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Transcript: This poem contains: Extended Metaphors Simile Imagery Symbolism As the coin falls, time progresses When the coin arrives at the slot - Time expires (Night time for author) Activity People go to sleep, others start their day. (Canada sleeps, Kazakhstan wakes up.) Explanation - The author is relating time to a coin toss. - Author is relating sun to a coin. Step 1: Look at the three words on the board. Step 2: Look at your coin. Step 3: Flip it. DISCUSSION TIME BUDS: How does flipping a coin relate to the Sun, Earth, and Moon? The sun spun like a tossed coin. It whirled on the azure sky, it clattered into the horizon, it clicked in the slot, and neon-lights popped and blinked "Time expired," as on a parking metre. -With the sun entering the slot, the moon comes out. -Coin in slot represents that time has now expired for author. -Coin in slot causes the parking metre to reset which allows another person's time to start. CLATTER CLANK CLANK The sun spun like a tossed coin. It whirled on the azure sky, it clattered into the horizon, Horizon Literary Devices Clatter Definition Fall or move with a continuous rattling sound. -Sun has now set for the author. -Coin has now clicked in slot (Parking meter resets now) As coin falls it make a noise between intervals -> Author's time moves in intervals Sunset by Oswald Mtshali The theme/message to this poem is "As time expires for one person, it also begins for another." Poem indicates time expires for one person , but can start for another. it clicked in the slot, and neon-lights popped and blinked "Time expired," as on a parking metre. Symbolizes: Time expires (Night time) / Back to hand after toss. Extended Metaphor: An extended metaphor is a device that is used to compare objects throughout an almost entire reading. The poem sunset itself is an entire extended metaphor as it compares the sun to a coin toss. Simile: A simile is used to compare ideas to make a description more emphatic(showing emphasis). An example of this in the poem sunset would be "The sun spun like a tossed coin. Symbolism: Symbolism represents things by symbols, or shows things with a symbolic meaning or character. The phrase "Time expired" symbolizes the end of the sunset and the rise of the moon, and that the tossed coin is returned to its owner hand. Imagery: Where a string of words draws an image in the reader's mind with ease. An example of this is "It clattered into the horizon," meaning that the coin(sun) is nearing its end and the moon is beginning to rise. Theme The End -The sun is circling around the earth. -> Symbolizes time is passing. -The sun is about to set for the author. -The sun is clattering towards the slot(horizon) like a coin.


Transcript: We would like to let our company be kwon by our customers mainly though advertising; generating the image we are looking for; Excellence and service We will focus the most in generating what is known as mouth to mouth publicity; this allows us to evaluate our job because we are being recommended by our previous clients and would also let us know our level of penetration on the market The promotion would be big and would characterize us as a company giving a great image and leading people know us and our promise of excellence and all our services Product and Services Information That will include basic dusting, cleaning, bed making and one meal a day Office supplies This will include computers, office furniture and office supplies This will cost $7.500.00 Supplies This is sheets, towels and different things our staff would need This will cost $10,500.00 We intent to condense the service of every single housekeeping person in Esmeraldas and make them capable to treat our clientele with the luxury and comfort of a hotel chain, there for we will train our staff to offer customer service excellence We offer a service of three different prices: Market overview We are developing our PR manager office This person must be tested by our CEO and our general manager After proving that he or she is such an effective executive, we can trust him or her to manage our affairs with whom it may concern We are aiming our promotion mostly in media in the approaching time to our biggest seasons Esmeraldas, also in the majority of restaurants and fast food places on the way to the beach We would also have a stand close to the most crowded and important spots 4 star ($20.00) Expected Expenses Vision Advertising 3 star ($15.00) Business Overview Expected Expenses Our vision in SUNSET .S.A. is to achieve and gain the trust of our customers making their beach houses feel like the most beautiful hotel suite, and also letting them enjoy the landscape around their properties with different services and commodities Customer Information Mission SWOT Analysis This will allow us to gain position in the market and let our name to be known by our potential clients Also this will let us take on the next part of the project that is approach to our potential clients before the summer season starts. In where we are considering the same 1000 units but having a rotation of 5 days and lasting for three months Marketing plan and first campaign It will includes the market research and the first marketing and advertising campaign to let our name be known It will cost $5,000.00 This will take 2 months Construction of our offices This will takes 6 months and it will start in June 2010 It will cost $50,000.00 Strengths New idea, innovative Luxury Efficient Secure Weaknesses Build up everything Too demanding Lack of wish to learn from the staff dishonesty among our staff when they go into our clients home If we create SUNSET s.a. then will we grand and solve all the necessities our clients may have? Customer Information We aim our consumers to be families and individuals who normally hire a house keeping lady and switching that service into three different options of hotel house keeping Considering all this we have came up with the idea of crate this brand new service, which will guarantee our customers the satisfaction in all their housekeeping needs SWOT Analysis SUNSET .S.A is a service that would handle your house keeping needs in the apartment you are staying at the beach. We also offer touristic services such as surfing, hiking, horseback riding and more Also we have room service, store and drinks delivery and taxi services Promotion Pricing 5 star ($30.00) How can we solve all your house keeping needs in the beach during you vacations? Market information Our competitors are every single housekeeping person; also considering there is not such an enterprise that provides services like ours, we have a consider advantage to lounge our new venture Budget Question to Research We are aiming our product to reach people that vacation at the beach, which would rent or have an apartment, according to our research there are 12000 units and we are trying to get into as many ones as possible, considering 1000 units at a period of time of 5 days each in the first part of the process which is going to be in Carnival Holy Days (3 days) Industry Information Sales Promotion Hypothesis Expected Expenses Training of our staff Fundamental part in our company This will cost 12,000.00 This will cover and take for 4 months We will train 600 future workers We also will spend in our lounging event, first class, red carpet and beach party This will generate us a big first impact and let our assistance and media to see our Excellency This will cost $5,000.00 Product Opportunities Fancy people would find it beautiful Help from the government, because of being a small business in an undeveloped zone International investors, we have to consider that Esmeraldas Coast Line in now


