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B.A.R.E. Fundraiser Presentation

Transcript: 1. Spa Day Three 5-minute Treatments (Her left side only) We are able to target the source of aging at the genetic level, not just the signs of aging. Acne Solutions Using Proactive for two years What This Means For Your Business What makes Nu Skin different? Continuously fund raise without having to ask for donations. Support various philanthropic projects on the back end with Force For Good through the redirecting of health and beauty spending. Experience products that combine the highest amounts of effective natural ingredients and no toxic fillers with unparalleled scientific research. After 5 Months of Product Use combines a traditional for-profit business model with non-profit/philanthropic projects After 2 months of product use Before You can help raise money to fund an anti-bullying program in your school and community. These options not only support B.A.R.E in their efforts, but will also raise awareness among your clients and bring positive attention to your business. We will provide everything needed, including ideas, to help your business with customer retention. We want strong healthy communities to thrive! Host a health awareness day! We provide presentations about antioxidants, healthy eating, and supplements; you can include your favorite healthy snacks and drinks. Get scanned with our Biophotonic Scanner to determine the antioxidant levels in your skin; your scan score is a great indicator of your overall health. Get Involved. Body Spa Bully Awareness Resistance Education B.A.R.E is a program that gives students, parents, educators and the community the tools to recognize and address the problem of bullying. Bullying is a serious issue that has far reaching consequences, endangering the physical safety of children and stunting the emotional growth for both the bullies and their victims. Galvanic Face Spa Here are some pictures to show you results people have gotten using our products. Using Nu Skin® Clear Action for one and a half months There are a couple of different ways to generate funds. These events can be held separately, or they can be incorporated into any other events you have already planned. B.A.R.E One month of treatments (left arm only) 2. Health Day using the Pharmanex® Biophotonic Scanner You can raise money for B.A.R.E, while also supporting projects for the Force For Good Foundation. These projects include: A sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry school in Malawi Africa, which teaches families how to repair the land and become self-sufficient. The building of schools in small island nations in exchange for coral reef preservation through partnership with Seacology. Reforestation project - over a 100,000 Baobab trees have already been planted. These trees store large amounts of water that can be tapped into and use by communities during droughts. Medical research through several organizations, and more! After one 10 minute treatment (right side of her face) NSE/Pharmanex is an unmatched, unique fund raising opportunity! Nu Skin uses a business philanthropy model. After 3 Months of Product Use You can invite clients and friends to show support and raise awareness about Bullying Prevention . We will come do free demos, facials, peels, and masques. All the retail profit from any products purchased at the event will go directly to B.A.R.E and can be used for anti-bullying programs. In addition, as people continue to use the products, they will continue to receive funds. Instead of simply asking for donations you are providing high quality products, ones that are carried by top-rated dermatologists and spas, these are not 'pity' purchases. This concept is commonly known as the redirection of spending and is a powerful way for consumers to affect change. After 4 sets of Clear Action (5 1/2 months) After 27 years of business, Nu Skin has won numerous awards for its breakthroughs in science, as well as for the development of innovative products; the Motley Fool dubbed Nu Skin the "Apple of Anti-Aging." Nu Skin's patented ageLOC science is unlike anything the health and beauty industries have ever seen before. The Nu Skin® Future Serum was rated #1 on's list of Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products. In 2010, Nu Skin was awarded a "Stevie" for Most Innovative Company at the Am erican Business Awards.


Transcript: Fundraiser Career Description: non-profit organizations need to raise money and awareness for their cause, they hire fundraisers. They use a variety of means to raise money, from community bake sales to sophisticated direct-marketing campaigns. Fundraisers are motivators, coaches, and leaders! Using the media, word of mouth, and advertising to raise public awareness and money. Working Conditions: Fundraisers work for many different non-profit organizations. Although fundraisers spend much of their day in an office, they also attend many fundraising events, such as special dinners with media personalities. Earnings: It really depends on a number of factors such as campaign size, number of staff, available resources, size of solicitation, profile of the charity, and professional experience and certification. A rookie fundraiser to a professional can make from $40,890 to $100,000 annually plus benefits. Career Outlook: Employment for professional fundraisers is predicted to rise by 1540 between 2008 and 2018. The job market for fundraisers or fundraising managers is growing in spite of the slow economy. Education/Training: Most of the fundraisers learn the skills through on-the-job training. However, employers generally prefer to hire applicants who have completed related post-secondary education. Most fundraisers are college graduates with a bachelor’s degree. Any specific training in fundraising is beneficial. Some schools offer certificate programs in fundraising. In some cases fundraising courses are offered as part of non-profit management programs. Interview 1: MAGGIE: Q: Are there many opportunities in your field? What should people do to get started? A: There are opportunities available if you are willing to change positions and work for a variety of charities and organizations. You can learn a lot about the fundraising process from a mentor who is managing the process. Maggie says the best part of her job is meeting people. And she loves challenging herself constantly. What she dislikes is that she is not obtaining the huge dollars that the more established foundations gain from their donor lists. Interview 2: The three things he likes most about his job are: first, the opportunity to make a difference in the life of young people on a regular basis. Second, the flexibility of his work schedule during the day. And third, the opportunity to work with some of "the best people our community has to offer." The three things he likes least about his job are: One, the busyness of his evening and weekend schedule. Secondly, with great organization comes lots of paperwork, and he does not enjoy paperwork. Lastly he says, "Sometimes, trying something new or innovative can be frustrating.” Advice he would give to someone who is considering a career as a non-profit fundraiser is: "Get to know the program as well as you possibly can, as well as the people who serve it. The time that you spend doing that is invaluable as you begin to work through the program and to serve the program as a fundraiser." Conclusion: Being a fundraiser sounds like a fun yet challenging job. I am extremely interested in the opportunity to make a difference in someones life through raising funds. In conclusion being a fundraiser sounds like a fantastic job but its just not the one for me. Seth: Dictionary Definition: A professional fund-raiser is a person who carries on a fund-raising business or otherwise for reward solicits money or other property for the benefit of a charitable institution. By: Micah Curry Works Cited: Seth My job is challenging because I work for a fairly new foundation. I spend a lot of time establishing a fundraising pyramid, which requires strategic thinking and convincing board members that my ideas will help the organization reach its goals. Attracting donors can be difficult. No matter how many databases or lists I source, it can be tricky to approach people with a message that makes them want to donate. Maggie 4Th hour

