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Transcript: a circle is a a round plane whose boundary consists of points equidistant from a fixed point circles are used in everyday life because of camera lenses . in the picture the lenses of the glasses make a circle. point cone rectangle a plane with four straight sides and four right angles , with one unequal adjacent sides , rectangles are used for everyday life because or doors , mailboxes. in the picture the border is the shape of a rectangle. a triangle is a closed plane figure having three sides and three angles . in the picture the shape of the pizza at cece's where cut into a triangle. trianlges are used in evertday life because the shape of your rooftop or for doorstops. line squares a cylinder is a surface or solid bounded bounded by two parallel lines and generated by a straight line. in the picture the battery is the shape of a cylinder. cylinders are used in everyday life mainly in finding the volume of liquids a line segment is one of the parts into which something naturlally seperate or is divided; a division , portion , or section. in the picture the individual chips are line segment. line segments are used in everyday life because of sidewalks. line is a continious extent of lenth , straight or curved with out thickness; the trace of a moving point . in the picture the gym floor represents line. line is used in everyday life because of floors , walls, book frames. cylinder a cone is a solid or hollow object that tapers from a circular or roughly base to a point. in the picture a traffic cone is the shape of a cone. traffic cones are used in lin evertday life for construction , and also used on highways point are geometric objects that only have the picture the center of the clock is a point. points are used in everyday life becuas of clocks and watches. triangle acute angles circles a square is a rectangle having all four sides have an equal length, in the collage each individual picture is the shape of a square. in everyday life books are the shape of a square line segment acute angles is an angles whose measures are between 0 and 90. in the picture the way they have their hands the letter V is making acute angle , acute angles are used in everyday because of driveways and walkways Geometry in everday world


Transcript: 8cm Ex: My project is unique because of its colors. It is also unique because of its shapes. Somebody wouldn't most probably have the same shapes that I used. The formulas that I used also might differ from the formulas other people used. That is why my project is unique. Pentagon Square 12in Area=42in² E Formula: b*h/2 To find the area of a pentagon you can break the figure into 2 shapes. Then you can find the area of the shapes you already know how to find the area of and and add them up. 8 4in When finding the area of an irregular polygon you need to split the shape into smaller regular shapes and then find the area. When finding the surface area of a rectangular polygon you can make it into a net, find the area of the figures, then add them all up. Surface Area = (6+6+1+1) * 12 + 2*6*1 = 168 + 12 = 180 sq. in. The area of a hexagon can be found out by dividing it into triangles. So the area of a hexagon with a side of 6 is 1/2 * 5.19 * 6 * 6 = 93.42 2cm 20 Formula: a * a 6 Trapezoid To find the area of a square you multiply both sides of the square together. Area of a Hexagon 5in 12 Geometry 6in 1in D B Volume: 72 inches cubed 9in Area=25square cm 9in To find the area of a trapezoid you add base 1 + base 2, then multiply it by the height, and then divide it by 2. b Formula: l * w 5cm 6 4 F C Irregular Polygon 7in 6in What is the area of this triangle? Triangle Height = h = 12 Base = b = 20 Area = ½ × b × h = ½ × 20 × 12 = 120 6 4 When finding the volume of a rectangular prism you multiply the width, height, and length. = l*h*w Formula:b1+b2*h/2 Area=9*9 =81 square inches A When finding the area of a rectangle you have to multiply the base times the height and/or length times the width. Area=37square inches Rectangular prism 9in Rectangle 2in Area of trapezoid ABFE is (6+4)*8/2= 40 Area of trapezoid BCDF is (6+4)*4/2 = 20 Area of polygon is 60 h By Rashmi Kondur

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