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Transcript: Doomed or Destined? #mediaeconomics #mediaeconomics over Basic monthly subscription of £21.50 #mediaeconomics Explain the: Structure of BSkyB 1989-1995 2001-current date Their latest & greatest and the challenges they face Core business Competition Discussion - Too much power? The future of Sky #mediaeconomics 1989 BSkyB founded Too much power? 2001 #mediaeconomics #mediaeconomics #mediaeconomics So what's next? ‘provide a unique range of premium entertainment.’ - PR Week, Brissenden, 2000 On 6 July 2011, Sky Player and Sky Mobile TV services were merged and rebranded as Sky Go. 2001- Current date Their latest and greatest.... "the unified market" (Bores et al.) #mediaeconomics Laptop 3.8m homes #mediaeconomics 47m "We consider there to be overwhelming evidence that UK consumers are well served by strong competition between a growing number of TV providers, including those offering movies" Also this year... 1989-1995 Registered Devices On Demand The Bid #mediaeconomics #mediaeconomics The Power of Sky #mediaeconomics What else could they possibly offer? 5.1m Mobile Source: BSkyB Annual Review 2012 Up to 50 channels available Access to films 12 months in advance News Corp own 39.1% of BSkyB. In June 2010 News Corp bid for a 100% controlling stake of BSkyB. They later withdrew this bid due to the News of the World phone hacking scandal. You already have four channels. BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel four #mediaeconomics Why pay for TV? Source: LoveFILM - £4.99 pm Netflix - £5.99 pm Now TV - £15 pm Source: BSkyB Corporate Website Became part of FTSE 100 index in 1995. #mediaeconomics FTSE 100 Tablet #mediaeconomics #mediaeconomics Box price - £12 #mediaeconomics Competition regulator said BSkyB has too much power Set-up costs, marketing costs, competitive response #mediaeconomics Nat, Chloe, Katie #mediaeconomics Technological Convergence #mediaeconomics #mediaeconomics #mediaeconomics Today we will: How do you consume television? Sky Today #mediaeconomics ...Coming Soon 2011 Source: #mediaeconomics unique users per month 140 channels available #mediaeconomics Sky in numbers 160 hrs recording time Why pay more? Competition Triple Play Bundles 1.8m #mediaeconomics 20.4m homes #mediaeconomics 185 hrs recording time 2012 - Sky Anytime and Anytime+ would merge and be rebranded as On Demand We believe in better. #mediaeconomics Streamed items every quarter

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Transcript: The continuous Miner One of the biggest advancements in coal industries Made it a 7 man job instead of a 25 man job Replaced 3 different machines Cutting of the coal Shaking the coal out Conveying it out of the mines This machine would grind coal and put it in a cart One man got 15 tons of coal a day The machine got 10 tons of coal in 1-2 minutes This machine also stirred up a lot of dust Thus giving lots of miners Black Lung disease Coal was distributed evenly throughout the earth Earth now played an important part in human life Britain was the first to take advantage of the amount of coal Most of it was on the surface The surface coal was used up very quickly Started in the 17th century Replaced homes, schools, and workshops Coal changed Britain forever Now people were forced to go under the earth You hacked at the wall by hand Then you had to reach in for it Some people hired kids to reach the coal Miners had to pay the children expos sucks Coal Mining: Dangers Advancements in Coal Industry Many deaths happened in coal mines. Collapse Can break neck, even if you're wearing a helmet Miners would listen to see if it was safe to get out of the mine Explosions Not many survivors Miners were treated like captives Miners were cheated Miners were made to pay for the most minor mistakes A song about mistreatment Miners pay was docked Miners tools would sometimes be taken away Industrial Feudalism Fire: How Earth Made us Industrial Feudalism: Coal Miners worked on land owned by Mining Companies Coal Miners only source of food was a Company-owned store Companies earned profit by giving miners script Script could only be spent at the Company store All miners were in debt to the Company, resulting from poor pay and overpriced products Expos Sucks COAL MINING West Virginia Coal Mining West Virginia Coal Mining Facts: 3rd largest producer of coal in the USA Highest Mine Death Rate in the Nation from 1890-1912 History: Miners were denied their proper pay Known as Cribbing Workers were paid based on tons of coal mined. Many violent strikes occurred Between workers and government Coal Mines: Working conditions

