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Phone Presentation

Transcript: By: Emily Berryman Cell Phones from 1876 to Now Cell Phones are helpful to many by helping people acess the internet and call from very long distances, but it wasn't like this before Cell Phones Cell Phones The first cell phone was invented by Thomas Edison in 1876. This was used to communicate over longer distances instead of traveling or writing. The First Cell Phone The First Cell Phone 1876 The Blake Transmitter 1883 The blake transmitter was invented by Francis Blake and it was the first phone with a microphone on it. It was invented in 1883. The Blake Transmitter Desk Telephones 1892 The desk telephone was very helpful because you could keep it on your desk, and it was the only one with hand controls. The desk telephone was invented by Lars Magnus Ericsson in 1892. Desk Telephones The Dial Candlestick, and the Candlestick 1900-1905 The candlestick was invented by Stromburg Carlson in 1900. The dial candlestick was the first dial telephone, the dial candlestick was invented by Almon Strowger The Dial Candlestick, and the Candlestick This is the dial candlestick on the left This is the candlestick on the right The Transcontinential Telephone 1915 The Transcontinential Telephone This was the first phone that could call from across the world. The Oval and Circle base Telephones 1924-1930 This phone was the first phone that was handheld and with a dial. There was an oval based one and a circle shaped one. The oval one was released in around the time of WWII. The Oval and Circle base Telephones The Motorola DynaTAC 1998 This was very important because it was one of the first portable phones, later on, they invented the StarTAC, which was the first phone that you could fit in your pocket. The Motorola DynaTAC This is the StarTAC The Nokia 1998 This was the first phone with a built in antenna, which made it more durable. The Nokia The FlipTop Phone 2002 This was a phone that had a screen that flipped off and showed a keyboard. It was very revolutionary beacuse it had a keyboard. The FlipTop Phone They looked something like this The Motorola Razr 2004 This was the phone that everyone had, it had clean lines and slimness, and it could call from further distances. The Motorola Razr The IPhone 2007 The IPhone was invented by Steve Jobs and it was a revolutionary phone because not only did it have a touchscreen, but it has internet! The IPhone This is the IPhone 1

Phone Presentation

Transcript: Using smartphones responsibly Hard Facts Hard Facts In 2020, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world There were 204 billion apps downloads in 2019 worldwide Kids get their first mobile device around the age of 12 An average smartphone user has 63 interactions on her phones a day. Internet users grow at a rate of 1 million new users a day. There are more phones than people currently in the world. Pros Pros of using Smartphones Socializing Socializing being able to contact anyone, anytime videochatting messaging being on social media & getting to know new people following other people sharing things with your followers Socializing Entertainment watching movies & videos memes reading articles & books listening to music following trends playing games Entertainment Education Education reading books googling something for school reading the news watching youtube tutorials Cons of using Smartphones Cons • Social isolation • Being addicted • Wanting to play games all the time • Getting distracted easily Children & Phones Phones & Children Children shouldn't have their own phones before they are able to use them responsibly They tend to be more distracted by phones than teenagers or grownups They are often addicted to virtual games and neglect real life toys and playing outside They are exposed to things on the internet that shouldn't concern them Parents should be able to control and see what their children are doing on their phone - without invading their privacy though There should be strict limitations regarding the phone usage of children Parents should teach their kids to have fun without phones Phones in school Phones at school should be more restricted in elementary schools In secondary schools or high schools however, every student should be able to decide whether they want to pay attention in class or not teachers shouldn't be able to confiscate phones

Phone Call Template

Transcript: 8. The next step 2. Up-Front Contract Angry when they realize that _________ is causing _________. This is an awkward call, we actually don't know each other... 7. Pain Funnel Questions I don't know if these things are happening to you? If they are, perhaps we should talk. Vulnerable because their ________ is causing them to lose ____________. We are in the dynamic email business...You may be 100% satisfied with your email strategy 4. Pain Bullets 3. Description Perhaps if I took 30 seconds to tell you why I called, you can decide if we should keep talking... Hi ______. This is _____. I'm a little embarrassed. I get so many voice mails I'm a bit surprised to reach you... Tell me more... Help me understand... Be more specific... Give me an example... How long has that been a concern (or happening)? Have you tried to fix that? Why didn't that fix work? Everything you told me (summarize) is what we do. I'm not sure if how we have helped other companies would work with yours. We wouldn't know that until we _____________. 1 Pattern Interrupt 5. Pain Generation Questions At risk because the lack of ______ often results in ________. Have you given up trying? Who else does this affect? What happens if you don't fix it? What is the impact on the company? On you? Don't rack your brain, we've never spoken... Did I get you at a bad time? 6. Trigger Questions Worried because they can't figure out how to stop _______ which is causing ______. Stuck because the lack of _______ makes it difficult to _______. We recently sent you an email regarding _______. I don't know if it was valuable info or not, I thought I would check in with you... Are you open to _________ (meeting, 2nd call, etc.)? Phone Call Template The companies we speak with tell us that they feel... This is ________ from ___________. It sounds like my name or company is not familiar... Logo

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