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Relationship Presentation

Transcript: What are the necessary factors that make up a good relationship? Trust! Listening! Handling and withstanding pressure. Knowing every one is different. Being VERY clear on what it is you want. Handling fights. Knowing the fine line of expectations. Giving space. AND! Adapting to things your partner says. "Adapting to stuff that your partner points to help and improve your relationship is big." -Stephen Stephens Happiness Merriam Websters Definition.... A state of well being and contentment.. Peoples Defintions.... "Doing something you love with the people you love doing it with." "The other person being able to make you laugh and treat you right." The Equity Theory! Sense of EQUALITY in the relationship.. balanced.. Examples.... Both work.. Both take care of children.. Both help around the house.. NO Equaility... Leads to.... And we all surley DO NOT want that.. Soo..why not have equality amoungst the two and have everyone looking like... Yeah that looks good to me.. Don't you think??.... Many things can equal what exactly a good relationship is.. It is not just all these simple things like, trust, honesty, equality..etc.. But also the efforts that you yourself, as well as your partner put into it all. I have always gone with the phrase... "You get what you put into it.." If you put no effort into the relationship..the outcome is simple.. You're going to get nothing out of it. Yet! If you put every effort into it, you bust your butt and do what is necessary...the outcome will be a happy one. You cannot expect for something to change, grow or become better by itself. Can an athlete such as a runner or football player be able to do what he has to without is nutrients and vitamins? Can a seed rise into a flower without splash of water or touch of sunshine?.. No right? So then how do you expect for a relationship to be good, without putting the right essentials in it??.. It's kind of like baking a cake. Now to make the cake you need what?... You and your partner are basically the flour. Eggs=trust Egg Whites=being VERY clear on what you want Milk=Listening Salt=Handling arguments Vanilla= knowing everyone is different Very strong coffee= withstanding pressure Measuring cups=equality Blender=putting actions to what you say Cake Bowl=giving space Oven=letting everything settle in Completed cake=that good relationship Yes it may seem to be a lot of work.. But what thing in life isn't? You want a good relationship?.. Get that apron on, those pots ready, ingredients set.....and get ready to bake a delicious cake....

Relationship Presentation

Transcript: By: Sammi -liking + mutual perception of similarity and expectation of reciprocity and parity -“Although the surface features of friendship changes, having friends is a consistently robust correlate of life satisfaction and well-being” -Friend is someone who has reciprocated and sustained relationship marked by positive emotions -Support the equity and attachment theory •Think and write about - Positive, healthy relationships you have had with family, friends, coworkers and authority figures –Benefits of having healthy relationships –Ways to initiate and maintain healthy relationships •Concentrating on positive increases a person’s joy, makes them feel grateful, increases motivation, and keeps an individual in a present state of mind Equity Theory •Relationship characterized by reciprocated exclusiveness, absorption, predispositions to help one another, and interdependence •Passionate love: earlier years of relationship – a state of intense longing union with another – extreme absorption and dramatic mood swings from ecstasy to anguish •Companionate love: the affection we feel for those with whom our lives are deeply entwined – intimacy and commitment •Married people are more healthy and have greater life satisfaction than single people •Marital Satisfaction - Emotional security, respect, communication, sexual intimacy, and loyalty -“Good Relationships with others may be the single most important source of life satisfaction and emotional well-being, across different ages and cultures - Harry Reis and Shelly Gable (leading love researchers) “Nobody has every claimed that material goods alone are sufficient to make us happy. Other conditions – such as satisfying family life, having intimate friends, have time to reflect and pursue diverse interests have been shown to be related to happiness” Fredrickson and Waugh’s Experiment Broaden - and - Build Theory Positive Emotion and Self-Overlap -Affiliation: people involved simply want to be associated with some other person – his/her identity is not important - Social Comparison: provides a motive for affiliation which allows us to evaluate ourselves -Liking: people have a positive attitude toward each other -Proximity, similarity, complementary of needs, high ability, attractiveness, and reciprocity - Myers & Diener Gottman's Theory 5:1 Activity Cherry, Kendra. "Attachment Styles." Psychology. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Feb. 2013. Christian E. Waugh & Barbara L. Fredrickson (2006): Nice to know you: Positive emotions, self–other overlap, and complex understanding in the formation of a new relationship, The Journal of Positive Psychology Christian E. Waugh & Barbara L. Fredrickson (2006): Nice to know you: Positive emotions, self–other overlap, and complex understanding in the formation of a new relationship, The Journal of Positive Psychology: Dedicated to furthering research and promoting good practice, 1:2, 93-106 Hatfield, Elaine. "A Brief History of Social Scientists Attempts to Measure Passionate Love." Journal of Social and Personal Relationships (2011): n. pag. Print Peterson, Christopher. "Chapter 10: Positive Interpersonal Relationships." A Primer in Positive Psychology. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2006. 249-73. Print. "The Scientific Basis for The Orcas Island Couples' Retreat:." Divorce Predictors Negative Relationships: Couples Retreats: Relationships Marriage: Gottman. Gottman Private Couples Retreat, n.d. Web. 11 Feb. 2013. References -Close relationships – friendships/romances persist to the degree that both people involved believe that what they are getting out of relationship is proportional to what they are putting in - calculates the cost and benefits of relationships -Interpersonal resources (Goods, information, love, money, services, status) -Social Support: appraisal support, emotional support,informational support, instrumental support -Equal Attractiveness Relationships Aspects of a Relationship Friendship - Positive Emotions, Self-other overlap and complex understanding in the formation of a new relationship -Survey among freshmen undergraduates at the University of Michigan, during their first experiences at college -Involved the Broaden and Build Theory of positive emotion and Positive Emotions and self-other overlap -Emphasizes that feelings bring us together - Need for "warm and continuous relationship" - Study: Strange Situation Test - Secured Attachment - Avoidant - Ambivalent -Attachment style acquired from primary care giver is reflected in future relationships Attachment Theory -Having positive feelings will then increase the complex understanding of others and smooth the progress of the relationship allowing a better appreciation of others (This is shown from roommate experience in their first few weeks of college) -Results – Those who displayed a ratio of 2.9:1 (positive emotions to negative emotions) found a better understanding of roommate in the first month -Shows that it is the frequency of positive emotions not the intensity LOVE

