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Transcript: To convert a percentage into a fraction, just divide by 100% Example: 115% 12 1/2% 115/100 25/5÷100 115 ÷ 5/ 100÷5 1/2 x 1/4 =23/20 =1/8 Percentage, or also called per centum, is the rate or proportion per hundered ex., three percent interest. The symbol is % ex., 100%. x%+ x/100 To find a quantity as a percentage of another, write the first as a fraction of the second and multiply by 100% Example: Bob drank half of a 350ml drink 350÷2= 150 150/350 x 100% = 50% To convert a fraction or decimal into percentage, just multiply by 100% Example: 3/5 0.0042 3/5 x 100% 0.042 x100% = 60% =4.2% Simple interest is interest that is calculated each year as a fixed percentage of the original amount borrowed. The fixed percentage is called the interest rate, and is usually written as a percentage per annum, which means per year. Example: Find the interest payable on a loan of $60000 borrowed at 9% p.a. for 4 years. Simple interest change each year is $5400. $ 5400 x 4 = $ 21 600 By: Grace James Converting percentage into fractions & decimals Percentage increase and decrease Converting fractions & decimals into percentages Use this equation, cost price x multiplier = selling price Example: An electrical goods store buys a TV set at a wholesale price. The price of the TV is increased by 25% for sale by the store. Its selling now $550. For what price did the store by the TV set? cost price x 1.25= $550 cost price + $550/1.25= $440 So, the TV set cost the store $440 Simple interest This is a easy method in two steps- 1. Find the size of the increase or decrease 2. Apply the change to the original quantity by addition or subtraction GOAL! Finding percentage of a quantity Percentage What is percentage? Finding the original amount Expressing quantity as a percentage of another To find percentage of a quantity, we convert the percentage to a fraction or a decimal, and then multiply Example: 6% of 150kg 6/100 x 150kg 6/2 x 3kg =9kg

Percentage presentation

Transcript: m 1 2 p b Y g X A Solving Percent Problems B Objective Today we will learn how to solve percent problems . Standard: 7.RP.3. Use proportional relationships to solve multistep ratio and percent problems. Examples: simple interest, tax, markups and markdowns, gratuities and commissions, fees, percent increase and decrease, percent error. C Change the following percent to a decimal: 80% .7% 9% 105% 2(4/5)% 45% 2.8% 5% 125% 9(3/5)% Change the decimal to a percent. 0.8 3 4.62 1.275 0.05 0.05 7 8.95 2.142 D Words and Meaning: E "Is" means equals (=) "Of" means multiply ( ) "What" means variable (x) "Find" means (x =) E Importance Real Life: To figure out how much money you will have to pay for taxes. To figure out if you will have enough money to pay. To figure out how amount of tip you will have to pay the server. To figure out the discount you will receive Academic: To get a good grade in class. To get a good score on your quiz. Step to Solve Percent Problems 1- Change Percent into a decimal 2- Change "is " to "=" 3- Change "of " to "." 4- Change unknown "what " to "x" 5- Solve the equation Example 1: Write a mathematical sentence and solve. Find 12% of 70. Ex 2: Write a mathematical sentence and solve. What is 40% of 28? We Do: Write a mathematical sentence and solve. What is 10% of 88? You Do: Write a mathematical sentence and solve. What is 32% of 300? You Do: Find the greater value. A. 20% of 16 B. 10% of 90 C.25% of 40 D. 100% of 7 F What is your presentation about? Introduction

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