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Transcript: NET PROFITS to make the children have fun while learning LET'S TALK ABOUT I make at least X10 on each of our investments. A summer school MOTHER-TONGUE TEACHERS Business @ GOBETTI-VOLTA PLAN NAME and address: Batnae municipium in Anthemusia conditum Macedonum manu priscorum ab Euphrate flumine brevi spatio disparatur, refertum mercatoribus opulentis, ubi annua sollemnitate prope An investor will have to check your competitive environment before investing. Do not hide it from competitors. SWOT WHO WE NAME: HAPPY KIDS Strapline: Happy Kids learn English in the summer Elevator Pitch: An innovative summer school for young children using the facilities of Gobetti-Volta, especially the new pool. Send letters,emails, texts to parents I MARKET I HAPPY Strengths: Need for an English summer school in the area Weaknesses: Recruiting expert mother-tongue teachers with innovative, dynamic, energetic teaching skills Opportunities: Possibility of using existing facilities Threats: Some outdoor activities could not be safe for young children ELIZABETH PAULS COMPETITION FINANCIAL Fees I SUMMARY I to set up a summer school of English for young children to use the facilities of Gobetti-Volta A summer school of English for young children ANALYSIS U.S.P summary ARE " I IRENE SIMPS PRODUCT MANAGER to adopt the "splash and speak" approach Batnae municipium in Anthemusia conditum Macedonum manu priscorum ab Euphrate flumine brevi spatio disparatur, refertum mercatoribus opulentis, ubi annua sollemnitate prope I for young children Arrange free open week at Gobetti-Volta, with prizes aims MARKETING HAPPY EVERY WEEK DAY I radio advertisements, local TV commercials 15% outdoor activities in English ELEVATOR Sponsors of children's items DEVELOPER STRATEGY Business I Competitor analysis: Humpty Dumpty school (Fiesole) Jack and Jill Summer school (Settignano) The Witch and the Wizard (Sorgane) happy kids I Enter here the history of your fundraising, what you plan to lift today, and under what conditions. I I KIDS 15% I EXPLAIN YOUR STRATEGY KIDS Batnae municipium in Anthemusia conditum Macedonum manu priscorum ab Euphrate flumine brevi spatio disparatur, refertum mercatoribus opulentis, ubi annua sollemnitate prope WELCOME OUR BUSINESS 70% Happy Kids @ Gobetti-Volta, Bagno a Ripoli during the summer Business RESEARCH MARKETING MANAGER NEEDS PITCH Leo SMITH Personal Savings H APPY KIDS LEARN ENGLISH YOUR FINANCIAL have fun and learn English I Great demand for English Residential area with lots of young children Few opportunities for parents to find interesting activities for children in summer Possibility of using Gobetti-Volta grounds and pool A minimum of 25 children paying fees for the various clubs, including : traditional tuition, fun&games, speak&splash, lunch & laughter. Other special treats in the pool: snakes &ladders , hide 'n seek, treasure hunt " TEMPLATE BY CONTENT BY JEREMIE BERREBI

Session Plan

Transcript: Why? Gaming situations The coordination aspect allows the athlete to successfully pass a football to a teammate. Overall What is skill acquisition? Progression of session Session plan - Coordination & Spatial Awareness References How does it relate to my session? Positives & Negatives Robert Couzens Evaluation Supporting research Aims for session Why? Grasso, B. [n.d.]. Coordination & Movement Skill Development – The Key to Long-Term Athletic Success. [accessed on 18/11/16] Hargrave, T. January 2010. Why slow movements builds coordination. [accessed on 18/11/16] No author, 2012, Occupational therapy for children, [accessed on 09/12/16] Oxford Dictionary, [n.d.], definition of coordination in English, [accessed on 09/12/16] Parnell, J. 2014. Stages of Learning Chapter 5. Fitts and Posner’s Three Stage Model COGNITIVE STAGEASSOCIATIVE STAGE AUTONOMOUS STAGE Development of basic movement pattern. (slide 2). [accessed on 20/11/16] Eric Cobb once said "inefficient movement is like driving your car with the parking brake on. You won't go anywhere very fast and you'll rip it up in the process." "The development of good coordination is a multi-tiered sequence that progresses from skills performed with good spatial awareness" This statement is from Brian Grasso (Executive Director of the International Youth Conditioning Association) The Fitts and Posner Kolb's learning styles Skill acquisition is defined as the development of a certain skill through practice. There are three stages of development, shown by Fitts and Posner's model; cognitive, associative and autonomous. This session will be working on the development of coordination and spatial awareness with 6-7 year olds. This will show the athletes the importance of coordination and spatial awareness in the chosen sport, football. The drill shown below will be the type of activity I would get the athletes to begin with, e.g. a simple pass to partner drill.

session plan

Transcript: This content was written exclusively for by Greg Caplan Remote Year CEO EIM NC II The Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II Qualification consists of competencies that a person must achieve to enable him/her to install and maintain electrical wiring, lighting and related equipment and systems where the voltage does not exceed 600 volts in residential houses/buildings. TRAINING PROPER UNIT OF COMPETENCY BASIC COMPETENCIES Basic Competencies Participate in Workplace Communication Practice career professionalism. 500311105 500311106 Work in a team environment 500311107 500311108 Practice occupational health and safety procedures COMMON COMPETENCIES Common Competencies ELC311205 ELC311201 Use hand Tools Perform Mensuration and Calculation 1 2 ELC311204 ELC311202 ELC311206 3 Prepare and Interpret Technical Drawing Apply Quality Standards 5 4 Terminate and Connect Electrical Wiring and Electronic Circuits CORE COMPETENCIES CORE COMPETENCIES ELC741301 Perform roughing-in activities, wiring and cabling works for single-phase distribution, power, lighting and auxiliary systems. ELC741302 Install electrical protective devices for distribution, power, lighting, auxiliary, lightning protection and grounding systems. ELC741303 Install wiring devices of floor and wall mounted outlets, lighting fixtures/switches, and auxiliary outlets. ROLE OF TRAINER AND TRAINEES LEARNING OUTCOMES LEARNING OUTCOME 1 LO1. Prepare Electrical Supplies, Materials,and Tools  Tools and materials are identified as per job requirement.  Tools are classified according to its function as per job requirement.  Materials are classified according to its uses on a specific project.  Tools and materials are selected. LEARNING OUTCOME 2 LO2. Request appropriate supplies, materials, and tools for a specific job  Needed materials and tools listed as per job requirement.  Materials and tools are requested according to the list prepared.  Requests are done as per company standard operating procedures (SOP)  Unavailable materials and tools are substituted and provided without sacrificing cost and quality of work. LEARNING OUTCOME 3 LO3. Receive and inspect electrical supplies, materials, and tools Received and inspected materials and tools as per quantity and specification based on requisition. Tools and materials are checked for damages and manufacturing defects.! Materials and tools received are handled with appropriate safety devices. Materials and tools are set aside to appropriate location nearest to the workplace.. ORIENTATION MONITORING TOOLS CLASS PROGRESS CHART TRAINEE ACHIEVEMENT REPORT TRAINEE RECORD BOOK TRAINEE RECORD BOOK EVALUATION TOOL WRITTEN PERFORMANCE TEST PRELIMINARY ACTIVITIES RATING C-COMPETENT NYC-NOT YET COMPETENT EIM WORKSHOP LAYOUT

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