Relationship Presentation

Transcript: (Licht, Hull, Ballantyne, & Hull, 2014, p.483). image from Microsoft Word 2013 Self-Efficacy by Mai Lor Learning and Social-Cognitive Theories: (Wheeler, 2014). environment To learn, one must pay attention. Subject matter that are different from the norm are more likely to grab our attention. Exhibit the learned behavior. Keeping information that you learn. Our personality is continuously shape and reshape by our experiences and the connection we have with the world. Four Principles of Social Learning Albert Bandura’s Learning and Social-Cognitive Theories (Licht, Hull, Ballantyne, & Hull, 2014, p.483). behaviors She obtains good references, researches, prepares diligently for the job interview... Attention: The desire to repeat the behavior. Reward motivates what needs to be learn while punishments teaches us to avoid those behaviors. Cycle of Reciprocal Determinism Our internal chi will direct our behaviors. (Licht, Hull, Ballantyne, & Hull, 2014, p.483). 3 (Licht, Hull, Ballantyne, & Hull, 2014, p.482). cognitions Behaviors (ours and those around us) influences our beliefs and environment. External chi direct our behaviors Suggests that people learn from each other, in relationships and their social environments, through observations, imitate thought patterns, interactions and collaborating. The interviewer admires interviewee confidences and dedication. She receives an offer for the job. Reproduction: Low self-esteem = poor chance at success. Your self-doubt will override your abilities and prior (possibly) similar experiences. High self-esteem = greater success rates. Your open-mindedness and flexibility will let you be more susceptible to changes and new ideas. (Licht, Hull, Ballantyne, & Hull, 2014, p.482). (Licht, Hull, Ballantyne, & Hull, 2014, p.482). Motivation: (Licht, Hull, Ballantyne, & Hull, 2014, p.482). Licht, P. D. M., Hull, P. M. G., Ballantyne, C., & Hull, M. (2014). Scientific American. New York, NY, United States: Worth Publishers. Wheeler, S. (2014, November 13). Bandura’s 4 Principles Of Social Learning Theory. Retrieved March 31, 2017, from Self-efficacy = self-esteem. 2 (Wheeler, 2014). When a person is ready for a change and sends out her resume... 1 (Wheeler, 2014). (Wheeler, 2014). image from Microsoft Word 2013 Bibliography Retention: The belief that we are only as good as we think we are. The importance of self-efficacy is a major component in every day life’s decision, goals and challenges.

Relationship presentation

Transcript: What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish? In the story, "The Wives Tale", the wife is betrayed by the husband. In a parallel universe, where Werewolves are afraid of Humans, The wife becomes defensive, and has to protect her children from her husband, who transformed into a human. This relationship defined that the Wife loved her husband, but kids are first, so she protected her children who were being attacked by the Human version of the Husband. My Mom and I Thesis Statement The Wives Tale In the story, "What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish?", Sergi has a one-sided relationship with the Goldfish. As Sergi desperately sees the Goldfish as a friend, The Goldfish is conceited, egotistic, and only wants to be free. This relationship defined that Sergi was desperate and dependent on the Goldfish, but the Goldfish was narcissistic. Relationships Presentation My Boyfriend and I In every relationship, there are down points, but they bring us closer and make the bond of the relationship stronger. In each one of these relationships, there are down points, but there is negativity in everything. In life, and relationships, it's not only good, or only bad, there are ups and downs. But in all, we get stronger from every down point. By: Liz Windeknecht She cheers me up when I am down. I could not ask for a better mother, ever. Our relationship defines that mother-daughter relationships are even better than some friend to friend relationships. For example, I've had backstabbing friends, and my mom has never hurt me like that. I love her so much. My mom gave birth to me, her first child, on January 26th, 2001 at 2:30 am. She's provided me with everything I've needed, or want. She is the best mother I could ever ask for. She helps me with my issues, and pushes me to be strong, just like she is. She is my best friend. I tell her everything, she tells me everything, and out trust is the strongest thing in this world. My boyfriend and I love each other very much. We automatically clicked when we met each other. Our personalities clash so perfectly. Although we get into occasional arguments, we always make up. Our relationship defines that not all relationships are perfect, but the bond of love is unbreakable. I can be my complete weird self around him, and he still loves me no matter what.

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