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Room presentation

Transcript: Jack's Journey in Room Dictation Dictation choice "Her face gone flat, that means I said a wrong thing but I don't know which."(Jack pg.14) This is just a small example of the incorrect grammatical phrasing used by Jack. Emma used this dictation because, as a 5 year old child would speak you would expect him to think and talk like one. The dictation adds immersion into the book to be behind the eyes of Jack and his experiences. MOWAW created: By putting us into Jack's shoes, Donoghue shows the reality that a child's thoughts are 100% innocent and easily manipulated. Jack takes one lesson taught to him from Ma and believes it to be nothing but the truth. And Innocent being that he holds no grudges to anyone and knows only to love. This is important to the character and the story as we see others try to understand Jack but are meeting challenges like his grammar issues, while us readers know his true intentions. Personification Personification Jack seems to call everything in Room his friend and gives the inanimate objects genders and feelings. Once outside of Room, he no longer continues this action. MOWAW created: Outside of Room Jack has slowly absorbed the wonders of this almost foreign world to him. Losing these habits of personifying objects is a sign of Jack's transformation to the new world. "I jump onto Rocker to look at Watch, he says 07:14. I can skate-board on Rocker without holding onto her"(Jack pg 4) Tooth represents Ma and coming out into the world while rug represents Jack and staying in Room. The room has been jacks home but to mom it is a horrible place that brings back terrible memories. Tooth and Rug Allusions Allusions There are many allusions in Room. This is because Jack being a child can understand more things if he can see how they relate. Old nick , the kidnapper and rapist is a Santa Claus figure. By coming in the night and bringing "gifts" for "Sunday treat" he is an evil Santa Claus Old Nick Ma wanted to pass on her faith that God is the provider and not Old Nick (nickname for Satan). Jack even says that food comes from "Baby Jesus in the fields in Outside". Although Jacks knowledge of religion is a little abstract, it still creates meaning in their days and keeps hope alive. Religion Jack's learning of religion and references to Jesus and St.Paul Paradoxes Paradoxes "Ma knows everything except the things she doesn't remember right" (Jack, 9) There are a number of topics that Ma teaches Jack, such as Religion and germs. She only teaches him the things she remembers which is hard because Jack continues to ask questions that should have a logical answer but Ma could only muster half of the truth or even a lie, like "outside" being space. The problem arises when things contradict what he has been told like seeing the mice enter the Room even though he sees mice on TV which he believed all things on TV weren't real. Cited Sources Sources Meta cognitive paragraphs Reflective Paragraph Jack I chose diction because it was what stood out the most from all the other books I have read. Reading the words of a 5 year old was both mind straining and unique. The personification was strange to me because I never thought of assigning a gender to a clock before, I contrasted how he stopped doing that to create a MOWAW. If you notice the colors of the borders on the main story blocks, they are in the order and same colors of the front page of the book, this made it a bit less random and creative. I was proud of the originality of the descriptions I created. Overall I think the presentation looks neat and creative. Jack's reflection Garrett Room is a very unique book in the fact that it is narrated by a 5 year old. Throughout this project I have tried to make things appear as teaching a young child. The use of color and simplistic text are something that was a stretch to accomplish but worth while in the end. By doing this I was able to sympathize with Ma more and see that with little resources teaching is very hard. Garrett's Reflection

Room Presentation

Transcript: "'Hey"', I say, "'let's measure room"'…"I write down all the numbers, like the tall of Door wall to the line where roof starts equals six feet seven inches"… "I count eleven feet going both ways, that means floor is a square.”(19) “Today I choose track first, we lift table upside down onto bed and rocker on her with rug over the both." (15) "'But Ma.'" I laugh. "'he doesn’t go into stores. Stores are in TV"'. "'Silly ma."' (23) "How can they let the food go on the blue plates and get all color on?” (178) "When Old Nick creaks bed, I listen and count fives on my fingers, tonight it's 217 creaks." (37) "Today is one of the days when Ma is gone."(60) "'Is that why he keeps banging into things?"' ... "'Exactly. He's been so familiar with his confined environment that he hasn't needed to learn to gauge distance."'(182) "'Old Nick-I didn't even know him, I was nineteen. He stole me."'(93) "I’m stuck I’m stuck Ma Ma Ma"…."I can’t get out like we practiced"… "My nose is running my arms are knotted at my chest" … "I’m fighting rug" … "Moving again vrum vrum"… "My fingers grab something cold something metal I think that’s outside"…"No time to cry I’m prince JakerJack, I get my leg out I did it I did it"… "The ground breaks my feet smash my knee hits me in the face but I’m running"…"Somebody’s coming but it’s a small person"…"He caught me sorry ma"... "'I’m sorry is your little girl OK"' "'Ok I don’t like this I don’t like this yes police please"' "'I’ve been Kidnapped"'…"'I’ve got your plates"'…"Suddenly the truck’s gone." (138-141) "'Good-bye, Room.'"(321) Children are innocent human beings who do not have evil in their hearts. "Ma doesn't like meltedy spoon but he's my favorite because he's not the same."(6) "In room I was safe and Outside is the scary."(219) "When she takes Bronwyn's underwear down it's not like penis, or Ma's Vagina, it's a fat little piece of body folded in the middle with no fur. I put my finger on it and press, it's squishy." Room Setting By: Emma Donoghue Character Development Theme Central Conflict Plot Development Person vs. Person