Transcript: Story By: Erin Hunter Project By: Wataru Sunset Text-Self Text-Text Text-World Text-Self In the Lorax many trees are being destroyed and many types of animals are forced to leave their homes Main Characters In the lion king Scar kills his brother so he can be king like Tigerstar did. The life that Tigerstar and Scar gave were both terrible. Firestar: ThunderClan`s leader Brambleclaw: A warrior and Tigerstar`s son and is made deputy sometimes judged by others because of his father Leafpool: The medicine cat and Firestar`s daughter Daisy: a kittypet(a pet) from the horse place Berrykit: the son of Daisy and becomes a apprentice of Brambleclaw Onestar: the leader of WindClan Leopardstar: The leader of Riverclan Stormfur: A riverclan warrior that chose to move to the tribes Hawkfrost: A warrior and the brother of Brambleclaw. He is hungry for power Blackstar: Leader of Shadowclan Firestar ,the leader of Thunderclan used to be a kittypet. He decides to become a Warrior. Firestar was Fireheart back then.Other cats make fun of him but he proves himself worthy. He finds out about how Tigerclaw had killed the deputy and was going to kill the leader. Tigerclaw becomes leader and becomes Tigerstar. Fireheart ends his leadership and Fireheart becomes leader. The cats used to live in another forest. Cats from each clan received a sign from Starclan that they need to go to a place that is far away to get to know a message Starclan wants them to know.Brambleclaw from Thunderclan, Feathertail from Riverclan, Stormfur ,Feathertail's brother, Crowpaw from Windclan and Tawnypelt,Brambleclaw's brother. They meet a tribe. Feathertail dies and Stormfur decides to stay with the tribe. They find out that they need to leave the forest because of the twolegs cutting down trees. They soon find a new home that is free from twolegs( humans) even though it took a long time to have peace and agreements and to make adjustments on how they hunt and act. Text-Text History of the forest I had to make adjustments when I first moved here such as getting used to food and language. About Forest Cats Forests in real life are being destroyed by humans and are forcing many animals to leave their homes Forest Cats have unique ways of doing things. Cats are separated into 4 Clans. They are Thunder Clan, Shadow Clan, Wind Clan and River Clan. They own territory and they set borders. Each clan owns a type of land. ThunderClan cats own and hunts in forests. WindClan cats hunt in fields , ShadowClan cats hunt in pine forests and RiverClan cats hunt near rivers. They all believe in StarClan who are dead cats watching over them from the stars. There are many types of cats. A warrior is a cat that protects his/her clan or hunts for his/her clan. Warriors can be mentors and might have an apprentice who is a cat being trained into warriors. They become warriors when the leader of their clan thinks they are ready. Kits are cats that are too young to be a apprentices. Queens are cats that have kits to take care of. The Clan leader`s job is to lead her/his clan. Elders are retired cats that are too old for anything. A cat becomes a leader when the leader before chooses that cat to be deputy and after that leader dies. The medicine cat treats the wounded with herbs and they are usually the ones that receive signs from StarClan. When apprentices become Warriors and when Warriors become leaders They change their names Sometimes I feel like I am being judged just because I am Japanese.


Transcript: When the cats moved in to there new home. They had gotten rid of some badgers. The badgers wanted revenge and attacked the Thunderclan cats. Windclan later on comes and helps them but there is still damage to be fixed. At the same time Stormfur comes back. He goes back to Riverclan but Hawkfrost some how gets rid of him so Hawkfrost would be Deputy instead of him. Stormfur comes to Thunderclan and decides to stay with them. Shadowclan finds out about the attack of the Badgers and decided to change the borders to get more hunting land. Thunderclan soon finds out and then attacks to get their territory back. Shadowclan makes excuses about twolegs(humans) that are moving to their land into triangular houses(tents). They are yelling and making so much noise that they are scaring prey away even though Shadowclan has enough to survive. In The Mark of Athena. Jason and some others couldn't decide where their loyalties lay. Dreams Brambleclaw`s brother, Hawkfrost asks to meet Brambleclaw alone. Brambleclaw realizes that his brother had set a trap for Firestar. Hawkfrost had traped Firestar in a fox trap so that Firestar can`t move. Hawkfrost offers Brambleclaw a chance to become leader. Brambleclaw needs to make a choice whether he chooses power over loyalty to his clan or not.He is divided into two. Brambleclaw thought about how Firestar had stopped Tigerstar from taking over the entire forest. He refuses and tries to help Firestar but Hawkfrost attacks him. Brambleclaw unwillingly kills Hawkfrost. The prophecy was now complete. The Badger Attack Tigerstar finds a way to get to Brambleclaw's and Hawkfrost's dreams. Tigerstar tells them to do to become leader. First simple things but later on worse things. Leafpool the medicine cat soon finds out and Leafpool can't stop wondering whether Brambleclaw is eating everything up or if he is ignoring eveything Tigerstar says. People in real life go to outside and camp even though they have perfectly nice houses of their own The Trick Sunset Text-Text Text-World The Attack Leafpool receives a prophecy from Starclan. The prophecy is "Before there is peace, blood will spill blood and the lake will run red" . Text-Text The Prophercy In Percy Jackson, there are prophecies as well.