Sky fall Presentation

Transcript: SEQUENCE CUTS First shot hero, framed by door Hitchcock style like a caged animal Non-diegetic sound: Music mirrors action and environment. Enchances the characters' actions and plans. The music provides auditory clues as to what will happen. The music fills the area in which dialogue should be. Editing techniques - This scene does not appear to be vfx heavy, and this is because is isn't - Only vfx used were green screen elements to change the visual appearance of the station - The James Bond franchise has always been known to favour live action shots over vfx, and this scene is no exception. The actors slide down the escalator on a dolly and there were no visual effects involved in the action - The choice of live action over vfx adds a sense of realism to the scene, making it far more intense and therefore far more thrilling for the viewers themselves. Classic western style shot / reverse shot Close up only used just before the doors open Sense of Speed Draws attention Visual Storytelling Cut rate Change in audio Throws us into the action We can experience what Daniel Craig is Green Screen Elements Live Action Shots Naturally, we look for the person being chased Able to relate to Daniel Action-Thriller Sam Mendes Stuart Baird the peak of the action - 29 cuts in 60 seconds (on average 1 cut every 2 seconds) - Cuts start slow, build up pace in the middle and slow down again towards the end of the sequence - Match on Action is used throughout the sequence to speed up the pace of the scene, increasing the thrill and action in this sequence Skyfall Presentation by Charlotte Hesketh, Natalie Keeney, Frank Brown, Alex Guana Guana and Peter Atack Musical cue when the doors open turns tension into adrenaline Waiting for the doors to open is the ticking bomb, its busy adding to the drama Cutting in relation to Audio JUMP CUT In typical movie fashion the hero's path is blocked.. WHAT MAKES THIS SCENE THRILLING? SKYFALL (2012) GENRE: DIRECTOR: EDITOR: Live Action Dolly Shot creating tension AUDIO: Creating Tension GRADING: and relax VFX: THE SCENE 'TUBEFALL' POV Not with quick cuts but by the visual storytelling No apparent beat Cannot cut to the beat Reflects chaotic Act and React style Compliments the feeling of a spontaneous chase that wasn't pre planned

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Transcript: 14th Week Consulting interns can be expensive Time and Money Personal Experience Preliminary Design Stage NFPA 101 and NFPA 13 New and Existing Education, Business, and Mercantile Definition of Project This app would be used to provide interns and recent graduates with an outline of guidelines for how to design and review designs of specific occupancies. With the given time frame, I will be writing the information that will go into the app Begin parametric study: Speak with my mentor and Jason to understand more about what critical variables I could concentrate on for this app. Choose those parameters and begin my study Gather information from NFPA 101 and NFPA 13 for new and existing education, business, and mercantile occupancies. By: Breanne Thompson Next Steps (Continued) Finish preparing for Draft of Analysis Pull together and discuss results of project Draw my conclusions and state future work needed Turn in Final Paper! 10th and 11th Week Turn in my parametric study Begin draft of analysis Map out the process of the app for the key elements 15th Week References Next Steps 7th Week Prepare for Final Presentation Summarize my draft of analysis into presentation Work on how to incorporate a live demonstration for my presentation App Development Background Information 8th-9th Week Continuous Process Objective-C for Apple products Java for Android products 6 months of studying Places to Learn: Codecademy, iOS Dev Center, Android Developers Training Hire App Developer will cost thousands Prepare Final Paper Dive into Shark Tank! 1. 2. 6th Week Background Presentation 12th-13th Week

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