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House Style magazine

Transcript: The Bawse Images I would include colour on the masthead so it would stand out. The colours I would use would either be BLUE, GREEN or RED. Whats next Chris? By Monique James Up and coming artists Artist swag 'The Bawse' Layout: Front Cover Proposal The Bawse Layout: DPS Masthead ISSUE 1 Text Possible Mastheads could be... £3.50 My name of my music magazine is called ‘The Bawse’ – I chose this name as it relates to my target audience which is 16-19 years old who are into Hip Hop and R&B. The word Bawse is used by a huge iconic commercial Hip Hop artist. The word means ‘Boss’ which can translate in so many different ways such as the Boss of the music industry or meaning that you control something really big. I think This name would attract my audience as it would entice them into what the magazine is about. 22/10/12 The name of my magazine will be called ‘The Bawse’; the genre of music that I will be trying to target is Hip Hop and R&B. The content that will be in the magazine will include interviews on music artist such as Chris Brown and also have a fashion must haves for men and women this will make it different to other music magazines as other magazines don’t include fashion features and only have fashion adverts so it will stand out as my target audience is young adults from 16-21 years old who are of working class so there able to afford the magazine and the fashion suggestions in the magazine, they also will be a lover of music and fashion so it will attract them to this sort of magazine. This magazine will attract them as media and fashion is very popular in this generation. My magazine will include regular items such as music reviews, Competitions, what’s hot and what’s not. Thanks for Watching Fashion Must Haves Whats Hot and Whats not Page No.s Competitions What's next Chris? Layout: Contents Page As my target audience is towards 16-19 year old teenagers I'm going to make sure I have a bright colour to attract the readers Text

Magazine Style File

Transcript: By Danielle Duffy Font The chosen colours green and purple compliment each other very well and accentuate the tones of the main image. The electric purple incorporated into the character's prop is very eye catching. The range of texture including his shiny, scaly jacket and combed back thin green hair are visually attractive and make our eyes linger upon the cover. This font well reflects the genre and audience of the magazine as horror, with the letters of the title with a gloopy, goo-like style. This makes it stand out from other products, and the title compliments the other elements on the cover well. Colour Style file I find this layout to be particularly effective with the featuring of key characters, well-balanced on either side of the cover. The use of colour also allows the for the main focus of the anchorage image (the protagonist) to stand out predominantly. Additionally, the arrangement of textual information surrounding the image (key info at the top and bottom, and cover lines and flash at the sides) also adds to this balance. Similarly with this cover, it places the text around the image, allowing it be read clearly but maintaining the captivating illuminated image to be the main focus. The colours chosen for the fonts help give an indication of the most captivating information, and what will likely attract the audience most. This is something I like and will try to replicate in my own piece. This cover image is very creepy, featuring a character who we would believe is the antagonist of the film. As watchers of horror film are keen for a film of the genre to be frightening and sinister, this image entices the audience effectively, with the girl's piercing stare, unusually-coloured eyes and rotting skin. In my main image I could perhaps include blood in my image to arouse interest about our character's role in the narrative. I find this anchorage image to be very effective due to its combination of successful elements that result in an image that is highly impactful. Firstly; the featuring of the protagonist and antagonist on opposites sides of the cover creates a sense of binary opposition (typical of Strauss' theory). This is effective in introducing the key characters to us. Additionally their frowning expressions and the prop at the center suggest that they are at battle, giving off a sense of excitement within the plot that makes the audience interested. The use of colour has been used to increase the dramatization of the image, giving it a dark look, reflective of the style of the film. This title font has been effectively enhanced through the application of a glowing effect, of the same colour as the character's prop in the anchorage image. This catches the viewer's eye with the luminous orange colour that is also incorporated effectively into numerous other textual elements on the piece. The use of two colours for the background image is effective and aesthetically pleasing and appealing to the viewer. These two colours are thematic within the image and the integration of these throughout the piece is well coordinated and satisfying. The white font allows for clear viewing of the text whilst not drawing us away from the striking image. Layout Anchorage image

