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Artist Biography

Transcript: Origin Artist Biography "Jazmine" How did she become a popstar? Similar Artists Jazmine is now a popular artist with a large fan base and is very successful with her music and performing. In 2015 she singed with the "RCA" record label company as a new upcoming artist. This was a good time for her as she wasn't known as much by the public eye. However, when she was released into the music world, many people were interested in this new unfamiliar artist. Our inspiration for "Jazmine" came from Adele, Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera. We was inspired by Christina's sass and confidence whilst performing and, Adele's emotion and Alicia's diversity. Jazmine was brought up in South East London by her mother (Angela) and father (Joseph) along with her brother who was born two years after her. When Jazmine joined secondary school, her father left due to issues with her mother. She was then brought up by her mother from the age of 10 as her relationship with her father faded. Jazmine's eyes were open to the performing arts world at the age of 3. She was sent to daily dance lessons every week as she grew up, and as she got older the music, performing and acting aspects became a huge part in her life. By the age of 10 Jazmine had learnt to play 2 instruments (Piano and Guitar) and danced on famous London stages such as Saddlers Wells theater, Her Majesty Theater and had been in plays like Bugsy Malone, hairspray, Aladdin and high school musical as a lead dancer and actress, along with performing every other weekend at smaller shows around England. Jazmine has grown up on the stage so performing is natural to her. As she reached 16, the performances she had done at west end venues had doubled, attending them every month to do shows to the public. She was on stage every weekend whether that would be at a local theater or up in Manchester competing. She was always somewhere . Not to mention traveling to Disneyland to dance on stage and in the parades. Dancing was her most loved performing arts aspect. She had lessons Monday to Friday for multiple years. She wouldn't of been able to do any of this without the support of her mother and grandmother. She was extremely close with them both and they played a huge part in her performance life. Taking her to lessons and shows traveling with her to every location to watch her on the stage, her mother and grandmother are so proud of her and everything she has achieved from such a young age. Music Jazmine was always going to be in the spotlight due to her passion for performing arts from a young age. However, her pop star career developed as she reached 19/20 years of age. She was a lead dancer in the musical "Wicked" and was spotted by a talent spotter. She was approached after the show. She had meetings and auditions in front of the managers and after her second meeting and 1 audition, she had herself a manger and was on her way to a pop star career. She worked hard over the years and built a fan base whose age varied from young adults to adults. She was an idol to many. Her single "Hurt" is the lead single from her up coming album "The Illusion of Love", set to debut on January 30th. The music video will be accompanying it along with a promotional magazine poster. Fashion Styles Present Jazmines fashion styles are blocked colors and her outfits are always coordinated. She's not inspired by people, people are inspired by her.

Artist Biography

Transcript: They've collaborated with other artists such as Zara Larrson, Jess Glynne, Anne-Marie, Louisa and Sean Paul. The band's name comes from a translation of a Russian phrase. Patterson stated that it is a more affectionate term like "utter rascal". Their debut single 'A+E' was at number 100 in the charts. It was from their album 'New Eyes', which was released by the record label Atlantic Records. Zara Larsson Clean Bandit Artist Biography Clean Bandit are a British instrumental band that formed in 2008 in Cambridge. Members include Grace Chatto and brothers Jack and Luke Patterson. Former member Neil Amin-Smith left the band in 2016. They released their first chart-topping single 'Rather Be' featuring Jess Glynne in 2014. They also reached Number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. 'Rather Be' also won them a Grammy in 2015. Their second chart topper was 2016 single "Rockabye" featuring singer Anne-Marie and rapper Sean Paul. The song also got to number nine in the US charts, and became a Christmas single in 2016. Clean Bandit have sold over 13 million singles and 1.6 million albums worldwide. Zara Larsson's debut internation album 'So Good' reached number 7 on the UK charts, and produced 8 singles. Her first number one single in the UK was her collaboration with Clean Bandit, 'Symphony'. She also got to number 13 on the Billboard Top 100 with 'Never Forget You' featuring MNEK. I've also discovered that both artist use usually use a hybrid music video type for their music videos. In 2016, Larsson was named one of the most influential teens of 2016. I have found that completing this post has been useful. I now know more about the artists of my group and I's song choice. Zara Larsson is a Swedish singer and songwriter. She was born on the 19th December 1997 in Solna, Stockholm and is signed to Universal Sweden. She became famous when she won the 2008 talent show Talang when she was only 10 years old. She released her first EP 'Introducing' in 2012, which featured the single 'Uncover' which topped charts in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. In February 2013, the single became platinum certified by Universal Sweden. Clean Bandit are an electronic,classical crossover, electro-pop and dance-pop band. Grace Chatto and Jack Patterson formed afilm production company, Cleanfilm, to make music videos for themselves and other artists.

Artist Biography Presentation

Transcript: Created by: Heather Mary Ajoy Maxine Noel Birth and Early Life Birth and Early Life This is Maxine Noel Life Events/ Accomplishments Life Events/Accomplishments Accomplishments (In Detail) Accomplishments (in Detail) Golden Jubilee Award Saskatchewan's School of Fine Arts University of Western Ontario. Artistic Development/Beginning/Breakthrough Artistic Development/Beginning/Breakthrough Major Works of Art "Mother Earth's Tears" "Sisterhood" "Wolf Guardian" "Moon Maiden" Major Works of Art Major Works of Art CONT'D Major Works of Art CONT'D "Not Forgotten" Impact on Society/ Historical Significance "Art is the purest and truest expression of an individual. In it all manners of things one is not able to express verbally" - Maxine Impact on Society/Historical Significance Prediction/Future for Maxine Noel Prediction/Future for Maxine Noel Gallery Indigena Maxine Day!! References References Gallery Philip Maxine Noel Paintings & , Slideshow (1999-2017 ) Retrieved November,2017, from Maxine Noel :: Gallery Phillip - Gallery Gevik Google Classroom My Masterpiece Slideshow (2017) Retrieved November, 2017 Mezei J. (2011). Maxine Noel Biography on Prezi Retrieved November, 2017 from Oscardo. (2017). Discover Canada’s Art Maxine Noel. Retrieved November, 2017, from Quish.N. Promoting the Heritage of all First Nations People Retrieved November, 2017, from Shopify, (2017) Not Forgotten-In Honour of the Missing or Murdered Aboriginal Women Retrieved December, 2017, from

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