solutions can you add to the discussion? If you have a controversial issue, see if you can't exploit a bit of emotion in your debate. ARGUMENT Grabbing the Devil by the Horns Angling the Atmosphere

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