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Transcript: Cost-effective alternative to replacing an old spiral with new equipment Safer option than just replacing an old belt First class project execution Long and extensive guarantees One point of contact for whole project Fast, minimal disruption to production Help you lever experience and assure consistent equipment performance across plants and regions Intralox Optimization Plus Required Scheduled Belt Flipping Self-Stacker The drive system is also a frequent cause of elevated cost-of-ownership. The complexity of the guide system can cause downtime and lenghty and difficult repairs. Extended Warranty – up to 10 years 5 full + up to 5 pro-rated Warranty duration is determined after a system audit is complete Requires remote monitoring by Intralox Health Checks – annual for warranty period Replacement of wear parts annually Option to purchase additional services Intralox Intelligence Sanitation Service Sample Payback Questions What do you get? De-stacking phenomenon Complex guide system Product fully enclosed in system Product sticking Limited system width Elevated maintenance costs Difficult repair Limited number of tiers Only metal belt Elevated energy costs A comprehensive program that… Upgrades your spiral with the latest technology and gives it a new lease of life Provides ongoing support to keep it running at peak performance year on year Gives you security and peace of mind with extended warranties for up to 10 years Unscheduled Downtime On Going Accelerated Wear on Cage Bar Caps / Wearstrips Intralox Intelligence A Comprehensive Program OVER 1000 spirals world wide – over 245 in the Meat Poultry and Seafood Industry Why Optimization Lubrication Contamination Install Reference Pre Installation – full system audit and proposal Installation – latest technology and guaranteed on-time Post Installation – ongoing health checks and extended Warranty Optional services to help you maximize performance over the system lifetime Service Summary Destacks OSG Plus Access to live spiral data on dedicated and secure portal Graphic reports providing insight into system performance and trends Quarterly internet conference to review system performance with Intralox spiral expert Recommendations to keep system in optimum condition Automated notification if system deviates from desired operating limits Maintenance Notifications LT Metal Issues Drive System Elevated costs and exclusive maintenance contracts with the manufacturer A « quasi-monopoly » Elevated belt and component replacement costs Complex and lengthy maintenance Automatic Email notification when temperature or tension exceeds pre-set limits These notifications are part of an overall program of care This system is designed to look for trends over time and help predict failure. Belt Life and Materials Current belt life Cost of wear components/year Current belt cost Belt Flips/Lifts/Tenting/ “Christmas Tree” Frequent Stacker Issues The self-supporting structure frequently is the cause of de-stacks Depending on the location of the destack, downtime can be long and repair can be difficult Photos/Videos Tools Technology Preventative Maintenance Man hours per week Materials per week (rags, metal, etc) Man hours for oiling Liters of oil/week Cost of oil Production Product loss due to sticking Product loss due to movement on the freezer Downgrade product due to markings Product loss due to black spec Unscheduled Maintenance Belt failures per year Hours of unscheduled downtime per crash Belt damage per failure Product loss per failure Cost of hour of production downtime Maintenance: Belt/link damage


Transcript: How to understand and use this in the world of Public Relations Simple Quick Steps: 3- Make it fit your company's identity: PR brochure's should always fit your company's identity. Your brochure needs to show your company's identity and be consistent with your representation as it is seen in other places like your website, business cards, sales sheets, etc. If your brand is fun, exciting and upbeat then your brochure needs to reflect that. Utilize your company's motto, philosophy and mission statement in your brochure. A PR brochure is a really great way to show off your brand's personality a bit more. Brochures are defined as an informative paper document , that can be folded into a flyer, or pamphlet. A PR brochure, like many materials in the world of public relations, is meant to inform, engage and call people to action. Creating a PR brochure can take on various forms and hold all sorts of information. A physical PR brochure is a piece of paper that is typically folded into three sections and contains information regarding an event, company, brand or anything else that a company wants to share with the public. Brochures Levine, Stephen. "How to Create a Tri-Fold Brochure.mp4." YouTube. YouTube, 9 Jan. 2013. Web. 03 Sept. 2015. Colbolt, Ben. "How to Make a Brochure - Copywriter's Secrets Part 1." YouTube. YouTube, 5 Nov. 2010. Web. 03 Sept. 2015. "Best Practices in Insurance Agency PR and Communications." - Insurance Journal TV. Insurance Journal, 7 Sept. 2014. Web. 03 Sept. 2015. "Brochures - Google Search." Brochures - Google Search. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Sept. 2015. "All Points PR." : Creating a PR Brochure. N.p., 7 Nov. 2012. Web. 04 Sept. 2015. "E-Brochure." E Brochure. Xpynoss, 4 May 2014. Web. 04 Sept. 2015. CongratulationsYou have now learned how brochures are effectve in the world of PR and understand how they work! You have earned yourself the honor of now learning how to create one for yourself! Follow the steps below followed by a short video: 1. Create a plan 2. Choose your format 3.Choose a durabl and flexibale paper type 4.Decide on content(graphics, photos) 5. Decide if content and graphics are appealing to target audience Introduction and History Tactics Continued.... Lastly, here are a few of the basics not to forget when creating your brochure: - Your company name - Logo - Mission - Goals - Reason for the brochure - Why the reader should think it's important - Call to action - Contact information This Information beinf included in every brochure you create will ensure the feedback desired from various target audiences! The Basics References How they work in the world of Public Relations According to All Points PR firm in the world of PR their are a few tactics you should follow to create a sucesful brochure: 1- Make it stand out: Strive to create a brochure that stands out amongst all the rest! Make it visually interesting and eye-catching. 2- Make it newsworthy: Making your PR brochure newsworthy is a big part of the key to success. Ensure that your PR brochure is viewed as newsworthy by making sure that it is relevant, significant and timely. Always try to strike while the iron is hot. The brochure won't be able to stimulate interest if the target audience does not find the information important to them. Anyone that reads your brochure wants to feel like they have need that you may be able to meet and that is what the PR brochure should provide. A brochure created for PR purposes is meant to inform, engage and call people to action. In the video below a reprsentative discusses the effectiveness of making an appealing brochure. He continues by explaininng how to undertand why they are so popular to this day. How Effective are Brochures?

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