Style Template & Storyboard

Transcript: Impacts in the Workplace Here is where I will wrap up my presentation. I will likely close with a brief summary of topics discussed, a personal anecdote and a short question and answer session if the setting allows. Thank the audience for their time, and step down. Closing Personal Anecdote Impacts in a School Environment If attached to an school or organization, I would include a handout or pamphlet outlining my presentation as well as some contact information for various resources. Workplace Solutions Style Template & Storyboard This is where I detail the difference in technology usage between the generations. Using some derived stats from my resources if needed, I will show how many people are moving with this change as those who are not. Identification of the Generational Gap Here I will offer solutions for school settings. This is mostly tapping resources that the school may offer, as well as how to handle some other more abstract issues like those of cyber bullying and the like. General Style and Presentation This is where I introduce myself, and give a light outline of my speech that I am giving. This will ideally open with a greeting and a smile. I'll make brief eye contact and acknowledgement of those who respond to my greeting before moving on. This is a pivotal point where I will need to grab my audience and ring them in so presentation is key here. Professional Dressed, Clean cut appearance Standing upright, with good posture Smiling and making eye contact Gesturing with hands for better expression Reduce the usage of notes to a minimum I explain the impact of this phenomena in the workplace here. Using the generational management heirarchy as a primary example, and how its held back many businesses should paint a good picture for them to understand the need for these skills. I will cover a few cons to this argument for the sake of fairness, but keep it mostly positive. Explanation of Tech Usage Between Generations Speech Sequence and Composition Pamphlet/Handout This where I explain the general details of the generational gap with technology usage. This is to be handled with a bit of tact, as experience tells me this can be a rather sensitive topic with people that are identified like this. The less people I offend with this portion, the better. The ideal environment for this presentation is A classroom, conference room, or similar area where a group would meet to hear a speech or lecture. This is where I tell a short story of my experiences on the job with my coworkers and their skill gap with technology. This serves as a point for both connecting to the audience, and illustrating the point of the difference in tech usage that exists between the generations. I make a transition from workplace tech usage to school tech usage, likely through the mention of taking classes to learn tech. I tap my resources to mention the pros and cons of school tech usage, but aim for a more positive beat to keep the interest in learning. Setting Solutions for School Introduction I offer solutions for learning to use more modern technology here. This is mostly through classes and community programs, but I will also suggest independent exploration and discovery as well for learning resources.

AP Style Magazine

Transcript: Pop Quiz #1 1.) Which of the following is NOT a proper way to give readers a sense of what was said without using obscenities, profanities or vulgarities? A. Replace the letters of the offensive word with hyphens (e.g. f---, s---) B. Replace the offensive word with a generic descriptive in parentheses, e.g., (vulgarity) C. Completely omit the offensive word from the sentence (e.g. “What the ___ did you say to me?”) D. Refer to the offensive word vaguely (e.g., an anti-gay slur) E. Both B and C 2) Which variation is the proper way to write out an organization’s name in a story? A. Procrastinators club B. First Presbyterian Church C. The Society of Professional Journalists D. General Motors corporation 3) Which questions do you need to answer when basing a story on a poll or survey? A. When was the poll conducted? B. How were the questions worded and in what order were they asked? C. Who did the poll and who paid for it? D. Who was polled/surveyed? E. All of the above 4) True or False: It is accepted practice to identify a juvenile who is accused of a crime if other news media have already done so. 5) Which one is correct? A. okay B. ok C. Okay D. OK 7) True or False: According to AP guidelines, writers should use the time elements today or tonight when appropriate to avoid confusion as to when something will occur. 8) Which variation is the proper way to write out page numbers in a story? A. Page 20 B. page 1 C. pg. 10 D. page 20A 6) Which of the following are AP rules concerning the use of political parties and philosophies in a story? A. Capitalize the name of a political party before an elected official's name B. Lowercase the name of a philosophy in noun and adjective forms C. Include the political affiliation of any elected officeholder D. All of the above 9) Which of the following is correct? A. spokeswoman B. chairperson C. spokesperson Co-editors: Bailey Morris and Steven Torres Pop Quiz #2 10) All of the following are true EXCEPT… A. Use which for nonessential clauses B. Use that and which in referring to inanimate objects C. Use that for essential clauses D. Use which for essential clauses Summer 2015 Sneak Peek