Room presentation

Transcript: It's hard to get out of your comfortable zone but once you do great things can happen. Jack is afraid to venture "outside" because it is not what he is used to, but when he does he meets tons of people, tries new things and learns what it's like to have a family.I Officer Oh: The officer that helped rescue Ma. Dr.Clay: The doctor at the clinic, assisting Jack and Ma after the escape. Norean: The nurse at the clinic. Grandpa: Ma's father. He's not in at a lot of the book. He tries to stay away from Jack as much as possible. Paul: Ma older brother. A support to his sister and nephew. Deena: Paul's wife. Bronwyn: Paul and Deena's two year old daughter. Jack's cousin. Grandma: Ma's mother. She is in a lot of the book , helping to take care of Jack. Steppa: A word sandwich for step grandfather. Grandma's husband Ma always wanted to get out " I used to dream about being rescued" she says " I wrote notes and hid them in the trash but nobody found them." She truly believed no one will rescue them. Plan "A" was to pretend Jack is sick and request Old Nick to take him to the hospital, there he would alert help. Ma quotes "I'll tell him 'You've got to take him to the hospital so doctors can give him the right medicine." Jack is the protagonist character, the book is written in his perspective. Jack is a very book smart five year old. Ma is Jack's mother; a very determined 26 year old. Old Nick is the kidnapper who kidnapped Ma when she was 19 years old. Inciting incident: Characters: Conclusion: Jack and ma found happiness in a half way house where they will start the rest of their life's together and free. The central conflict is Ma wanting to get her and her son out of the shed where they were kept by Old Nick. The question that pondered Ma's mind was how they were going to escape from there kidnapper and get past the door with the code. Room The inciting incident is when Old Nick kidnaps Ma at age nineteen walking on her college campus he tricks Ma in helping him find his non existent dog and then brings her to the modernized shed in his backyard, where she will spend the next several years. Conflict: Person Vs. Person Ma finally tells Jack the truth of how they ended up in "Room". This is what she confesses to Jack. "Yeah, but see, why I was sad- it was because of Room," says Ma. "Old Nick-I didn't even know him, I was nineteen. He stole me" After hearing Jack's mothers plan wanting to get "outside" and stating that Room is too small. Jack is confused and mad at this statement he quotes '"Rooms not small, Look" I jump with my arms out and spin, I don't bang into anything' Jack likes what he has.A Emma Donoghue Climax: "The Great Escape" Ma has been dreaming to find a way out of the shed for years. She has been trying and thinking very hard. Ma creates a whole scheme to get Jack out of the shed and have him send someone back for her. Plan "B" works and the officers take them to a hospital. Setting: When Ma is about to get rescued, officer Oh is trying to get help from Jack to find where the shed is. After a lot of confusion, the finally find Old Nicks house. "That's three four nine Washington," the man police is saying at his phone. "Go ahead." Characters: Room was written in a five year old's perspective of bravery and new found happiness. Theme: "We step into through Door and its all wrong, smaller than room and emptier and it smells weird" Jack notices this when he returns to Room with ma near the end of the book. He realizes that compared to "outside" it is way smaller than he remembered. The story takes place in modern times, mostly the setting is in a backyard shed where Jack lived since the day he was born and two years previous for his mother.


Transcript: ROOM PRESENTATION PRESENTED TO AR.TAHIR KHAN KHALDI AR. WAJIH-UL-HASSAN MOAZZAM - WATTO BARM-F16-042 HISTORY HISTORY OF ROOM: Historically, the use of rooms dates at least to early Minoan cultures about 2200 BC, where excavations at Akrotiri on Santorini reveal clearly defined rooms within certain structures the cave represents people who believe that knowledge comes from what we see and hear in the world – empirical evidence. ROOM A part or division of a building enclosed by walls, floor, and ceiling. "he wandered from room to room" What is room? Concept of the Room Design Method is that all sprinklers within a room will operate, along with some sprinklers in adjacent rooms of light hazard occupancy, if the openings aren't protected ROOM METHODOLOGY : Function and Livability Scale and Proportion Light Pattern and Texture Color Significant and Relevant ornaments PRINCIPLE OF ROOM In your home, if a room isn't laid out to help you accomplish the things that need to be done in it, it won't get used. The first step of any room re-do is deciding what will you want to room to feel like, have done in it etc. Function and Livability: This is a more complex element, but very important. Basically, everything in the room has to relate to one another. The size and structure of the furniture relates to the size of the room, the light fixtures depend on the size of the room and furniture size. Even the art on the walls has to relate. It's a domino effect. Scale and Proportion: First you have to start with the natural light you have coming in. Then it's time to decide what artificial light to include based on the function or tasks being performed in the room. Lighting plays a huge role; it can impact color, activity, and wellness. Light: NATURAL LIGHT: The combination of these two things adds richness. They add depth. They add dimension. So many times if we're looking to make something feel more expensive, pattern and texture can do that. Replacing things like pillows, curtains, or throws are often an easy way to change the look and feel of a room without a complete redesign. Pattern and Texture: Color acts as an enhancer. It can be vibrant or lift/subdue a mood. Color plays a huge role in bringing a certain energy. For example, if you view your bedroom as a place to relax use a color that is calm and soothing instead of a bright red. Color: These are the personal items that add meaning and character to a room. The photographs or specific art that you have hanging on the wall, it makes a space uniquely your own. Significant and Relevant ornaments: Space Line Form Shape Pattern Texture ELEMENTS OF INTERIOR DESIGN: SPACE LINE FORM AND SHAPE PATTERN AND TEXTURE THANK-YOU :)

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