CFS Fundraiser Presentation

Transcript: Community members are invited into the school to view, try, and learn about our mattresses The CFS sales team will handle each transaction from beginning to end Mattresses range from $299 to $2000 discounted up to 60% retail price Who Uses CFS? We book to fit your schedule throughout the school year! Let's Work Together $5,275.00 Once purchased, the mattress will be ordered and delivered to the CFS warehouse for pickup at no charge or delivered to the home for $60 within 2 weeks Cash, credit cards, and lay away plans are accepted The sale is one day from 10 to 5 pm CFS Consultant Where do you host a CFS Fundraiser Event? How Does A CFS Fundraiser Work? Choose CFS To Guide You Through A Successful Fundraiser Successful cooperation! The Road to Successful Fundraising and put the fun back in FUNdraising Who Is CFS? Gym Cafeteria Large Rooms What You Don't Do When CFS Works For You CFS Highway $$$ Straight Ahead It is quick and easy on your part (One Day) A quality product is offered to community members Statistics support that 1 out of every 10 families buy a mattress every year An average family has 4 mattresses, each having a life cycle of 8 to 10 years No overhead or risks for the school Why Does A CFS Fundraiser work? Bands Across Oklahoma What is your fundraiser goal? Dennis Gentry Leave The Driving To What is CFS? What Is Your Part In The CFS Fundraiser? Custom Fundraising Solutions (CFS) is dedicated to helping schools and our communities. CFS is a nation wide company To date, we have given back over $13 million dollars to groups & youth organizations all over the country. Our mission is to have over 100 locations help raise over $100,000 every year for the kids in our community. We set up a mattress showroom in your gym/cafeteria! We do all the selling! We provide all marketing materials, staffing, set up and delivery! We manage all the money! We pay out quickly! We save community members money on a product they can actually use! Award winning, high quality mattresses from leading US manufactures with full warranties Help us spread the word with flyers, phone calls, word of mouth, and social media Have fun hosting a CFS Fundraiser How Does CFS Fundraiser Work? What Are Our Products?? You don't make students or parents sell anything Students do not deliver any products or collect money You don't wait long for your money You don't have any costs or risks

SFH Fundraiser Presentation

Transcript: Forming Exchanged phone numbers/e-mails Agreed on phone calls and texting for communication outside of class Brainstorming Discussed community connections to determine who might be able to assist Debated about what would draw the most attendees Considered different ideas, including: a "battle for bands", a dodge ball tournament, and selling customized bracelets The IDEA Kristi Ashley Vandra Caldwell Rejean Carlson Dana Christensen Sam Emerine If we had the opportunity to do it over again: Drill the time and date into people's heads Plan accordingly to other people's schedules The group network could have been better Overall: It was fun raising money for SFH We kept a positive climate Everyone was involved Everyone was valued We will never forget this project! Booking HYPER Rejean booked the lower level gym at HYPER Collecting Donations Dana, Sam, and Kristi collected donations from local businesses Donations we received: Free date night at Aksarben Cinema Pre/post workout supplements from Complete Nutrition Dave & Buster's prize package Gift cards from Amigos, Smashburger, and FFC Advertising Vandra and Kristi hung flyers Same create FB page How it went What went wrong How we can improve Conclusion The Event Execution Siena/Francis House Fundraiser We wanted to do something related to sports Dodgeball, 3-on-3, Knockout We chose Knockout because it was original Rules of the game: All players line up at three point line First two players have balls First person takes initial shot As soon as first player takes initial shot, the next person in line can take theirs If the ball does not go in, person can rebound it to shoot from anywhere else on the court If any player does not make their shot before the person behind them, he or she is "knocked out" Once a player makes a basket/get knocked out, pass to the next person in line Objective: to make shots in order to survive elimination and, in turn, eliminate other players We expected a huge outcome because we considered the idea "catchy" Introduction

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