Magazine House Style

Transcript: The Background Magazine House Style - Kainaat Mirza The Masthead The main image is always placed in the center of the cover and tends to be of the characters as a very large image. The characters are almost always in their role as they would be in the film, and this is another way of the branding and also characterisation. It always ranges from whether there will be a full body image or just a close up image of the character. The Main Image Our chosen magazine: What is a 'House-Style"? A magazines house style is some of the basic conventions that a magazine follows with all of it's covers. This can include the masthead, Font, colours, picture proportions/placements, location of the barcode and date etc. The house style gives a very diverse look for all different magazine types, and nearly all in the magazine market use this. The common theme running behind the backgrounds being used for the Entertainment Weekly covers is that there is a reoccuring gradient background, or something which makes the main image stand out, whether thats a glow around the image, of a darker solid colour. This is very effective as it highlights the image, and catches attention with the audience Other Text Devices The masthead used by Entertainment Weekly is always in the same font and same size and always in the same position which is at the top of the magazine page, perhaps making it easier for the audience to pick out of a shelf. The image can tend to be behind the masthead, but it can also overlay on the text and this can sometimes give a very nice effect. Different colours are used with the masthead text, the most used colours are red, blue, black and grey. However sometimes they ven have a gradient effect. The sell lines which are used on the magazine cover tend to have a common theme, for example there is a repetition of the phrases 'exclusive' & 'first look'. And these also have a common factor which is the text colour which tends to be white and also the font is almost always the same. Another thing that is present on the magazine cover is the barcode and price. The barcode isn't always present on the magazine cover of Entertainment Weekly as it usually tends to be on the plastic sheeting covereing the magazine, found out from further research. The date and number of issue is always either above the masthead or directly below it, and is in a very small font size.

Magazine House Style

Transcript: Layout Color Palette Color Palette Fonts and Masthead Magazine House Style Here are some of the fonts that I have selected for the Masthead of my magazine. As explained earlier on my blog that I want my magazine to have a soft and cute look, the fonts I have shortlisted will give a clear picture about the type of genre and feel I want for my magazine. The next slide shows the fonts I have selected for my magazine. Fonts However; the font selected for my magazines the first one, known as calligraphy font, available on Dafonts. I really want this font to be as the masthead of my magazine, since it has a handwritten plus a calligraphy effect There will be different fonts used for the cover lines for my magazine. I don't want one specific font to be used for the cover lines. Therefore, to add a variety of ideas and designs, different fonts like handwritten or comic fonts will be used for the cover lines and strip for my magazine. In this way, the audience will not get bored with the feel and topography of the magazine. The overall layout of the magazine would have a cute and soft look. There will be four to five cover lines on the front cover with a cute puff on the side following the color palette. It may have frills or lace affect as the border to follow the codes and conventions of a baking magazine. I will be using different handwritten and comic fonts for the main coverline, puff and coverlines. Moreover; I might have a high angle or eye level angle close up shot of the main image and most baking magazines have. Typography I want my magazine to have cute, soft yet an elegant look to attract my target audience. In addition to this, with the fonts I have shortlisted and feel my magazine has, the color palette selected for my is Pastel Color Palette. This is done to make my magazine look cute and immediately catch the audiences attention with the kind of cover photo, the font for the masthead and the genre of my magazine. The following slide will show the kind of color palette I want for my magazine.

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