Agriculture Presentation Sunset

Transcript: Most usually commercial Winter Wheat, Spring Wheat Types of Grain Inspired the reaper (McCormick) and the combine A form of subsistence agriculture Involves slash-and-burn agriculture Farmers grow crops for a few years before leaving it to fallow People dislike GM crops because they believe that they are generally unhealthy compared to traditionally grown crops and livestock, and may cause health complications. = Extremely Perishable Labor-Intensive Assumptions Size of Herd Intensive Subsistence Women's Roles in Agriculture Humanity's response to Genetically Modified crops and livestock is very divided. Scientists have reached a general consensus that GM foods provide no greater threat than normal food, unless intentionally made to be lethal Was initially a plan to lessen famine in LDCs by increasing their food production Types of Agriculture Grain Punjab Australia Mediterranean Asia A form of Commercial agriculture Year round agriculture Most money is derived from the animal Crop Rotation Cereal Grain Livestock Farming Left: Peanut leaves genetically modified with the cry genes from Bacillus thuringiensis, bestowing them with insecticidal properties. Right: Normal peanut leaves afflicted by European Corn Borer Larvae Being near the central market, dairy production often has high rent, but also low transportation costs. The center The only market A form of subsistence agriculture Involves hard manual labor More Prevalent in LDCs Double Cropping Crop Rotation Generally indicates non -mechanized agriculture Used to grow food for one's self and family Prominent in most LDCs and rural regions Has a higher concentration of farmers in the given region Surplus may be sold Katherine Morgan, Jena Pisani, Elisabeth McCray, Lucy Seton, Ethan Fogt The increase in agricultural production in England due to increases in labor and land productivity. The 2nd agricultural revolution took place in England between 1750 and 1880 Products of the revolution -Farming methods such as crop rotation - Transportation infrastructures - Increased intensive farming - Land conversion and land drains The transition of humans from nomadic hunting and gathering to sedentary agricultural production of domesticated plants and animals Occurred between 10,000 to 8,000 BC First recorded area with association to the Revolution was in the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East Products of the Revolution -Domestication of animals sheep, goats, and pigs - Seed and vegetative agriculture - Tools for farming However, criticisms include: B. Actuality A series of technological advancements and changes in agricultural practices that occurred in the late 1940s through the 1960s. Gene Revolution The Von Thünen Model Market Further from market 2nd Agricultural Revolution Industrial Revolution Africa A form of subsistence agriculture Involves the movement of animals' milk and skin Diet is mostly consisting of grain AP Human Geography: Chapter 10 The Second Agricultural Revolution Responses to Modern Revolutions Fruit Farming Higher rent cost Lower transportation cost China Extensive Less Physical Labor More Machinery More Prevalent in MDCs A form of Commercial Agriculture Large farms consisting of 1 or more crops Include many specialty crops Generally owned by external people/corporations Highly intensive Elisabeth McCray Pastoral Nomadism Extremely perishable Labor-intensive Dairy Characterized by: Increase of irrigation infrastructure Development of higher yielding varieties of crops Increased usage of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and hybridized seeds Closer to market Fruits are perishable and require fast transport. Fruit farming land is usually located near central markets. The Green Revolution Cattle and ranching is usually located in the outermost ring of the model. Rent cost is low, and the owners get a lot of land for their cattle, in return. Labor force - all the members of a particular organization or population, who are able to work, viewed collectively. Gender Role- the public image of being male or female that a person presents to others. Market access- the process to ensure that all appropriate patients who would benefit, get rapid and maintained access to the brand, at the right price. Assigning contributions to agricultural outputs by gender is problematic because in most agricultural households both men and women are involved in crop production. Women play a significant role in the agricultural labor force and in agricultural activities. Women approximately produce 60-80 percent of food In Rajasthan, India, girls between 14 and 19 years of age contribute up to 60 percent of the total time spent on agriculture by their age group Grains and crops are located near the outskirts of the Von Thünen model. They require larger areas of land and are less perishable, relative to dairies and fruits. Rent costs are lower, transportation costs are higher. Dairy This graph shows the different countries and the different percent of economically active

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