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Abuse of Authority

Transcript: Thesis Statement Abusing Authority Authority is having the privilege to hold power and the right to make decisions, enforce obedience and gain control. In 2012, 42% of the FBI’s total civil rights caseload involved color of law issues leaving over 380 color of law cases opened during the year. Most of the cases involved crimes that fell into five broad areas. Main areas of study an officer of the law should: Excessive force Sexual assault False arrest & fabrication of evidence Deprivation of property Failure to keep from harm Kelly Thomas case: "Color or Law" Abuses In Los Angeles, California a case where a mentally ill and homeless man, Kelly Thomas, was brutally attacked by not one, but three cops which later multiplied into six cops within the next couple minutes when a few other officers joined the commotion and not only witnessed the cruelty but added on a bit of their own to the mentally ill man. The beating of Thomas was recorded in a parking lot by security cameras and footage shows exactly how brutally beaten, clubbed, and stunned with the Taser he was by police officers. The video sparked a nationwide outcry when Kelly died five days later from the beating leaving former Manuel Ramos charged with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter and unnecessary use of force. "Color of Law" Forms of Authority Authority is having the opportunity to hold power and have the right to make decisions, enforce obedience, and have control; with the types of issues the general public faces today taking advantage of this privilege has turned into a dilemma because it makes our society more prejudice, it sculpts one way or another for individuals on the opposite side of the hierarchy to become targets of being accused of crime related incidents, and contradicts the honor and pledge those of authority made to protect and serve their people.

Abuse of Authority

Transcript: My point of view In my point of view I strongly believe officers should not ever get the right to beat up or hit another person. Yes officers might say that the suspect did something to the officer or they would try to make something up so they don't get coght or so they don't get in trouble. I thought officers were here to serve and protect not to beat or make someone die. Officers believe that they have the right to beat up or hit people. Should we give officers the right? In officers opinion they say they should have that right to but only when it is necessary. Some officers in the United States are being asked by the general public"to intervene in multiple types of critical incidents". A young man is getting arrested because he stole a horse he ran into the desert untill this happen. After watching this video it might change about how you feel about officers. Officers point of view Abuse of Authority The officers should not have done that to the guy. Yes i know it was bad that he stole a horse but nobody deserves to be beaten or left bruises on. That was in San Bernardino that is around our nieghber hood. Just imagine if we do something bad what will they do to us? Would you take a stand for this? What would you do or say if this happen to you or to a loved one? Nobody deserves to be hit by officers like that. We need to take a stand. My prediction What officers can do I predict if we allow the right for an officer to beat or hit anyone they might take that advantage and take over. Some officers are here to work undercover and some are really here to serve and protect. Officers take 1 arrest into to a big caouse and at the end of the situation someone dies and the officer get off the hook. I suggest that we should really look out for those cops. We should all take a stand. Some cops think their all bad cause they think they can do whatever they want they think they can mess with whoever and never get caught. We the people shouldn't let our family/friends get beat up or killed cause of officers. Suggestions

Abuse Of Authority

Transcript: Went to court for almost 3 years to get justice on Arturo's death. Lived through some really tough times. Didn't give up until justice was finally served. Family recieved money for the injustice that was made. Also part of the shooting Anthony Paez 22 Year old Arturo was shot and killed in the yard of his house. Paez and other Deputies involved in the shooting, were associated with the Regulators, A deputy clique operating out of the century station. Facts About Arturo Anthony Paez Conclusion Truth Is Julio Martinez Justice was served after almost 3 years. Deputy Paez forcibly entered the gate, and Arturo turned and ran. No Money Ever Given, Can Bring Back A Loved One That Was Lost No Money That Could Be Given To The Family Will Change The Fact That Arturo Is No Longer Here. No Money Will Ever Bring Him Back. Participated along with Anthony in planting guns in a medical marijuana dispensary to justify an arrest. Found guilty of committing other crimes. Were both charged with planting weapons in a medical Marijuana dispensary. Abuse Of Authority Both cases(Gun planting and the shooting of Arturo) added up to a pattern of false reports and planted evidence. Anthony Paez &Julio Martinez In the news report it stated that Arturo was getting out of a vehicle that was being chased by sheriffs on the streets of Lou Dillon and 103rd street. Julio Martinez 22 Years Old Had no weapon in hand at the time of the crime Was shot and killed in the yard of his home Was handcuffed even after being shot Was shot twice in the side and four times in the back A Father of a (Now) 5 year old boy This Relates to what we have talked about in the past because people with power believe that they can get away with murder. In this case, we have learned that Anthony Paez and Julio Martinez didn't get away with it and are now serving their time in Prison. According to his family, Arturo was unarmed and was running when he was shot down by Paez March 07, 2012 Family Deputy accused of other crimes no longer a deputy since February 2013. Is no longer in the Department Was involved in crafting an account of the incident in which Arturo was said to have a gun and had thrown it over a fence as he fled Sheriff who shot and killed Arturo Arturo was in his home with a friend, and the incident happened because Arturo wouldn't let the deputies enter the property without a warrant. Arturo Cabrales, a 22 year old Latino, was shot and killed by law enforcement. Arturo Cabrales

