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Transcript: RESPONSIBILITY CURIOSITY COURAGE People CHAMPION transparency CHAMPION transparency We share information openly and proactively. We contribute outside of our specialty. We are known for directness. We are quick to admit mistakes. We question actions inconsistent with our values. CULTIVATE relationships + community CULTIVATE relationships + community We contribute to the community with what we are passionate about. We seek to understand our clients and what matters to them. THRIVE at work + play THRIVE at work + play We embrace curiosity to support a vibrant work culture. We demonstrate consistently strong performance so colleagues can rely upon each other. We inspire others with our passion for excellence. We celebrate wins. We promote learning and professional development. We continue to improve how we work to support summer hours. We believe in an open and collaborative work environment. We are fun to work with and have a positive impact on those around us. Practice DELIVER quality work DELIVER quality work You utilize BBT’s proven CA processes. You support your fellow team members to use independent decision making to meet their deliverables. You know when to zoom in and zoom out. You deliver quality work that is thoughtful. PROMOTE innovation PROMOTE innovation We promote sustainability and healthy buildings. We think strategically. We create new ideas that prove useful. We embrace new technology. We help keep BBT nimble by minimizing complexity and finding ways to simplify. RESPECT the details RESPECT the details We know when to zoom in. We respect how things go together and their relationships. We use the guiding principles of the parti to inform the details. Process CURIOSITY enables a process that listens, empowers, and connects 3 statements on how we live this core value LISTEN to every voice LISTEN to every voice We embrace listening as a cornerstone of the BBT approach. We believe that listening is both a skill and an art. We add to the conversation. We create opportunities for clients and stakeholders to contribute to the visioning and design process. EMPOWER team members EMPOWER team members We empower fellow team members to contribute their best by providing the necessary information, time, and support. We empower colleagues to take ownership over their projects and tasks. We recognize team member contributions. CONNECT through design CONNECT through design We believe design is a conversation. We create functional spaces that support the end user. We connect the technical details to the human experience. We blend expertise and client-centered design to create spaces that bring people together.

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Transcript: Environmental Manufacturing & Machinery Transport Life Sciences Energy Emerging Industries Remediation Site Investigation Civil Engineering Geotechnical Waste Management Johnston Vere Consultants Chemicals Process Safety Food & Beverage Robotics HVAC Process Plant Equipment Special Purpose Machinery Oil & Gas (Upstream, Midstream, Downstream) Renewables Nuclear Generation Transmition Medical Devices Pharmaceuticals Biotechnology Biomechanics Lab Systems Today Johnston Vere follows the legacy of the life cycle ethos where many of our candidates have since become clients; this is reflected in the exceptionally high level of repeat business and their recommendations Our market knowledge and experience enables us to devise effective search plans allowing us to resource from non-typical environments and identify candidates with diverse transferable skills. Our Operations Unrivaled Experience We are a truly international company. Operating from the UK we boast a strong track record in global recruitment with a presence and reputation in mainland Europe (Switzerland) and the UAE. This is backed up with a team of in-house linguists. Specialist Recruitment For The Energy, Transportation, Technology & Engineering Sectors For nearly 30 years we have been partnering world class technology, software, and engineering companies; sourcing key executive, management, technical, and commercial personnel worldwide. Our aim is to develop long term relationships with clients. We integrate ourselves fully within client organisations to holistically understand their business and requirements. Road Rail Airports Each consultant operates in their own field of expertise, which when appreciated as a whole, offers clients and candidates a truly holistic market, technology or discipline based approached Big Data Internet Of Things Smart Technology Cyber Security Autonomous Vehicles Advanced Materials Software Industries we specialise in:

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Transcript: Did you see that? - 3 Pb + 2NO + 2NH + 2OH --> 2NH + 2NO + Pb(OH) White - Red HPhenolphthalein + OH --> H O + Phenolpthalein 2 3 - 4 white 2+ - 2+ 2+ 2 3 4 Copper (II) sulfate solution and aqueous ammonia are mixed. 2+ Safety Measures 3 Phenolphthalein turns pink in the presence of a base Cu + 2SO + 4NH + 4OH --> 2SO + 4OH + Cu(NH ) 2 1% ehanolic phenophthalein saturated lead nitrate saturated copper sulfate 3 150ml beakers 500ml 1.0M aqueous ammonia 600ml beaker droppers HPhenolphthalein + NH OH -->NH + H O + Phenolphthalein 4 colorless 3 4 Lead (II) hydroxide is a white precipitate. - Lead (II) nitrate is mixed with aqueous ammonia. Cu(NH ) gives a blue liquid. 2- 3 + 4 It's different for each beaker. Let's take a look 4 The aqueous ammonia added to each of three beakers formed products colored red, white, and blue! - Materials Patriotic Chemistry - colorless Copper (II) sulfate can stain clothes Ammonia gas is noxious Lead is used Cu + 4NH --> Cu(NH ) 3 1. Set up 3 clean 150ml beakers 2. Add 5 drops phenolphthalein to the left beaker. 3. Add 10 drops saturated aqueous lead nitrate to the middle beaker. 4. Add 10 drops saturated aqueous copper sulfate to the right beaker. 5. Pour 400ml pf 1.0M aqueous ammonia into a 600ml beaker. 6. Use large beaker to pour 75 ml of ammonia into each beaker. Wear goggles, closed toe shoes, and lab coat Avoid inhaling ammonia gas, do in fume hood Follow proper disposal procedures for lead 4 - - Pb + 2OH --> Pb(OH) HPhenolphthalein and aqueous ammonia are mixed. 2- blue deep blue 3 2 3 2+ How does it work? Procedure pink Blue

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