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Transcript: Tend to their patients and provide them with care Educate others about different illnesses Serve as a support system The Nursing Shortage AFSCME. (2010). Listening to nurses: Dissatisfaction and burnout on the job. Retrieved from American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2012). Nursing faculty shortage. Retrieved from Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2003). Nursing shortage fact sheet. Retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2012, March 29). Registered nurses. Retrieved from Carayon. (n.d.). Nursing workload and patient safety—a human factors engineering perspective. (Master's thesis), Available from Google Scholar. Retrieved from Catus. (2007, July 28). What's your average nurse to patient ratio? [Online forum comment]. Retrieved from Jada, G. (2012, February 27). The best jobs of 2012. Retrieved from Minority Nurse. (2009). Nursing statistics. Retrieved from Pear, R. (2008, March 29). Study finds many patients dissatisfied with hospitals. Retrieved from SIROTA. (2007). Nurse/physician relationships: Improving or not?. 37(1), 52-55. Retrieved from World Wide Learn. (2007). Nursing: Facts & figures. Retrieved from What is causing the shortage? What is a Nurse? What do they do? References Harsh Working Environments Dealing with displeased/cranky patients Unstable, sometimes harsh relationships with their physicians Why is this topic important to research? Heavy work loads Underpaid High patient-to-nurse ratio Nursing school are turning away qualified applicants & hospitals can't add more nurses to their payrolls Solutions Dissatisfaction & Burnout WHO DOES THIS AFFECT? ANY QUESTIONS By: Heather Wolverton Insufficient Funding


Transcript: For my exam paper I have choosen the word geomectric as I feel that this word is the most verstitile and me as an artist will have a great way of interprating this into my photography Photographers Tom Leighton Robert Heinecken Cang Xin Rafa Jenn Rodchenko Wolfgang Tillmans Tatiana Parcero My idea for this theme is going to be experimening with shapes and manupalating images to creat new ones. I really want to challange what my audience sees and make them really analys the images looking at what's happening in front and behind. I want to also experiment with 3d shapes, Collages, mirroring, photoshop and more. I'm really going to interpret them quit freely and then find a way to return to this idea of shapes and manupilation. 1. Experiment 2. Architecture 3. Faces 4. Bodies 5.Layering 6. 3D 7. Manupalating images 8. Mirroring 9. Pixalating 10. Images In Shapes +++++ I Have already began experimenting using peoples mobiles. I find it interesting how everyone owns a phone in this day and gae. And how phones now come in different shapes and sizes so I documented on the people who owned mobiles phones. I then made the mobile phones theier age to reprsent the say "What does you mobile phone sya about you" and it's all about the phone becomes the person as people can't seem to go anywhere without them it is like a part of their body's in my project it their HEADS! Miss you better give me a HIGH GRADE =P!! MWahahaha ----> A Prince Kongo Presentation GEOMECTRIC

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