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Birthday Party

Transcript: November 15, 1951 January 1951 The United Nations Headquarters officially opens in NYC March 1951 Han Ketcham's comic strip Dennis the Menace debuts September 1951 A Streetcar Named Desire, with Marlon Brandon, makes film debut May 1951 Outfielder Willie Mays, at age 20, joins the NY Giants Over 10,000 gather at Boston Garden to watch the 1st NBA All-Star Game The 22nd Amendment is ratified, limiting the tenure of the U.S. presidency to two terms World Series Champion New York Yankees Pro Football Champion Los Angeles Rams NCAA Basketball Champion Kentuky College Football Champion Tennessee President of USA Harry Truman Vice President Alben Barkley FOOD MILK 92 cents per gallon BACON 52 cents per pound EGGS 24 cents per dozen GROUND HAMBURGER 50 cents per pound BREAD 16 cents per loaf 1951 MOVIES An American in Paris (Academy Award Winner) Alice in Wonderland Scrooge A Streetcar Named Desire The Day the Earth Stood Still The African Queen 1951 COST OF LIVING New House $9,000 Average Income $3,515 New Car $1,520 Tuition to Harvard $600 per year Movie Ticket 65 cents Gasoline 19 cents per gallon First-Class Postage 3 cents each I LOVE LUCY premieres on CBS Fran Gregory Dale Pamela WORLD NEWS Public kissing is banned in Sweden 1951 MUSIC Because of You Tony Bennett Cold, Cold Heart Tony Bennett If Perry Como Too Young Nat "King" Cole It's not how you begin.... NOTABLE 1951 BIRTHDAYS Dr. Gregory Strayhorn John Cougar Mellencamp Jane Seymour Kurt Russell Crystal Gayle Sally Kristen Ride Happy 60th Birthday Gregory Strayhorn Francenia Gregory Dale Pamela

Birthday Party

Transcript: Karen: I'll get to birthday karla and keep a small chocolate cake Emmanuel: told me what my karla on facebook and i will go Gonzalo: on saturday will go karla's birthday and i to celebrate yuli Yuliet: gonzalo pass by my hause and go to karla Emmanuel: ¡karla open to us that we already! karla: ¡hello all came good and timely! Escarlet: ¡karla congratulations! karen: jejeje..., so do I Emmanuel: ¡tha's for dinner! karla: better pass around and Gonzalo: karla thanks and congratulations karla: pass through Happy Birthday karla happy birthday to you happy birthday to you..... (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr doodles notes Budapest Gonzalo Nava Flores 3° III San Francisco karla: after a white we live, we started cutting the cake Notes Stockholm Our Project (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr Double click to crop it if necessary karla: thanks for coming and who were with me go a way tomorrow we will caretully Ana Karen Lopez Garcia Yuliet Lorena Becerra Hernandez Escarlet: I will tell karen to go with me and we take a beer to celebrate Karla: my friends arriived af five in the afternoon to give me time to fix things outlook karla Jazmine Santillan Garcia karla: I went to escarlet and asked if the coold go home to celebrate my birthday Bye... photo frame Place your own picture behind this frame! (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr details map Emmanuel Falfan Hernandez Assets Important Details Rocio Es carlet Morales Salazar

Birthday Party Presentation

Transcript: Spa Slumber Party By: Kaitlyn Gill and Katelyn Brown Theme sleepover pary for a 10 year old girl theme: Spa Party Physical developmental Milestones Physical developmental Milestones Grow about 2.5 in and gain about 7 lbs. Girls are usually taller and weigh more than boys Signs of early puberty may develop in girls Lose about 4 baby teeth per year and are replaced with permanent teeth Social developmental milestones Social developmental milestones Enjoy being with their friends and often have 1 best friend of the same gender Enjoy team and group activities Insist they are not interested in children of the other gender, but will begin to tease or show off in front of them in order to get attention Like and listen to parents, but some will start to show irritation or lack of respect for adults in charge Emotional Developmental milestones Emotional Developmental milestones They are uncertain about puberty and changes to their body They have mood swings or are insecure and struggle with self- esteem They have a deeper understanding of how relationships with others can include more than just common interests Guest List Guest List Friends from school Friends from extracurricular activities Neighborhood friends Every parents number will be written on a piece of paper and given to the birthday girl's parents 6 pm Saturday night - 10 am Sunday morning WHen? WHen? Where? Birthday Girl's House presents presents Board Games Secret Diary Crafts Easy Bake Oven Purse/Bag Makeup Kit Cards with all the homemade spa recipes Party Favors Party Favors Nail Polish Fingernail Files Lotion Sleeping Mask Scented Candle Activities Activities Facials Manicures and Pedicures Hair and Makeup Blindfolded Makeovers DIY Flip Flops and Lip Gloss Board Games Watch Movies Dinner/Snacks: Pizza Chips/Popcorn Chocolate Fountain Cake Ice Cream Sundae Bar Food and Drinks Food and Drinks Breakfast: Waffle Bar Eggs Bacon Milk Juice Drinks: Make your Own Smoothies Fruit Punch Water Pop

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