Police abuse of Authority

Transcript: Police officers taking advantage of their power Misconduct Excessive Force Corruption within law enforcement Injustice towards defendant Example: Rodney King beatings Liability (cont..) Misconduct and Excessive force Issues Police abuse of Authority Policing Occurs more often than you'd think Officers become power hungry and feel invincible An unreasonable seizure occurs when a law enforcement officer uses excessive force in making a lawful arrest. Deprivation of basic human rights Civilians feeling defeated against officers Example: Fatal Shooting of Michael Brown Fatally shot by Ferguson Police Officer Excessive force? Self-defense? Liability The civil force of a national or local government, responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order Having the duty of maintaining law and order in or for (an area or event). Enforce regulations or an agreement in (a particular area or domain). Enforce the provisions of (a law, agreement, or treaty). This law was originally passed as part of the Civil Rights Act of 1871, which was intended to curb oppressive conduct by government and private individuals participating in vigilante groups Section 1983 makes it unlawful for anyone acting under the authority of state law to deprive another person of his or her rights under the Constitution or federal law The Constitution and other laws, place limits on how far police can go in trying to enforce the law. When misconduct occurs, the victim of the misconduct may have recourse through federal and state laws. Abuse of power by the police is extremely common Police liability still tends to be limited in instances of abuse and violence by police during arrest Police may be held liable according to federal law. United States Code Section 1983 provides that police liability includes civil liability for damages for civil rights abuses. Title 42 Section 1983 of the United States Code provides for police liability for acts of abuse against the rights of civilian Resources: Police Liability: Civil Liability for Police Abuse of Authority. (n.d.). Retrieved April 06, 2017, from Police Misconduct and Civil Rights. (n.d.). Retrieved April 06, 2017, from Michael Brown Shooting - Ferguson Missouri News & Top Stories. (n.d.). Retrieved April 06, 2017, from Ferguson Teen: Michael Brown

Abuse of authority

Transcript: "The best thing about the Angels is that we don't lie to each other. Of course the same don't go for outsiders"- Zorro, Hell's Angels Symbols "I never heard a girl yell rape until it was over and she got to thinking about it." - unknown Hell's Angel, Hell's Angels The Bible story about Adam and Eve stealing the forbidden fruit forces God to banish them from the Garden of Eden. Genesis 3:4 And the serpent said to the woman, You shall not surely die: A "mama" is common property among Angels, which means she is available for any Angel at any time Catching Fire is a book about how Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark win the 74th Hunger games and spark a rebellion in Panem. The Capitol believes all of Panem to be compliant slaves through fear-mongering, but they are from it as the rebellion is in the midst. "We aren't really bad, but we aren't good either...But one thing that really pisses me off is the newspaper...Even when we pull off some really bad shit, the still get it wrong." -Hutch, Hell's Angels After she was served a drink laced with LSD in Go Ask Alice, she is hooked on drugs and within months her life is trapped in a downwards spiral. Through drug use, she goes from living with her family in a comfortable home to dangerous streets which eventually take her life. "A minor disagreement suddenly became very serious...The fist blow was launched with no hint of warning...within seconds I was clubbed the Angel I'd been talking to just a moment earlier...The attack ended with the same inexplicable suddenness that it had begun." - Hunter S. Thompson, Hell's Angels Hells Angels live by various codes such as only owning Harley's, be loyal to each other, and not disrespecting each other's women "This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon for a more civilized age." ―- Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars Episode IV Family Relationships Here is a YouTube video with the same theme of revenge. (**semi graphic**) “Maybe there is a beast… maybe it's only us.” - Simon, Lord of the Flies "We're ordinary guy...Most of us work...Just because we like to ride motorcycles, the cops give us trouble everywhere we go."-Tommy, Hell's Angels Destiny's Child's music video is about a woman that thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her because he isn't returning her calls. Therefore the only way she wants him to reassure her is for him to say her name and "Baby I love you." Lightsabers are formidable weapons that can represent hope and liberty. Jedi Knights are supposed to be guardians of the galaxy and if anyone is being oppressed, a lightsaber could give them hope that their saviors are at hand. "To resist would have been folly, because the Angel code would then have called for all of them to pitch in for old Buzzard and I would have been demolished." -Murray, Hell's Angels "When I sensed menace in the room,and as soon as I could manage it without giving the impression that I was bolting( which could have been a fatal mistake), I said goodbye to Sonny and strolled out of the house." - Murray, Hell's Angels The movie The Wild Angels,(1966) the plot revolves around the theft of a motorcycle and the ploy to gain back said motorcycle through revenge. "Dirty had been riding peacefully beside the lake when five friendly-looking youth...flagged him down...He had stopped to chat...[then] a sixth man snuck up behind him and struck him in the head with an eight-foot long of two inch pipe." - Hunter S. Thompson, Hell's Angels The bushwhackers were then taken into custody. Had they not been taken into custody, the Angels would have insisted on revenge. "They wouldn't have stood for it. they're like a bunch of animals."-man, Hell's Angels "The outlaws don't mind a fight, even if means a good chance of getting hurt". -Hunter S. Thompson, Hell's Angels Angels are often thought of as evil and anarchic, but they can just be normal people that have a love for motorcycles "The motorcycle is an instrument of anarchy, a tool of defiance and even a weapon." - Hunter S. Thompson, Hell's Angels "Don't you be afraid, sweetheart. Death is just a part of life, something we're all destined to do." -Forrest Gump Tiny hurts people.When he loses his temper he goes completely out of control and his huge body becomes a lethal weapon." - Hunter S. Thompson, Hell's Angels “They grew up on the outside of society. They weren't looking for a fight. They were looking to belong.” ― S.E. Hinton, The Outsiders In The Outsiders, by S.E Hinton, a gang of boys are forced to run away after an accidental stabbing. Their undying loyalty is impeccable to each other even as Johnny gets charged for manslaughter and Dally gets shot by the police. "They would rather walk than be seen on a Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki." - Hunter S. Thompson, Hell's Angels Lord of the Flies is a story about a group of boys who are stuck on an uninhabited island. They decide to d their own civilization while awaiting rescue to

Authority Presentation

Transcript: Elijah Smith Authority Project Matthew Smith -Father- Root of Authority Root of Authority God is the ultimate authority because He is the creator(Genesis 1:1; John1) so he has authority over earth. Some of this authority was given to man(naming the animals). Two things: God is the ultimate authority- Gave us life, controls our life, power of God God is a loving father- Authority in fatherhood should mirror the authoratative discipline/love of God to us. Authoratarian Like a dictator, someone who believes he should be followed blindlessly. Rules using fear and intimidaton rather than respect and love. Mousolini and Hirohito come to mind Authoratarian Authoratative Authority comes from respect and position rather than fear and power. Authoratative How does this affect your authority? Your Authority Our authority all comes from God's authority. A leader here on earth gets their authority FROM God (Romans 13). 1 My authority, my direction and leadership, should NEVER go against the ultimate authority that God has over us. 2 How to be a Godly exmaple of a leader Look at the leadership example of Jesus. He was really the leader of the church movement. When he led his disciples, he didn't lead like a dictator, like someone looking down on them. He spoke to the disciples in groups, like a person on the same level. He never asked his disciples to do something that he WASN'T willing to do first. At work or at home, if you ask someone to do something, it should be something you are willing to do. What kind of leader is above the work they are commanding others to do? 3 Does God hold you more accountable? Yes, of course He does. The Bible says in James 3:1 that not everyone should seek out to be a leader because of the high standards. It is our responsibility as believers to live out our Christian life, for a leader, the stakes are so much higher. As a leader, you represent the group as a whole, and must therefore live out Godly principles. Discipline How does discipline play into your role of authority? Expectations One of the biggest problems that I see is not very clear communications of goals and expectations. Household rules about cleanliness, laundry, basic expectations. If those aren't clearly set, it makes discipline much more difficult. Be the example Example If I expect my kids to make their beds everyday, and they don't see me making my bed everyday, then what's my chance of getting compliance? Please respond to this excerpt- Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp Excerpt Response to the excerpt Response I agree. That's the heart of discipline. Loving someone "too much to discipline" is just a huge misunderstanding of discipline. The whole purpose of discipline is to teach, not the physical punishment. That mindset won't take you very far. Discipline is so much more than punishment. Conclusion Conclusion My Response My Response I believe that all authority comes from God, not only because He created the entire earth, humans, and had the authority to command us to take care of the earth, but because Romans 13:1 says that all authority has been granted by God. That root of authority makes it clear that we must be an example of God's/Jesus' authority every day. Thank you THANK YOU

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